Crisis Apparition Stories

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One of the most common types of paranormal events is reputed to be the appearance of a crisis apparition.  The crisis apparition is said to be the spirit of the injured, dying, or recently dead who appear to the living shortly around the time of the crisis.  It seems there is a brief window of opportunity for a spirit to visit one final time before passing into the “other world”.

I had written before about how my father, as a young man newly engaged for marriage, saw an apparition of his mother-in-law in a hallway.  Later he discovered that his mother-in-law had died around the time of his vision, and he had no knowledge of this event.  Just a coincidence?  We may have dreams or imagine our loved ones often, and if this coincides with an accident or death, we’d easily imagine it a premonition or spiritual visitation.

Then again, it may not always be only coincidence.  I have a story of a crisis apparition from a friend of mine.  They have a family story they repeat often.  It takes place in the early 1970s.  At the time my friend was around twelve years old, and his family had gone on their annual summer vacation at Castle Rock Lake in Wisconsin.  His parents and siblings all went camping together.

One night while camping my friend’s mother awoke in great distress.  She had a vivid and startling dream of her own mother.  Grandma hadn’t gone camping with them; she was back at home in their two-flat apartment in Chicago.  My friend’s mother said something terrible had happened to grandma, and grandma visited her.  Mother wanted to leave and go back home immediately.  The family told her everything was fine; she just had a dream.

To humor mom, they sought out a phone to call home.  Back there were no cell phones.  They called but nobody answered.  Yet that really didn’t mean anything.  But mother insisted they leave camping early and return home now.  So they all packed up and left.  When they eventually got to their home, they discovered grandmother in her flat upstairs, dead in her bed.  My friend recalls, as a boy, how everyone was shocked at the death of grandma and didn’t understand how mother somehow knew.

In this situation, the vision/premonition prompted a change in behavior from the norm, and the premonition proved sadly accurate.

The crisis apparition seems to occur when there is a separation, as if the injured or dying wish to communicate with their loved ones.  This startling phenomenon does not seem to happen when loved ones are together, aware of the dying process and are gathered around.  Perhaps when a family is present the need to visit one last time is not felt necessary.

It is curious some people appear to be more sensitive to these things then most.  Perhaps many of us are mentally closed off to this stuff, and even if the deceased tried to appear we’d not realize their presence.  The crisis apparition may be quite common, except few are open enough to see.

Another theory holds this is in fact telepathic communication and not a visitation of a ghost.  It seems sometimes we can perceive if someone we have a connection with is in distress. It doesn’t have to be something truly traumatic.  How often has someone suddenly had a feeling of anxiety, only to discover later around the same time something stressful happened to a family member or a friend?

Again, it appears some people are sensitive to this, and others aren’t.  Can we train ourselves for sensitivity?  I’d say yes, if we wished it.  Opening our intuition is something we can all do, but many people can’t be bothered.  It is a choice.

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  2. Newton Green Says:

    I tend towards the ‘telepathy’ explanation of Crisis Apparitions, but I do not think that ‘telepathy’ (however defined!) is the whole or exact answer. Apparitions of any kind seem to be a matter of perception, and therefore are in the province of consciousness. Full consciousness I prefer to define as Mind plus Brain acting together – a point of view which is currently unfashionable. In my book “God, Ghosts and Independent Minds” ~(Penpress; via Amazon and Kindle) I set out my case fully, amidst much more, in an effort to induce Religion, Science, and Philosophy to work together to examine the human condition and seek out the truths of God’s Creation. I perceive an inadequate general public understanding of the ‘Western’/ Christian-Classical culture which underpins our civilisation. There is a sad tendency for people to take refuge in little sections of it – eg ‘fundamentalism’, materialist-determinism (so often mistaken for properly done science) – and then go to strange and untenable lengths to denigrate all other views but their own. No single view of Creation can arrive at any truth about it wothout reference to at least a couple of others; eg Religion is enhanced by philosophy and art, Science by inquisitiveness and creativity. All are needed in tolerant and mutual support of each other to illuminate our human condition. We are equipped with high consciousness, intelligence, and free-will. We can use them, or stagnate into lumpish materialist nihilism. We have the choice before us. We should use it to seek understnding.
    Newton Green, 27th December, 2011.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Newton,
    The crisis apparition is a real mystery. It happens all the time, it is not simply imagination. Telepathy sounds logical, and I believe it works with the living. When a loved one is in distress, we may feel their distress. I’ve had this happen with myself. However, there are cases when an individual is already dead and afterwards the crisis apparition appears. That would suggest telepathic communication with the dead. Then we have ADC (After Death Communication).

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