The Secret Behind Dallas and Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters

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The secret to finding Bigfoot was given in the ancient grimorie The Key of Solomon.


The places best fitted for exercising and accomplishing magical arts and operations are those which are concealed, removed, and separated from the habitations of men. Wherefore desolate and uninhabited regions are most appropriate, such as the borders of lakes, forests, dark and obscure places, old and deserted houses, whither rarely and scarce ever men do come, mountains, caves, caverns, grottos, gardens, orchards; but best of all are cross-roads, and where four roads meet, during the depth and silence of night.

I came across Youtube videos of Dallas and Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters.  When I watched the episode named The Mountain (shown above) I thought it was an intentional parody of the Animal Planet Channel reality show Finding Bigfoot.  It featured Dallas as a Matt Moneymaker type character, Wayne as a hulking Bobo type, Staci as the skeptical Ranae archetype and the rarely seen cameraman Andrew as the nondescript Cliff character.

I assumed Dallas & Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters was a wickedly effective satire.  However, as I watched more of their episodes, I realized this was not a Finding Bigfoot parody but these guys were for real.  They actually are Bigfoot hunters.  And more so, Dallas & Wayne are far closer to the truth of Bigfoot then these other slicker reality shows.

Dallas: “What makes us the best because we believe.”

As we watch these episodes, listen carefully to how Dallas describes the nature of Bigfoot.  Dallas attempts to sense where Bigfoot may be and then chants a Native American chant or Wayne howls to summon Bigfoot.  In one episode Dallas suggested Bigfoot could partially materialize.  Perhaps we’d see only his head or a limb.  They know the secret of Bigfoot.

In classic ceremonial or ritual magic there is an operation where one attempts to summon spirits to manifest a visual appearance.  In this operation there is a magic circle and within is a censer or brazier.  The smoke from the incense may be used by invisible entities to create their visual appearance by wrapping themselves in smoke like clothing.  Seeing shapes in smoke suggest pareidolia, but this would be intentionally induced pareidolia.

What Dallas and Wayne do is nearly the same thing…they attempt to summon Bigfoot to visual appearance.  Bigfoot appears to materialize by using their natural surroundings, leaves and branches to create a visual appearance.  Or if we are lucky, they just appear.

We don’t need to wander far into the wilderness of Canada or Alaska to find Bigfoot.  We can find Bigfoot in our local forest preserve.  Bigfoot hunting is not much different then ghost hunting.  You can go to your local wilderness and attempt to summon them.  Take pictures and perhaps, with experience, you’ll see the Forest’s Children in your picture shots.

Below are some more videos of Dallas and Wayne:

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