If psychic ability exists why can’t anyone predict winning lottery numbers?


Here is a common question.  If psychic abilities such as precognition are reality why can’t anyone seem to pick winning lottery numbers?  If psychic precognition is true, predicting winning lottery numbers should be commonplace.  Why isn’t it happening?  Skeptics roll their eyes, sigh, and say it’s because precognition doesn’t exist.  That is the wrong answer.

The answer:  People actually do predict winning lottery numbers.

The problem is with the question.  We don’t understand precognition and other similar psychic phenomena.  Precognition is not something anyone can call on at will.  We assume some individuals can because of the claims of so-called psychics.  Professional psychics are either scam artists, or have a natural talent but understand its limits even if they won’t admit it (bad for business).

Precognition and other psychic phenomena occur spontaneously and are generally uncontrollable.  It just happens out-of-the-blue.  Some people may never experience such a thing once in their entire lifetime, but for others it may happen fairly often.  Precognition happens on its own terms, and why and when is a mystery.

Steve’s Story.

Of interest was a comment from the Steve, the blogger of the cool Ghostly TimesHere is what Steve wrote:

“I dreamed of the number 2895 and wondered why I would have that number pop up in a dream. 6 months later 2895 is the winning lottery numbers. I remember the dream. I start thinking about the dream and convince myself that I just had the dream and should have played the lottery. Was it a prophecy or coincidence?”

A straight pick-4 lottery number has a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning.  Because a state lottery pays out only half of what the odds should provide (keeping the balance for its self) the prize is only $5,000.  A very bad deal.  Never the less, had Steve played both the mid-day and evening game for 6 months he would have bought 360 tickets at a cost of $360 and won 5K.  A winning coincidence!

Frank’s Story.

Jim told me the story of Frank. Frank was his friend from long ago.  Frank was a retired postal worker who lived in an apartment in Chicago across the street from a pool hall.  Jim was into pool and became friends with Frank who was a regular at this pool parlor.

Around two decades ago Frank won the Illinois lottery for 7 million dollars.  Back then there was no lump sum payout, so Frank got $300,000 a year from the State of Illinois.  Frank told Jim he dreamed of these winning lottery numbers.

I asked Jim for details. How long after his dream did he win?  Was it soon afterwards or years later? How often did Frank play the lottery?  Jim didn’t have an answer.  Jim said he just recalled his friend had said he dreamed his winning numbers.

Frank had two younger beautiful ladies as friends.  Frank was never married and without children, so why not be a sugar daddy?  Frank drove a Cadillac, which he often lent to his ladies to use for errands.  When they were out with his car, Frank borrowed Jim’s car.  That is what friends are for.

Frank has since passed away. I wish I had more details about Frank’s dream.  If by sheer happenstance anyone knows of Frank and can provide some details, please contact me.  His name was Frank Standish or Stanish.  Information about genuine precognition is important and should be shared.

Lillian’s Story.

Here is my personal all-time favorite paranormal story.  I’ve written about this in a previous blog post but I will repeat it again.  This concerns my friend’s retired mom.  She went to her local convenience store to buy some lottery tickets.  She liked playing the Mega-Millions.

As she walked around the store, she heard a voice.  The voice was as clear as if someone stood next to her, and spoke three numbers.  She turned to see who was talking, but there was nobody there.  That was very strange she thought.

As her turn came up at the cash register, she said wanted to buy five straight pick-3 lottery tickets, all of them with the same three numbers she heard the voice tell her.  She never played the pick-3 but figured this was something to pay attention to.

The pick-3 lottery is played twice a day, the mid-day and the evening game.  Since she bought the tickets that morning she played the mid-day game.  When she got home she was curious to check out the results of the mid-day game.  She was stunned to discover the three numbers the voice gave her won!  She had 5 winning tickets each worth $500.  The odds were 1 in a 1,000.  She kept one ticket for herself and gave away the other four to each of her adult children.

This was quite the talk of the family.  At a wedding reception for her grandson, I chatted with her about this.  She didn’t have much more to say except it was very strange.  She never heard any voices before or since then.  What did she think the voice was?  She had no clue.

Is this all explained away as coincidence?  If so I want these types of coincidences happening to me!  I personally don’t recall ever dreaming about numbers.  Why is that?  I don’t know.  If I ever do dream of numbers and can remember them, you can be damn sure I will take notes and put them to good use.

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  1. Kristine Says:

    The reason why numbers can’t be predicted is that true psychic ability talks in terms of life paths. If it’s not written into the life path of the person being read for then the numbers will never come up. Thanks for writing this interesting piece! K

  2. David Says:

    I think winning the lottery happens by sheer luck, but sometimes we may have a premonition of that happening to us in the future. Since most of us never win, we never have such a premonition. However, we might mess things up by not listening to such a premonition when it occurs. We could actually change the future and turn winning into losing.

  3. Syria Says:

    People can predict the lottery. I predict it all the time. I had a dream of three numbers and I called my friend up and told him to play and three days later he won the lottery.

