The Stranger in the Backseat

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I heard a strange story.  I am not sure what to make of it.  It sounds like a trick of the mind, a hallucination.  Then again, how can we really know?

Ann was a faithful church attendee.  This story became known by some of her congregation.  Ann was recently not feeling well.  Her illness was undetermined.

One night she was driving her car down a crowded street, and she approached a railroad.  Unwisely she didn’t stop before the railroad but continued on despite the stoplight ahead, with traffic backed up.  She stopped on the railroad track with cars ahead of her.

Then she had a seizure while in her car.  Ann was unable to move.  She just sat in her car nearly passed out.  She had her seizure in the worst possible place, on a railroad.  As Ann then related to others afterward, she became aware of someone in the backseat of her car.

She was alone in her car, but then in the rear view mirror she saw a man, a stranger, sitting in the backseat of her car.  This man spoke to her, “You have to move your car.  You need to move your car now.”

Ann began to panic but she was unable to move.  The streetlight ahead had turned green and the cars ahead had moved on.  The cars behind her were circling around her car, but her car remained on the tracks.  The stranger in her backseat repeated his warning…”You need to move immediately.”

She stepped on her accelerator and her car staggered ahead and she pulled to the side.  A minute latter the railroad’s lights turn on, the gates lowered and a Metra passenger train hurled down the rail at great speed, its horn wailing.  She sat in her car for a while before she recovered enough and was able to drive home.  Shaken, she would later go to her doctor.

Ann discovered that she had a brain tumor.  It became a terrible struggle for her.  She wondered if this strange man in the backseat of her car, on the railroad track, was only her imagination or if it was something like an angel.  But why would an angel save her life if she didn’t have long to live?  I have no answer.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Could of been spiritual intervention…. her higher self perhaps… but with her having a brain tumour and having suffered from a fit, I am leaning towards that being the cause of her vision.

    The tumour could have been resting on some part of her brain that affected a ‘vision’ which otherwise would just have been a voice in her head…as we all get from time to time. In this case, her subconscious desperately trying to wake her up.

  2. Liz Says:

    A friend of my Mother’s was involved in a motorcycle accident many years ago. She recalls the moment she and the motorcycle hit the ground and began tumbling. She vividly remembers a voice that said, “You’re going to be alright. You are not going to die.” I have always been curious about her experience and what might have caused that voice she heard.

  3. Andrea Says:

    I think it was a gardian angel or spirit guide that made an appearance, to give her faith before having a great challange ahead of her. She could turn to the mystery and hopefully feel comfort, which would help her battle. The comment above mine is a great theory too.

  4. kp Says:

    What if it wasn’t HER guardian but another persons? You said she was on a crowded street so maybe she wasn’t the person who was to be saved but another in the crowd who could have been hit with debris and killed who is to do something great with his/her life.

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