Why Bigfoot is a Troll

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It is generally thought Bigfoot is a yet undiscovered man/ape hominid wandering the forests of North America.  There are Bigfoot sightings reported from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rocky Mountains and in the forests in between.  Can a hominid exist everywhere on the continent without ever once being caught?  I submit this is not credible.  We are not dealing with an animal enigma.  Either this is all a hoax inspiring more hoaxes and pranks, or we have something else going on, something very strange indeed.

If the North American Bigfoot were seen a hundred years ago in Scandinavia, what would they call it?  A troll.  These beings (trolls/ogres/giants) are written about in the world’s folklore.  The Bible even mentions these giants.  The evidence suggests Bigfoot is not an animal but a troll.

What is a troll?  A troll is a giant that is never entirely in our world and as such can never be clearly photographed or videotaped.  Any image taken would necessarily be blurry.  Even if a troll stood 10 feet away their picture would be an indistinct blur.  Our visual perception of trolls depends not only on our optic nerves but also how our mind interprets them.  Trolls are creatures of our imagination, 90% mental and 10% physical.  In our mind we perceive the troll more clearly then what is actually present.  A troll can best be described as a vibration.


What evidence suggests Bigfoot is actually a troll?

1.  Trolls are Blurry Beings:  a troll cannot be clearly photographed.

Ever wonder why all Bigfoot photos are fuzzy/blurry?  The fact that all Bigfoot videos and photos are hard-to-make-out reinforces this concept.

2.  Physical evidence of trolls vanishes.

Why don’t we have any Bigfoot DNA?  Physical troll evidence is also mostly in our minds.  What appeared as evidence at the time later turns out to be an illusion.  For example, suppose we’re lucky enough to get a hair sample of a troll.  The next morning we’d discover the hair we put in our backpack turned out to be straw instead.  We’d swear we put hair in there.  Tales of troll’s gold turning into stones is universal in folklore.  Just as our perception of a troll is halfway in our imagination, so would be our perception of evidence collected during an encounter.

3.  Trolls vanish without a trace.

Bigfoot hunters have tracked Bigfoot footprints only to discover the footprints inexplicable end.  Suddenly there is nothing as if this giant man/ape just vanished.  How can an 800-pound creature walk around without a trace of prints?  This elusiveness is the signature of a troll.  Trolls can dematerialize.  Trolls co-exist in our world but mostly another.  What brings trolls into human interaction is unknown but contact is brief.  This explains why we can never find Bigfoot, but they can find us.

Assuming Bigfoot is a troll, this would suggest new methods are needed to discover Bigfoot.  For instance, in Scandinavian folklore church bells are credited with driving away the trolls.  It is believed the church bells’ representation of Christianity scared the trolls.  What is more likely is that trolls, as entities of vibration, had their vibration disrupted by the sharp ring/vibration of the church bell.  If you want to chase away a Bigfoot, ring a bell loudly and it should vanish before your eyes.

I’d suggest the TV show Finding Bigfoot include a shaman in their team.  Not a pretender, a poser, or a celebrity wannabe shaman, but a genuine Native American shaman.  The Finding Bigfoot team might have better success at detecting Bigfoot then they currently do howling in the night.

10 Responses to “Why Bigfoot is a Troll”

  1. me Says:

    I do somewhat agree that they may be creatures non-physical in nature, though DNA samples have been allegedly found. At least a few that have been tested and found to belong to an “undiscovered primate”. Or so I’ve heard..

  2. David Says:

    Hi Me,
    I’ve heard of these DNA samples as well. It appears that any such DNA, if it exists, is also fuzzy and blurry. Bigfoot exists mostly in our minds. This does not mean Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Bigfoot may be mostly a subjective experience, but something activated these many very real experiences. I suggest this activating force is the real Bigfoot.

  3. Hans Says:

    I think Bigfoot is troll related.

  4. Andrea Says:

    Brilliant theory, did you come up with all of this yourself? I havent heard anyone else put a direct link to trolls, though I have heard of bigfoot being vibrational entities. But tying them in with folklore (every story comes from somewhere) and then being able to account for things such as you did, i.e. the blurriness….there does not seem to be any holes in this theory. Well done! I agree, a shaman should definitely be included, unfortunately I believe the very nature of shamanism would not allow this….wouldn’t it be offensive to their spirit helpers, one of who very well may be a troll like entity ?? Hmm..

  5. Dee Says:

    I agree with you 100%.Bigfoot is a nonphysical,supernatural entity like trolls,fairies,ghosts,etc.This is the reason that they’re so elusive and will never be discovered.

  6. 10 Utterly Bizarre Bigfoot Theories | ratermob Says:

    […] an actual being. In fact, it exists partly in our world and partly in another. And since trolls aren’t totally physically here on Earth, they show up quite blurry in Bigfoot […]

  7. Bryan Says:

    Good article! I don’t know enough about troll folklore to be able to really agree or disagree with it, but Freud and, more especially, C G Jung demonstrated that the materialistic view-the ego viewpoint, you might say, is not the whole of reality-and their discoveries were demonstrated that an emphorous, unexplored area we refer to as thehuman unconscious exists and is therefore as “real” as the world of the ego. In some of his writings Aldous Huxley speculated that the ego world evolved as a kind of filter to allow humans to survive in this materialistic existence. I tossed out the “nuts and bolts” theories about the paranormal, including UFOs, a long time ago because it is inadequate. I am convinced that you’re thinking along the right track, anyway. I wonder, however, if it might not be a mistake to define Bigfoot as a specific thing (that is, a troll,) instead of as an example of a TYPE of thing that science simply isn’t capable or interested in investigating. And I though I haven’t watched many of the “Finding Bigfoot” programs, remember that however sincere the cast may be, to the network it is simply a vehicle to sell advertising. I’m glad that I found your article-my advice is think bigger and remember that you’re in completely unexplored territory.

  8. David Says:

    Thanks for your very interesting comments. Bigfoot. I have a friend who saw something 2 decades ago…he didn’t call it Bigfoot, just “something”. His now grown son says it was a swamp ape. Father and son both saw something together rising out of a river. It really is a mystery. I use the term “Troll” to represent the mystery of it. I think the answer of a supernatural Troll might not be unreasonable.

  9. Bryan Says:

    Sorry, I thought I’d said “great” article because I get excited when people think outside the box like this. I’m sure your friend saw “something” but perception is a tricky thing.My cousin with a PhD in zoology who lives in Muskogee, OK (and yet I visit and talk to him just as if he were like everybody else. ) is a general outdoorsman and has hunted & fished there all his life. This area has produced BF sightings. I asked him what he thought about the existence of Bigfoot in that area and he told me thoughtfully that in his opinion a breeding population of an undiscovered primate larger than a human in Eastern Oklahoma was impossible. Although the area IS huge, it is a lot of encroachment There is remote housing (like his,) roads, all kinds of air traffic and a large hunting population. He didn’t doubt that it could survive there, but as far as it remaining physically undiscovered (as opposed to occasional sightings like your friend’s) he thought it was pretty much out of the question. I tend to bow to Stu’s wisdom about things like this, even though I’ve talked to the some of the Texas Bigfoot Research folks who naturally disagree. Bigfoot as a projection of the unconscious is a pretty vague concept too, but that’s the one I go for. A friend of mine laughed at me and said, “So you explain something that isn’t proven to exist with a concept that isn’t proven to exist! I think you’re on to something.”

  10. 10 Utterly Bizarre Bigfoot Theories Says:

    […] an actual being. In fact, it exists partly in our world and partly in another. And since trolls aren’t totally physically here on Earth, they show up quite blurry in Bigfoot […]

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