Bigfoot Sightings Explained

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What to make of Bigfoot sightings? Honest people claimed to have seen Sasquatch. Usually these sightings were in the dark of night, perhaps of glowing eyes reflecting a source of light.  These eyes stood as tall as a man and stared right back at you. Cloaked in darkness these eyes were accompanied by an inhuman sound…a grunting or growling. Sometimes a tent may be attacked by this taller-then-human figure, and the witnesses fled in terror of the Bigfoot’s onslaught. Afterwards a gigantic humanoid shape may be glimpsed lumbering away into the night.

I’d suggest Bigfoot hunters be cautious, for they may actually encounter something huge and hairy and dangerous. This entity is all too real, a living, breathing being.

A standing bear!

Bigfoot raiding a camp?

Ever see videos of a bear standing up? It looks like Bigfoot, especially if seen in the dark. A bear may walk on two legs if it is curious and wants to get a good look at something. That snarling noise outside your tent is not an ape/man hominid…but a bear! I wouldn’t want to run into a hungry bear dreaming it was a timid Sasquatch.

On the PBS show Nature they had: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom.

From their article about wolverines:

“Wolverines are among the most elusive creatures on the planet. They seek out the toughest terrain – the most rugged, remote and fiercely raw – and they’ve always been scarce to begin with. So they’re hard to find.”
“Few researchers have observed wolverines in the wild, though some have tried, for years on end. Most must settle for capturing their images on remote cameras, tracking them from a distance, and getting to know them from their DNA”.

Doesn’t trying to find a wolverine resemble trying to find a Bigfoot? The difference is researchers have found their wolverines. You’d imagine in the process they’d come across a Bigfoot too, if only by accident. Instead Bigfoot appears to hang around campgrounds so it can be videotaped.

Outside of standing bears and outright hoaxes, are there any other explanations for Bigfoot sightings?  There may be an outside chance Bigfoot is actually an esoteric entity. History is full of legends and folklore of the Wild Man, of giants and trolls and ogres. These are not physical beings, but creatures of the imagination and hard to see or define:  Blurry Beings.  Trying to snap the picture of a troll would probably get results similar to our current assembly of Bigfoot photos…fuzzy and indistinct.  Are Bigfoot sightings actually troll sightings?

4 Responses to “Bigfoot Sightings Explained”

  1. M Weaver Says:

    Only thing this proves is that, until proven beyond the shadow of a doubt “BIGFOOT “does exist !!!!!!

  2. David Says:

    Hi M Weaver,
    This video does not give me much encouragement regarding the cutting edge research being done regarding Bigfoot. These guys are checking out the forests of Ohio. Who imagined Ohio was a hotbed of Bigfoot activity?

  3. Erik Says:

    If a bear seeks anyone out in the night, they are fair game and will become food! A bear will tear through a tent to get its food, or run down any human in the dark!

    Also any sightings in ohio cannot bee some black be mistaken for a big brown bear standing up walking around, we may have some black bears.

  4. nitin nanda Says:

    hey i hope sasquatch and it`s family is left in peace. i believe in sasquatch ok.

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