The Occult Message Behind Captain America

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captain-americaThe movie Captain America is an entertaining and uplifting film. Actor Chris Evans did a great job portraying Steve Rogers both prior and after his transformation into Captain America. The Steve Rogers character starts out as a physically weak individual of small stature, but who has courage and compassion, the heart of a lion. In the movie he sought to join the military to serve his nation but was constantly rejected because of his physical weakness.

A scientist noticed his true nature and he was given the chance to serve by volunteering for an experiment to create a super solider. Steve Rogers was turned into Captain America, his body transformed into physical perfection. His body became a reflection of what he was within his soul and a mirror of his character. What he was within literally became flesh. Immaterial thought became manifest into the physical world.

This is occult message behind Captain America. The occult concerns itself with the manifestation of the immaterial (thought) into physical reality. And the occult is about using these processes for inner self-transformation. In the occult we contact our higher selves or higher powers to manifest our potential, and bring into reality what we desire. Captain America can be a metaphor for this power of belief and becoming what we believe in.

red-skullThe occult concepts of inner transformation and manifesting reality can be used for either positive or negative results. In the movie the villain Red Skull symbolizes a negative transformation. The Red Skull was exposed to the same super solider serum that created Captain America. Yet, unlike Steve Rodgers, the Red Skull’s inner character was vile, and so he was transformed with a monstrous appearance. The Red Skull became a physical reflection of his own personality.

These occult themes are not intentional by the movie-makers. But when stories deal with mythic elements, they may cross paths with occult elements. Myths, legends, and the occult walk hand in hand.

One aspect of the movie that was supposed to involve the occult actually has nothing to do with it. The Red Skull character was in charge of the Nazi’s paranormal division. The character sought out an occult source of great power, the Cosmic Cube. The Skull called it the power of the “gods”. Even as a metaphor or symbol, nothing like this exists in true occult experience; it is just a fantasy element,

I suspect the movie’s villainy could have been made more realistic and dramatic if it had been inspired by the real life links between the Nazis and occultism. True or not, there are ideas the Nazi’s were inspired by contact with villainous secret societies, black magic, demonic entities or even extraterrestrial beings. But delving into the darkest corners of Nazi occultism would probably be out of place in a comic book movie. Better to have the villains using ray guns and cosmic cubes.

Below is a documentary about Nazi occultism:

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  1. Henrik Says:

    The element of science and weapons from the “mythical” gods is a taught that many people have entertained. A high-tech society in the past are what i?m talking about. And the myths that arose wase merely, the present peoples of thoose times, way to explain what they actually saw. And with their technological understanding at that time the only way to explain it. For this to be nothing more then looney-talk, you have to accept that we?re not at the peak of technology…human nor Extra terrestial. And that the earth probably have been visited many times and that the unvierse are populated with countless civilizations far more advanced then ours. You have to ask yourself: Why would anyone, out of the blue, just start writing down fantastic stories about gods, weapons, starpeople, stargates and wars? And why are the stories similar everywhere you go in the world in the old texts that exist? If you start reading the old “myths” with an open and technological viewpoint you will be suprised what you stumble upon.

    Love Henrik

  2. Henrik Says:

    And that documentary don?t show the whole picture. The wests enormous support for the NAzi before the war. The funding of the NAzi war-machine from Banks situated in England and America(who also funded Stalin). The Eugenics movement that were very popular in England and other west countries well before the Nazis blunt, in your face, race-doctrines. Darwin and his gang was very into this. So let us not forget about the roots of the German doctrines and fundings. The Nazi machine was a terrible human creation but the winners of the war is not much better. And then i?m talking about the elite of thoose societys that since then have driven us into madness and more wars then ever before!

    Love Henrik

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