Fairy Faces in the Forest

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I’ve been trying to photograph images in nature that resemble faces in the forest.  I seek images resembling humanity in the forest’s leaves and branches.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  It happens by sheer happenstance.  I am trying to figure out what combination of location, natural lighting, camera angle and camera focus has the best chance of replicating man’s image in the natural order.  So far it seems the real trick is afterwards when observing the photo.  You really have to look hard to find this trick-of-the-eye.  And it is easy to lose it!  I spot something intriguing in a photo, but when I return to the picture later I can’t find what I had previously seen.

Brian Froud

I noticed that these whimsical photos reminded me of the art of Brian Froud, the famed fairy artist.  I love Froud’s work.  He incorporates the natural world into his fairy art.  His fairies sometimes blend into the background as if they are part of nature and don’t completely resemble humanity.  His fairies are an “other” combining nature and man.

Below are a few photos I took.  At first you may not see the shapes that resemble people.  But look closely and let your imagination take over.

Here is a photo of someone drinking tea.  He is in profile looking to your left, has a dark hairline and is wearing a green jacket.  Imagine his hand holding a teacup just under his chin.

Below are some spindly fairy types.  Again, use your imagination.  They are also looking to the left.  The one on the left is mostly obscured, but with the one on the right you can see the shoulder and arm.

Finally, I have a bear photo, except there are no bears around where I am.  It is a fantasy standing bear, visible if again you use your imagination.


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  1. Grace Says:

    I think your fairie pictures are awsome i’m 8years old I believe in fairies and angels. I watch tinker belle that festival you were invited to sounded really neat that’s all bye

  2. David Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I plan on taking more fairy pictures soon. Know what? I believe in fairies too!

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