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100% Near-Death Experience
75% PSI Phenomena
50% Ghosts
25% UFOs/Aliens
2% Fairies
1% BigFoot
0% Santa Claus, Noah’s Ark, Flat Earth/Hollow Earth, Nazi UFOs, Planet Nibiru, Faked Moon Landings, Et Cetera

As a service to the esoteric community I offer the Occult View’s official and definitive Paranormal Reality Scale. It has a margin of error of +/-3%.

On a scale of 100% to 0%, how real is any particular paranormal phenomena? I offer this scale: The Near-Death-Experience is rated at 100%, Ghosts are at 50% and Bigfoot is 1%. We can fit everything else in-between.

At 100% we have the Near-Death Experience. These experiences are a fact. If the NDE is genuinely paranormal or just a trick of the mind remains undecided. Decades ago the NDE was not even recognized. Today it is the topic of serious scientific inquiry. The NDE is 100% real but its true nature remains a mystery.

At 25% we have UFOs, less then the flip of a coin. UFOs are iffy. There is compelling evidence of their existence, but nothing is conclusive. Today with digital manipulation, we can’t trust any image or video. Our only evidence are the accounts of people who have seen them, and those may be mistaken. Yet all it takes is for one incident to be true. Is everyone mistaken?

At 1% we have Bigfoot. We have the dubious Patterson Bigfoot film, some foot castings and not much else. What are the odds a hominid could survive in North America undetected? I say 1%.

Then we have the 0% category. This is a fun category. Anything is possible! But nothing is real. I include Santa Claus, Noah’s Ark, the flat earth and hollow earth theories, faked moon landings, Planet Nibiru, 2012 and so on.

In between I put Psi at 75%. I feel the research done by parapsychology has essentially proven Psi exists (telepathy, precognition). It is a subtle effect but quite real. However, it has yet to be recognized by mainstream science. I feel its day will come. It is on its way moving up to the 100% category.

At 50% I place ghosts. In my opinion ghost are as real as the NDE; they may be part of it. But any evidence for ghosts is weak. There are some pictures, some electronic voice phenomenon, but nothing close to being definitive. On the other hand, stories of ghosts are as old as humanity. There are countless anecdotal accounts, and these cannot be just dismissed. I feel ghosts are real, but try catching a ghost. Proof is elusive.


  1. Holly Vance Says:

    I just posted on a few of my “unexplained” mysteries. Just had one during the holiday season. Wonder where it fits on the reality scale? How is reality defined, anyway? I know, find a philosophy blog to tackle that one!

  2. David Says:

    Hi Holly,
    I checked out your story. You’ve had some experiences!
    This stuff is real but baffling.

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