How Bigfoot Vanishes Without a Trace

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One of the peculiarities of the Bigfoot phenomena is how Bigfoot seems able to vanish without a trace.  If Bigfoot is spotted, if only briefly, it is not seen again even if pursued.  No one seems able to locate or successfully hunt Bigfoot.  If Bigfoot leaves footprints, they also seem to suddenly end as well, as if he flew off.  This strange seeming ability to disappear, to dematerialize, has led people to speculate Bigfoot is not a physical being but a reflection of some paranormal event.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that Bigfoot is actually a physical animal.  How does he disappear and remain unobserved?  Does he climb up trees and live in the branches?  Does Bigfoot create primitive camouflage and burrows in the earth?  I’ll offer another solution.

What attracts instant attention to any Bigfoot sighting?  It is that Bigfoot is bipedal.  His very name implies it.  Any mammal walking on two legs would immediately attract our attention.  If a mammal walking on two legs were spotted in the distance or in the dark, our first impression would be it’s some manner of humanoid, or perhaps a hominid.  Only mankind walks on two legs; bipedal movement is a signature of our humanity.

What if Bigfoot could walk on either two legs, or all four limbs?  Sometimes Bigfoot walks upright, sometimes on all fours.  If discovered, alarmed or pursued, Bigfoot would drop to his four limbs and speed away.

Consider the implications for footprints.  If a beast walking on two limbs suddenly dropped to all four and sped away, its footprint would suddenly change.  Without all its weight on two legs the shape of its print would be distributed to all four limbs.  The distinctive nature of the Bigfoot would suddenly…vanish.

In seeking to discover Bigfoot, we are not looking for a beast that walks on four legs.  A four-legged beast would be considered a bear or a moose.  Imagine spotting a Bigfoot and afterwards only seeing an animal scampering away on four legs.  That animal could not possible be Bigfoot?

The idea of bipedal animals with human-like characteristics is universal.  The children’s story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears contain what we would call Bigfoot characters.  Little Red Riding Hood’s Big Bad Wolf is a man/beast.  The legend of the werewolf is exactly about a combination of man and animal.

We assume Bigfoot is an undiscovered hominid because it walks on two legs.  Without any clear and undisputed photographs of this beast, we are assuming it is a hominid because it makes sense.  What if there were some bipedal bears suffering from a strange compulsion to walk upright?  Call it a bipedal mental illness.  When disturbed the animal flees on his four legs and Bigfoot vanishes.

Searching for such a creature…they would seem supernatural.  When walking upright it was a two-legged man-beast, but on four legs it is a natural creature…not worthy of attention.  Looking for Bigfoot, we’d just see a scampering bear.  Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness?

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  1. Tomas Says:

    I don’t know either Bigfoot could be a bear with a mental illness, or not, but I’m such for sure and I like the supernatural creations very much. Unfortunately just few people are able to discern them next to themselves. The most live such way as if spiritual world don’t exist at all. That’s doubly sad, because the ignorant of spiritual realms lose not some tales but the whole their life.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Tomas,
    Personally, I think Bigfoot is the troll of folklore…a supernatural creature. However, if forced to give a purely physical explanation, I’d have to settle for bears with a bipedal mental illness. I think the Ape Man explanation is less believable then either trolls or bipedal bears.

  3. nimbunje Says:

    Yowies drop to all fours and go like a “cut snake”smashing through 3 inch sapling trees .

  4. GREYWOLF Says:

    Just look at Native legendsabout bigfoot to find the answer…

  5. crazyhorse Says:

    I am scratching my head here. Bear with mental illness’s? On four legs a natural creature. But if it stands up and runs its Apeman. Of the paranormal yes, i believe that, but not these comments, and i am saying that respectfully.!!!

  6. David Says:

    Hi Crazyhorse,
    There may be animals that have a compulsion to stand up and walk on two legs. If so then on occasion it may be sighted and mistaken for Bigfoot. Or if Bigfoot were an ape-man, if it walked on four limbs it would be mistaken for a bear or moose. Perception is a tricky thing. I have no proof of any of this; it is only a theory. But then there is no proof of Bigfoot outside of personal sightings.

    Or we have trolls walking our woods. If trolls existed it would make the world a more interesting place.

  7. Tim Whitcher Says:

    Or maybe it’s a hoax.

    Occam’s razor.

