Do extraterrestrial civilizations use quantum teleportation to communicate?

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SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has not found a trace of alien civilizations “out there” anywhere.  It is called the Great Silence.  The universe, from what we can tell, is empty of intelligent life.  The speculation is that we are actually alone in this galaxy, or at least at this moment in time.

I’ll offer my own speculation.  Let us assume that physical objects cannot ever exceed the speed of light.  Or if it were possible, the expenditure of resources would be beyond reason.  Today we have a probe, the Mars Curiosity rover exploring Mars.  It is far more practical (i.e. cheaper) to send machines to explore planets then to send biological life.  I assume it would be the same for any extraterrestrial civilization.  But if so, what about all the radio signals back and forth between the probes and the home planet?  It has to be out there somewhere.

I propose an extraterrestrial civilization may have the patience to send probes light years away even if it took hundreds of years.  But if a probe were a hundred light years away, it would take a hundred years just to get a signal back.  There has to be a better way.

Why not use quantum teleportation using “spooky action at a distance” to communicate instantly with a probe?  Quantum entanglement affects linked particles instantly despite distance.  If an extraterrestrial civilization understood how “spooky action at a distance” truly worked and were able to manipulate this mysterious force, they could have instantaneous communication with hundreds or thousands of space probes…without radio signals.

One day humanity may have a clear understanding of this spooky action at a distance.  Imagine if we could scan the universe for quantum teleportation patterns…intelligent patterns, as we now search the skies for radio waves for intelligence.  Would we discover a universe filled with information?

Currently science says information cannot be transmitted using quantum teleportation.  Since we don’t understand this “spooky” action (hence its name) can we be sure?  I wouldn’t underestimate spooky.  We could have probes watching earth right now and communicating back to its source and we’d never detect it.

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