Nostradamus on Hurricane Irene, the Virginia earthquake and the Washington Monument

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On August 23rd an earthquake struck the state of Virginia 100 miles away from Washington DC. The quake was felt across the east coast, but did little damage. However, the earthquake did crack the Washington Monument. A few days later on August 27 hurricane Irene struck the eastern coast of the United States, flooding the area with heavy rain.  I suggest a synchronicity occurred matching the damage to the monument with America’s current political state of affairs:  a nation split and damaged.

Hurricane Irene churns its way north

Nostradamus had a possible prediction concerning these events.  He had a prediction about a pillar split by earthquake and by flood.  Could this have been the Washington Monument?

Century 8, quatrain 29:

At the fourth pillar which they dedicate to Saturn

split by earthquake and by flood;

under Saturn’s building an urn is found

gold carried off by Caepio and then restored.

The first line describes a fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn. In astrology Saturn ruled over matters of law, government and civilization. The monument’s cornerstone was laid with a ceremony sponsored by the Freemasons on the 4th of July.  The Washington Monument could be this pillar dedicated to Saturn (law and governance).

The second line is “split by earthquake and by flood”. The Washington Monument was split, cracked by the August 23rd earthquake. It had to be closed indefinitely until repairs could be made. This line also mentions a flood. A few days later hurricane Irene arrived, flooding the area with rainwater.

The next two lines are an enigma.  They have yet to happen but seem to follow the events of the first two lines.  “Under Saturn’s building an urn is found.”  This is not the pillar of the first line, but I suggest a government (Saturn’s) building. What is this urn, and what is its significance?

The last line speaks of Caepio, a general and statesman during the Roman Empire. Historically, Caepio was said to have plundered a fortune in gold and silver from ancient temples, so I assume this line refers to him. The stolen silver was sent to the Roman Empire, but the gold vanished (supposedly stolen by Caepio). Caepio had a disastrous military campaign and suffered greatly for his folly, being punished by the Empire. What does this mean in the modern day? As a metaphor it could represent many things, from monetary policy to the fate of politicians. Assuming the quatrain refers to America in 2011, the third and fourth lines remain to be fulfilled.

Below is a segment from a documentary about the esoteric architecture of Washington DC. This section discusses Sirius & the Washington Monument:

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  1. oracle Says:

    The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Donald Tyson; ” Spirits of Saturn rules the knees, and is associated with earth and earthquakes.” sic Astrologically Saturn is conjunct with its natal Saturn. I guess some of us can relate to the feeling of having the rug pulled out from under assets such as in housing, education, jobs and the like. Or have our shins kicked like the Washington Monument.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Oracle,
    Those are good insights, thanks. We’ll see if the last two lines follow thru. I assume this is a political quatrain, and not just about finding literal gold under a pagan temple. Time will tell.

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