The Dr. Eben Alexander NDE Melody


Above is a clip from the documentary series Through the Wormhole.  This episode dealt with the near-death experience of Dr. Eben Alexander.  He had one of the most unique near-death experiences I’ve ever heard about.  He had a multiple NDE while he was in a coma.  And he was able to recall it with remarkable detail.  Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon.  It is rare for a medical professional to have an NDE and he is in a unique position to understand what he went through.

Dr. Alexander gave an interview on Skeptiko. You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript here:

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near-Death Experience Defies Medical Model of Consciousness

The doctor is a very smart and impressive individual.  We have two choices…either he was deluded, or his experience was as he related.  I assume his experience was exactly what he said it was…a genuine NDE.

During this excellent Skeptiko interview, Dr. Alexander said he had a transcendent experience where he attained incredible knowledge but was unable to bring it back.  It seemed transcendence is beyond human understanding.  However, I feel a great deal of transcendent information was brought back from the other side anyway.

Dr. Alexander is writing a book on his experience, and I look forward to reading it in great detail.  We can learn secrets from these mystical experiences.  For now, I will examine a few points from his Skeptiko interview:


Dr. Alexander went into an NDE several times during his coma, and each time he encountered what he described as a guardian angel.  Again, assuming this is real, and then we all have a guardian angel, spirit guide or possibly a “higher self”.  These are ancient beliefs and it appears there is merit in the concept of spiritual guides. That is a comforting thought.  However, if we all have a holy spiritual companion, would we want to disappoint them?  I’d want to make my spiritual companion proud of me!


During the Skeptiko interview Dr. Alexander said he saw arcs of silver-gold light in the sky emitting stunning hymns that descended from them.  He said the most accurate word to describe these arcs of light and their hymns was “angels”.  At the same time he described seeing waterfalls and pools of water.  These arcs of lights occurred while his NDE was still apparently confined to the physical world.  Afterwards he described leaving the physical universe.

How to interpret this information?  Earth has planetary angels working on our planet, just as individuals have personal guardian angels.  Interesting…earth may have its own planetary guardian angels.  And that brings up the same question…do we want to make our world’s angels proud of us or not?


For myself, this passage from the Skeptiko interview was the most interesting since it may be useful in our daily living existence:

Dr. Alexander said:

“But suffice it to say that I would find myself back at the earthworm eye-view. What I learned was that if I could recall the notes of that melody, the spinning melody, that would start the melody spinning again and that would take me back into that beautiful, crisp, clear hyper-real valley on the butterfly wing. My guardian angel was always there and she was always very comforting.”

When Dr. Alexander talked about the melody, he reminded me of Esther Hicks.  Esther Hicks is the famed author of the book Law of Attraction and is the leading voice on the topic.  She essentially described the Law of Attraction as attaining the same “vibration” as the universal “source”.  The goal is to attune our own personal vibration so it is in tune with this source.  It is achieved thru how we think and feel.  Thoughts are vibration and can connect by vibrating in harmony with the universe.

What are vibrations if not a melody?  Music and hymns are vibration.  Dr. Alexander was able to return to the “source” by remembering his melody/vibration.  Can we do the same without having first hearing the divine melody?

Dr. Alexander shared his mystical experience with us, and it connects with other mystical experiences.  Isn’t it interesting that mysticism shares a common theme?

8 Responses to “The Dr. Eben Alexander NDE Melody”

  1. adelbert Says:

    This is a very inspiring story, I love it, vibrations is very powerful, sometimes it already tells what will happen to us.

    Zero Dramas

  2. David Says:

    Hi Adelbert,
    I’ll read the doctor’s book when it comes out. I want to examine Dr. Alexander’s experience in detail from an esoteric viewpoint. We learn important information about the true nature of reality from these mystic experiences.

  3. jerry decaire Says:

    I definitely want to get my hands on that book. Simon and Schuster will be picking it up and that bodes well for the field of near death research and public awareness. S&S is a mainstream publisher of educational materials and perhaps this will be taken more seriously than what it has in the past.

  4. elizabeth Says:

    Dr. Alexander’s story in NEWSWEEK validates for me all that I already believed to be true!It touched my very Soul

  5. David Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    You are right! That is great news, his story needs far more exposure. I believe he had an encounter with a higher reality.

  6. aa. sh. Says:

    Before accepting his paranormal experience he must prove that his story is real not fame/money source fiction ….
    this is the same situation of Dr. araway in the novel contact…..

  7. David Says:

    Hi AA,
    I personally know someone who had a NDE. This is not just make believe. It is true. If you want proof, just examine the topic. It is all out there for anyone who wants to explore the topic. I believe, from talkking about it with my a dear friend who visited this himself.

  8. pedro bundol Says:

    AA To be able to to convince you must have an open mind. If you are already prepared to deny the explanation before it brought up how can one convince you ?

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