The ghost sitting at the end of the bar

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Most first-hand ghost stories we hear took place long ago, years or decades.  Encounters with actual ghosts are rare, usually once-in-a-lifetime events.  I had the luck to hear a true ghost story that took place only a couple of months ago.

Betty is a lady in her early 40s.  She was to meet up with a girlfriend at a tavern and then go out for dinner with some other friends on a girls’ night out.  Her girlfriend agreed to meet her at a tavern they hadn’t been to for years.  In fact, Betty hadn’t been at this bar in over four years.

When Betty entered this tavern she noted it had been spruced up from the days it was a dive bar.  The clientele were younger compared to the older crowd who frequented this bar before it was updated.  An improvement, she thought.

Betty sat at the bar by herself waiting for her friend to arrive.  Minutes passed by when she glanced down to the end of the bar.  There sat someone she recognized from years ago.  It was Richie, a truck driver who was a regular at this bar.  He looked the same, wearing his baseball cap with his curly red hair.  He had a mug of beer.  Betty waved at him and he nodded and gestured back in acknowledgement.

Betty’s attention wandered around the tavern.  When she glanced back at Richie, she saw he was gone.  “Goodness” she thought, “He must have been thirsty.”  He slammed down that beer fast enough and was gone.

Her girlfriend soon arrived and they left the bar to meet with their friends.  Later in the evening she mentioned to her friends she saw Richie at the old bar.  One of her friends knew something of Richie, and asked if she really saw him.  “Why do you ask?” Betty inquired.  The friend said Richie died three years ago.


This tale almost sounds like an urban legend except it is true.  Betty witnessed an apparition.  Richie appeared physical in appearance.  Betty had no clue anything was amiss…until perhaps when Richie vanished.  A full body visual apparition is the ultimate in ghost encounters, and truly rare.

This event took place only two months ago.  If Richie died three years ago, that suggests this tavern has essentially been haunted for the past three years.  Hauntings don’t last forever and fade away.  To discover a currently active haunting is a real find.

Who is Richie?  How did he pass away?  And why would his ghost continue to haunt this tavern?  What happened?  I intend to look into these questions by visiting this tavern.  A tavern is a public place where a ghost enthusiast can discreetly investigate.  A chat with the bartender…”Do you remember Richie?” can get the ball rolling.  A current, eyewitness account ghost encounter is worth pursuing.

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  1. Torie Says:

    I think that ghost stories are not as rare as some may think. For people that are sensitive to the afterlife it is not something they talk about often. It can be very uncomfortable for fear of judgement or lack of understanding of their gift. It is a slighty taboo subject on the mainstream. I know because I have had many encounters. It all started when I was very young. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Steve Says:

    Another strange but true story that happened to me.

    I was investigating a bar with a group. Several investigators were sitting in a booth about 20 feet away from me as I was sitting alone at the bar. One of the investigators said he was sensing someone sitting at a table near me (about 10 feet away). I turned to look but didn’t see anything there. As I was looking I noticed something out the corner of my eye. I turned my head and there was a torso of someone / something sitting on a bar stool two stools away from me. I saw an upper body wearing a brown suit coat, brown buttoned vest, white shirt with the collar buttoned (no tie) a head with a handlebar mustache and derby hat. I didn’t see any arms, legs or facial features other than the mustache. After about 3 or 4 seconds it just faded away.

    Needless to saw I was surprised and amazed. I have since learned that long before the location became a bar it was a funeral home.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Torie,
    Most of the ghost stories I hear about are usually about sounds, footsteps, coldspots, something like that. A true visual sighting is pretty exciting. Some people are more sensitive to such things. Betty never had a sighting before, so she does not seem the sensitive type, but perhaps she unknowingly is. I have a theory. If we know someone is dead we are less likely to see their ghost. But if we are unaware they are dead, perhaps it is more likely?

  4. David Says:

    That is a great story! Bars seem to attract ghosts. I assume a ghost would haunt a place it enjoyed in life. Interestingly, this tavern in Betty’s story was remodeled after Richie died. Remodeling did not seem to have any impact on Richie hanging around.

  5. Newton Green Says:

    I would like to have a quiet talk with ‘Betty’, for I think there are important details – eg, Betty’s day/week up to the time she entered the bar, and which would have had an effect upon the mood/frame of mind she was in at the time – which would conceivably bear upon this story. It is possible that a case of mistaken identity involving a chap with a great thirst underlies it all, but I would like to probe the account a little. The perceived spruced up condition of the bar, plus the fact that the ‘ghost’ died three years earlier could suggest a ‘time-shift’(in absolute terms) whereby Betty’s consciousness spent a period in an earlier era. The much written of experience of Misses Maberly and Jourdain at Versailles is the most notorious claimed example I can think of. Alternatively, Betty’s mind may have pickedup a memory (emotionally charged)of an experience by A N Other who had had dealings with the ‘ghost’ in times gone by, and was somehow – I cannot suggest a possibbility on the strength of the narrative as given – intent upon dealing again with him in the setting of the bar. Thus my verdict is “Interesting, possible, but not proven”, pending the depth of surrounding circumstances I would like to consider. For my reasoning overall, please see my book “God, Ghosts, and Independent Minds” (available, cheaply, on Kindle these days) which can be read as an introduction to – or explanatory suggestion of – matters supernatural and paranormal. And good luck to all serious investigators. Newton Green. 4.6’12

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