Were the Clintonville, Wisconsin mystery booms repeats of the Nuremberg and Basel “UFO” sky battles?

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Nuremberg Germany 1561

On March 18 around 9:30 PM Central time, on a warm Sunday evening, the mystery booms of Clintonville, Wisconsin began.  On March 19 the Clintonville police and fire department began to investigate for gas leaks or broken water lines.  Nothing was found. These sounds were described as sonic booms, heavy doors slamming, thunder or explosions. They were loud enough to awaken people from their beds and send people into the streets trying to see what was going on.

In the small town of Clintonville there was an inexplicable mystery. For days the citizens of Clintonville heard these booming sounds.  These strange booms remained an unexplained mystery and the story soon became national, even international news.  For days there was no explanation: not construction work, or demolitions, or gas explosions… nothing.

Then, finally on Thursday March 22nd the U.S. Geological Survey revealed the explanation for the mystery sonic booms.  The USGS said a 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck Clintonville on Tuesday March 20 at exactly 12:15 a.m.  Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss declared, “the mystery is solved” at a news conference Thursday evening.  Thank goodness, we can rest easy now!

Can earthquakes trigger sonic booms?  I’m not a scientist so I can’t say.  What is curious was these booms occurred days after this insignificant, imperceptible and singular 1.5 quake (which really is next to nothing).  Can a minor earthquake make audile booms that shake houses for days afterwards?

A more intriguing riddle:  the mystery booms began on March 18, BEFORE the March 20 “earthquake”.

I’d suggest there are no serious explanations for what occurred, just guesses.  Science doesn’t handle the unexplained well.  They sweep it away with general assurances everything has been explained: but please don’t look under the rug.

Whatever caused the Clintonville booming sound enigma might explain some mysteries in the past.  I refer to the “sky battles” in Nuremberg, Germany during 1561 and in Basel, Switzerland in 1566.

On April 14th, 1561 in Nuremberg, Germany there were reported strange events in the sky.  These events were depicted in a woodcut (shown above).  People reported UFOs as “crashing” cylinders and balls.  However, what if the residents of Nuremberg did not necessarily have a visual sighting, but an audible one?  Instead of seeing fantastic images, could they have heard fantastic sounds?   Could they have interpreted the sound of sonic booms in their midst as a battle in the sky?

If you lived in Nuremberg 500 years ago and heard exactly what the residents of Clintonville heard, how would they interpret it?  Perhaps they would imagine a battle in the sky.  They heard the roar of what appeared to be cannon fire.  The woodcut depicts dark orbs and spheres, like cannonballs.  Could these “cannonballs” actually represent sonic booms, or as they’d recognized it the sound of gunfire?  Instead of a visual sphere, each orb could represent the sound of a single boom, like a cannonball fired into the sky.

The woodcut shows them all together, but perhaps what is depicted is how they appeared/sounded over time. Imagine each “cannonball” as a sonic boom combined into one image.  Notice in the lower right side of the image smoke appears to be emerging from the ground when a “cannonball” landed. Curious!

Basel, Switzerland 1566

Here is an image from Basel, Switzerland 1566. Again, witnesses suggested they saw spheres in the sky and described a similar event.  A bunch of cannonballs…or booms?  Perhaps what the residents of Clintonville experienced was repeated in the past.  Centuries ago people ran out of their houses wondering what was going one, seeking an explanation.  Was it a UFO sky battle or an earthquake?  Both notions don’t measure up.

Below is a website with a map of the reported Clintonville “booms” provided by the Waupaca  County Official Website:


Here is a video of what happened in Clintonville:

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