  8. David Says:

    A hoax? NO WAY! What fun is there in that. And yeah, we struggle to explain something that is mostly 99% hoaxing. However, I do feel some sightings are people actually seeing something. I can’t wrap my mind around an Ape-man that mysteriously appears and disappears everywhere at will. I like my theory that animals can have a mental illness making them want to stand up. Could wolves have the same illness at times, and that inspired the werewolf legends? Imagine seeing a wolf walking on two legs…RUN AWAY, WEREWOLF!

  9. amanda Says:

    if someone were to believe in the theory of evolution, which theres obviously evidence that points towards this theory, then how can one not believe a bigfoot is possible because it’ s just as plausible as any other explanation

  10. amanda Says:

    And also you have to take into consideration, just because we never can find any evidence that can hands down prove they exist, doesnt mean anything. For example, not too long ago we discovered a prehistoric fish that scientists thought had long been extinct. Theres parts of the world that have never ever been explored. Theres plenty of hiding spots for this animals to habitate and never or very rarely be seen.

  11. David Says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Evolution is reality, and there were hominids in our past. However, the idea that an actual hominid can exist in every state of the United States and appears/disappears at will, that is not scientifically plausible. If Bigfoot were sighted only in Alaska…hey, then I can buy into the concept of the Ape-Man. But in Ohio? In Florida? Your local forest preserve? People are actually seeing something in all these places. All these sightings cannot be frauds, but it is impossible for a hominid to exist in every forest. There has to be another answer.

  12. Dennis Says:

    I believe if U go on U Tube, there are vids. of bears walking on two legs. Now that doesnt mean I think that is the answer to the Bigfoot legend, but if bears are becoming more bipedal in nature,perhaps evolving in that direction. It might be an answer. Evolution takes along time, perhaps as long as the Bigfoot legend has been with us? That would still not answer the 5 fingered hand, Bigfoot has been demonstrated to have.

  13. Davedo Says:

    Hate to blow the theory that these grand creatures are bears with mental issues. It appears reverse humans with mental issues. John Magor had a photo taken, I believe from Duncan B.C. Canada. It was in one of 3 books he put out of what appeared to be a creature stepping through what appeared to be a dimensional irus doorway. The creature looked like a ape monkey??? In the picture you see what appears to be a small rock. The truth is this rock is actually a large boulder. Giving the actual height of the creature(s) at over 8′ height. I’ve seen one so it is easy for me to say they ARE NOT bears with mental issues. I’ve heard of large foot prints in fresh snow heading to the centre of a field only to find the prints ending in the middle of the clearing with no other tracks 2 or 4 prints. They are smarter then most want to believe and yes they have a spirit and are able to appear physically. Thats my opinion, believe4 it or not.

  14. David Says:

    Hi Davedo,
    Personally, I think Bigfoot is something like the troll of folklore, but in America we named it Bigfoot. This is not far from your dimensional theory. Can’t prove it either way. As for a physical explanation, there are dancing bears that are trained to walk. What if they trained themselves?

  15. Davedo Says:

    Hi David, Yes the mystery contiues to be a delima for many. It is easy to rationalize this creature as a dancing bear; unfortuantly, they are not. A dancing bear cannot take 3 steps to cross a 32′ roadway. The dimensional theory doesn’t mean they are not a solid physical creature. Before my siteing I never believed they existed, I had never heard about them either; eventhough, I lived in the upper tree areas of Canada. Seeing one completely changed my inner being as a human. Since, then it has almost been a curse as I have ran into a lot of people that are actually scared to even talk to anyone about their siteing(s). The latest I heard happened in the Duncan area. A girl who was I believe camping with friends, was heading back to the camp after going to the washroom in the woods. A log was in her way so she stepped on it to get over it and to her surprise it wasn’t a log at all. It was a sleeping sasquatch. She ran to the camp screaming and her friends kept asking her what was wrong. Some people don’t realize the terror that comes over you, as it took her a bit to exclaim she stepped on a sasquatch. This of course is a second hand story; but, the sad point is that no one believed her and she was place in the Victoria mental hospital. I know the fear one goes through and I know the mocking human that knows not the truth and will believe anything to cover their own lack of knowledge or experiance. Thanks for the dancing bear theory though… not.

  16. David Says:

    Hi Davedo,
    In a future post I plan on combining the troll and dancing bear thories into a sasuqatch theory. It will be about the Fairy Bear. Stay tuned!

  17. Davedo Says:

    Hi David, Theories are one thing; but, it does not change the truth. The sasquatch are not a new creation and they are part human cross bred with a _______. Have fun with your fairy bear will try to stay tuned.

  18. Jesus Christ Says:

    “Bigfoot Is Real”

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