During a NDE: A prediction of details concerning your own funeral



I will offer a story of an unusual near-death experience. Sally told me an account concerning her mother who had died 20 years ago. Her mother, named Nancy, had a stroke and was sent to the hospital. Nancy already had a bad heart, so the stroke was another very challenging health problem.

During her stay in the hospital Nancy told her daughter about a strange experience; she thought she had died in the hospital but returned to life. During that time she felt she left her body.

When Nancy left her body she did not describe the NDE as is typically told. She did not hover over her body or experience a tunnel of light. Instead she felt herself sinking into the ground. She was under the ground when she arose again above ground, but then sank back into the earth. Then she appeared in a large room.

This room looked like a waiting room that is typical everywhere, so she sat down. Nancy recalled she was missing her glasses and dentures and felt self-conscious about that. People were sitting on chairs waiting for someone or something. Occasionally a door would open, and a light would emanate from the door as someone seated would get up and pass through the doorway.

For some reason she thought her deceased daughter-in-law might be in this room. Nancy’s daughter-in-law died three years previously and she had been very fond of her. She got up to walk around looking at those seated. Then she saw her…sitting on a chair. She approached her daughter-in-law who smiled and said, “I’ll be waiting for you here.”

The mysterious waiting room disappeared and she was back in her hospital room. Nancy related this story to Sally, and both thought it strange. Unfortunately, three weeks later, while still in the hospital Nancy caught pneumonia and died.

Sally was unable to find her mother’s glasses or dentures for her funeral, so Nancy was buried without them. The spot where Nancy was buried was not the best location in the cemetery. The grass around the grave was not green and it just wasn’t an attractive spot. So the family decided to dig her up and rebury their mother in a more appealing area in the cemetery.

Shortly afterwards Sally finally came across her mother’s glasses and dentures. Then Nancy’s strange story struck her. In Nancy’s account she descended into the earth, arose from it, only to go back into the earth. That is what happened with her burial. Her coffin was taken up from the earth only to be reburied again. And she was buried without her glasses and dentures, which she described in her story as well.  Events surrounding her funeral had been predicted during her NDE.

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  1. oracle Says:

    A very transpersonal experience indeed, hope the family finally had closure! The goons at the cemetary had no sense of grace and dignity when deciding where an appropriate burial might be. A parellel distributed process indeed. Dave have you thought anything about electromagnetic fields and behaviors perhaps a relation there? I recall a eye manifestation near the time of death holding on to belief patterns you had wrote some time ago. fascinating subject. Thanks

  2. David Says:

    Hi Oracle,

    Being curious, I ask people I know if they had personal experiences with ghosts and such. That is how I get my true stories. I suspect this story may be more a genuine dream prophecy then a true NDE. Or it may have been a true NDE but from a personalized viewpoint, where the tunnel of light was the doorway in the waiting room. A waiting room could be a way for someone to comprehend a near-death experience. Only a few decades ago NDE was not widely understood or accepted.

    As for electromagnetism, it is one of the four (known) fundamental forces in the physics. There is the strong force, the weak force, gravity and the electromagnetic force. I suspect there is another unrecognized force, best described as a spiritual force, or consciousness. This force appears to interact with the electromagnetic force. Example: the brain and its neurons. The electromagnetic force may be the conduit for this “consciousness force” to emerge into the material world.

    A lot of paranormal phenomena could be explained as manipulation of electromagnetism. But what unknown force manipulates electromagnetism?


  3. oracle Says:

    The question has been asked are mental states reducible to neuro-biological activity (synaptic on/off). I suspect spiritual activity is not redicible to biological states (Mind-body) question. That said with new knowledge neutrinos travel faster than light makes possible the concept of time travel. Einstein would turn in his grave had he known this true. The question still stands do neutrinos and electromagnetic states have an impact on paranormal activity. Tesla would turn in his grave as he probably knows.

  4. David Says:


    Can consciousness exist outside of biology? In theory spirit is consciousness outside of biology: ghosts, angels, demons. But as far as we know, spirit requires biology to connect with the world of matter and life. Biology is essential. We live in a world of wonderful matter…messy matter…filled with hunger and food, sex and children, competition combining pain and pleasure. The world of matter is the world of organic life with plants, worms and bugs. It is not very spiritual. So why toss spiritual beings into this compost pile? I’d say we are in school.


  5. oracle Says:

    My thinking although subject to change is that however chaotic the universe or organized it may be; living entities have purpose i.e. spirit (rocks not included). I listen to my dowser friend who taps into patterned belief codes past, present, future until decisions we make now can break out of spiral of existential uncertainty. Constellations of light set our pattern with an unknown destination. Who knows what a black hole may do to our spirit how ever fractious that may be.

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