Photos: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree

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I had another trip into the forest hunting for trolls, fairies and anomalies. I left a donut as an offering for the fairy folk.  Folklore suggests an offering of sweets is a good method to entice the fair folk to reveal themselves.  The Fay are called by polite names…the wee people, the good people, so as not to offend them.  Calling them hairy ugly “things” will not get results!

It is fun trying to get photos suggestive of the fairy folk, real or not. One may protest…these photos are just a trick of the light on branches and leaves.  Perhaps, perhaps not, regardless it’s fun to capture images suggestive of the fantastic. They like to hide so they may not be immediately apparent. The photo above is possibly a hairy ugly troll/bigfoot character crouching down staring back at me. It doesn’t seem to want to be photographed.  Too bad…gotcha!

To the side is the legendary Green Man, spirit of the forests.  In the past Green Man carvings graced medieval churches and castles.  His face combined leaves and branches.  With the forests and rural life in decline, the Green Man is not quite what he used to be.  The motif, once everywhere, is now as unpopular in architecture as the gargoyle.

Below is a curious picture…a ghost tree branch! At first glance it seems the camera flashed in the gloom of the forest and reflected off a branch. However, I’ve never seen branches glow like this before. Branches are not reflective.  Even more curious, this branch seems to be transparent. Look carefully and you can see through it!  A ghost tree branch?  Do trees have ghosts?  I never heard of ghost trees.


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  1. Steve Says:

    About the ghost tree branch. I remember reading (a while back) about some experiments with leaves. I forgot what type of cameras and lighting but the claim was they could take pictures of people and plants auras.

    “They” took a picture of a leaf. Then they broke off a piece of the leaf and took another picture. There was the shape of the full leaf even tough parts of it was missing. Supposidly the missing piece would show up in photographs for several days before fading away. So you might have taken a picture of a ghost branch.

    With that said, I think it might be a bug antenna or something on the lens of the camera. Something that was unnoticed at the time. Something sitting on the lens, or very close to it, can appear transparent. Fact or Faked (SyFy channel) had a couple of good examples of ghost activity recently. Turns out it was a bug on the lens of the security cameras. Even hair will seem transparent sitting on the lens.

    Take your pick. Both are answers to the ghost tree branch.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Steve,
    If this were a bug on the lens, I don’t think the flash would have caught it. I’ll have to try an experiment and put a hair across the lens and see what happens, if the flash would illuminate it. However, that thing looks like a branch to me, like the ones behind it. I was thinking it might have moved in a breeze, and motion can make something seem transparent. But nothing else in the picture suggests motion. Again, next time I wander the forest I’ll try some close up photos with a flash of a branch and see if I can reproduce this type of effect.

  3. Canth Decided Says:

    Steve: What you’re describing is called Kirlian photography

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