Haunted Cemetery Z

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A decade ago I was casually involved with ghost enthusiasts and their investigations of hauntings. Back then there were rumors of an unrecognized haunted cemetery in northern Illinois. It was said to be an old, crumbling cemetery with incidents of genuine paranormal activity. However, nobody really knew where it was for sure. There are a great many cemeteries in northern Illinois including some that have never been made public. This rumored cemetery was simply called Cemetery Z.

There are a plenty of renowned and famous haunts; we know them by their reputation. Resurrection Cemetery had such a reputation because of the famous vanishing ghost hitchhiker named Resurrection Mary. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, suffering from decades of vandalism and desecration, was viewed as one of the most haunted of cemeteries.

However there are haunted sites without any reputation whatsoever, but are often equally significant. Nearly all hauntings remain unpublicized. Most people who experience such things don’t even talk about it, or if they do it’s just word of mouth. My blog reports actual incidents of the paranormal when I come across them. How many never see the light of day? Nearly all.

And so there was the rumor of the haunted Cemetery Z. Were stories of it only an urban legend? Years ago I was invited to join a couple of ghost hunting enthusiasts to check out the possible location of Cemetery Z. They said it was a small, obscure cemetery in an urban area. It fit the rumors. It was very old and suffered from the same type of desecration that possibility turned Bachelor’s Grove into a ghostly place.

The two ghost hunters and myself went to check out Cemetery Z. Unfortunately I didn’t know where this cemetery was. They didn’t tell me. I was just to follow them in my car. When we got there, we checked it out. They brought an EMF meter and a recorder for any EVP. I brought my tarot cards to attract the attention of any spirits around.

Many of the tombstones were very old. The date on the picture to the left is 1862. The cemetery was in a populated area yet it was in bad shape. There was awful graffiti on a crumbling abandoned mausoleum; inside it was worse.

Gravestones were broken and toppled. A cross is missing its arm. I could imagine this site would become a future Bachelor’s Grove type cemetery.

The graffiti on the mausoleum symbolized the type of desecration that could open the door to occult activity, which in turn might result in paranormal activity. Is this the famed Cemetery Z? It is a good candidate. However, we’d need to talk to local residents to hear if anyone experienced anything unusual around it. The problem is we have all left ghost hunting behind us.

Does this cemetery still look the same since I took these pictures many years ago? Worse? I should go back again, but I don’t know where this Cemetery Z is. Does anybody know the name of this cemetery? If I can find out, I’d like to return for another visit.

Below is a video I took inside the crumbing graffiti covered mausoleum.

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  1. Jos? Says:

    Interesting post but … How is it that “tarot cards to attract the attention of any spirits around”?

  2. David Says:

    Hi Jos,
    I’ve done tarot card readings for friends in a crowded tavern. Know what? It seemed like everybody in the tavern was checking out what I was doing. Public tarot readings attract attention. It is out of place, unusual, yet everybody has some idea of what the tarot is.

    If it has that affect with the living, I’d suggest it would have the same with the dead. Doing a reading in a cemetery is so out of the norm, IF there are any spirits present, they will wonder what the heck is going on. They’d check it out. In addition, a tarot reading can be used to channel similar to an Ouija board.

  3. Cathy Says:

    Hey David, The mausoleum looks a lot like the one that we checked out aprox 8 years ago with Jamie…. Email me if you think it’s the same place & I can give you directions.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Yes, that is the same place we visited with Jamie. I want to check it out again but I have no clue where it is. I will be emailing you. Thanks!

  5. Jamie Says:

    Hi David Hi Cathy how are you doing? I remember that place I emailed you directions where I think it is then maybe you will remember. Maybe we could do a return to Cemetery Z sometime.

  6. David Says:

    Hi Jamie,

    A return visit to Cemetery Z would be interesting. I wonder if the place got worse or if someone cleaned it up. Cathy emailed me the directions, so I now know where it is now. Maybe we can pick a weekend and visit it again, assuming the weather permits. I’m up for it!

    The inside of that mausoleum reminded me of the ending of the Blair Witch Project movie, a desolate place with dangerous markings on the walls. I’d like to look again at what was written inside with more attention. Are they only gang signs and graffiti, or are occult symbols included?


  7. ron Says:

    Boston:Tombstone topples, injuring girl, 7


  8. David Says:

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the story. That is a strange one. I haven’t thought of cemeteries as being physically dangerous, but if someone is leaning against an old stone, I could see it toppling and an accident happening. It is a cautionary tale.

  9. susilo Says:

    i dont get it. if you already experienced some “unfortunate” things after doing reading in the cemetery like you have said in
    why you bother doing it again? out of curiosity?

  10. David Says:

    Hi Susilo,
    Most of the time there is nothing paranormal going on at cemeteries. However, I’ll take reasonable risks at the chance to explore the paranormal. Yes… it is curiosity!

  11. Katie Says:

    Hello, very intersting article, I really would like to check out cemetery Z, My brother and I are ghost enuthist as well, and we have been to many differnt cemeteries as well, I was wondering if you could let us know where it is at? or more information, we would only want to check it out, and maybe take pictures, just to see if you find anything. Once again, we would really appreciate the information. Thank you,
    -Katie & Raul

  12. Aubrie Says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you ever got directions to Cemetery Z. It seems like a fascinating place to visit and I’d love to try and find it.

  13. David Says:

    Hi Aubrie,
    I do know the location of Cemetery Z. However trying to arrange everybody’s schedule to visit at the same time was difficult. I will most likely visit it by myself and take some new photos. I am still curious about the place.

  14. Aubrie Says:

    Would you be willing to give out the directions possibly? I’d like to visit with my paranormal group.

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