  4. georgs Says:

    I’d just like to say that i did have a dream that apparently had nothing to do with winning the lottery however, the keyword here being appearantly” you see our subconcious is- constantly working to deliver to us what we desire and need, it simply our lack of understanding that obstructs our beingable to decifer the data that we’re given, now bacm to the dream: in my dream i was specifically instructed to take certain actions like “go through door number” and “look under table number” ect, after completing the series of commands a total of 5 numbers was revealed to me all of which was drawn in the md. state lottery that next evening, now i could have simply dismissed ?t as a weird dream or trust my spiritual connection with the universe and get up, write the numbers down and play them. Being very young at that time but very in tune with my universal connection and having toyed with many times from as far back as when i was about 7yrs as i can recall i knew that i was attracting exactly what i desired in my life at that time, NOW, here is the real question: was winning the md. state lottery BEST for me at that time?? That is another factor that must be considered’ you see we are all at a certain place at a certain time in our journeys and if you understand that the universe always has our best interest in mind(so to speak) as you would your child or younger sibling, you would only permit it to have what you were sure would not cause him/her harm even if he/she was not aware of tbe danger,So to increase your chances of receiving what you desire make sure your in proper alignment with your creator and then you will be more likely to be trusted with what it is that you seek.

  5. Errica Says:

    I have been connected with the universe since I was little child. One of my gifts is dreaming lottery numbers. Sometimes, I will have a dream and the focal point or thing in the dream will be the numbers. Or I will actually dream of actual numbers. Last week I dreamt that I found a bag of gold coins. I focus on the world “GOLD”. I used numeerology to find the number for each letter. I broke the four digit down into a three digit number. It came out last Thursday. I should be wealthy but I am not. It’s only because I never made it my focus to play the lottery to get rich.

  6. cindy gasparik Says:

    I’m praying to god I win… had a devastating loss 7 years ago my life turned upside down… am having tough go of it and cannot seem to get back… it funny how life chnges in an instant… trying over and over to get back up is killing me… worried to death about my son college and just survival in general… life sjhouldnt be this painful for anyone… PLEASE GOD!!! I’m trying everything what could it hurt to pout this wish on the line..maybe could help some others who are struggling too..

  7. David Says:

    The lottery is not the answer to our prayers. You are in a hard spot, as many people are. When time are rough, what to do? Pray that God will provide a path in your thoughts. I’ve had this happen. When I was at a terrible place, suddenly a way out appeared in my mind. A calm came over me, and suddenly I saw the path.

  8. Sandra Says:

    1. Readers have great, ok and bad days.
    2. some people are not meant to know their fate. either to protect them from the stress of events, or to let them struggle. If someone with a struggle life path comes to find out the lottery numbers and any other forms of easy way o, they won’t find out.
    3. winning the lottery is a matter of divine grass. Doubtful it can be force. it is easier to predict if someone will win, not win, win big or win small.
    i’ve done this for 20 years.

  9. Michael Says:

    I believe that this planet is changing at an accelerated rate and people have a thirst for psychic abilities right now or the feeling that something inside of them needs to change and their intuition is pointing them towards enlightenment. I believe that every advanced life form in the universe is pulling up a chair in our galaxy to witness this cosmic event and I believe that only the people who have tapped into that ability will understand whats taking place. How this will advantage those who do? I dont know, but something on a cosmic level, some say we are going to switch poles and be pelted with asteroids when Nibiru passes. Heres my thought: What If the oldest life form in the universe was say a million years old. They have mastered both time and space and in doing so could have predicted the demise of our world. They have found the only way to save this planet and all of its trillions of life forms and Guya energy is to move the entire planet into another dimension as Nibiru would have wiped us clean and possibly off our axis. So for the past few hundred years or so, they went from observing to an in depth study of everything they could about us and our world. The Sounds from the earth were them adjusting the harmonics of the planet to be in sink with how they plan to do this. Unless you are in touch with your ability to hear them telepathically during all this,…well, I believe that most people will go mad or become suicidal. Especially those of us that believe theres an old man on a throne who will judge you and condemn you to hell because you didn’t worship him on earth…. PLEASE!!! Good luck to all, I hope to see you on the other side.

  10. Gramlyn Says:

    Here is another one for your collection: A man gets the urge to play scratch off tickets, because he knows that he’s gonna win. So he gets in his car and drives around until he finds a gas station that feels just “right” – he gets in, buys a ticket and wins. Not much, only 50$ or so – but still. Sure, it could have been a coincidence, but you CAN develop a sense for the right time and the right place.

    I can’t stand it if people believe that professional psychics know everything at all times. It is simply not true. I myself can increase the chance of being psychic if i somehow “feel myself into” another person. It is hard to explain – i don’t really concentrate on the other person…it’s more like a “melting” process.

    That being said, it is probably true that everyone has psychic abilities to some degree, but you need to allow yourself listening to your inner voice!

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