A Real Ghost Photo Or Pareidolia?

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Pareidolia is when we see images we recognize in random shapes that seemed to look familiar. For instance, we may see the image of faces or animals in clouds. We tend to make sense of random patterns when they fit something we recognize.

I reviewed a photograph I took over a decade ago (above). This was before I had a digital camera, and for this photo I used a film camera.  The photo was taken at an old pub, and I thought the mural on the wall was interesting so I took a picture. There was nobody in this area at the time. When I later developed the film, this picture had a curious smoky image in it.

Studying the picture something became apparent to me; there was a face in the center of the vapor. In the photo above I drew an outline over where the features seem to be so it will be more visible. What struck me was that the face’s features were fairly symmetrical. The face even seemed to have an expression on it with its closed eyes, as if drifting in a slumber, half conscious between the world of life and death. Tendrils of smoke emerged for this central image with their own strange shapes.

Is this a photo of a real ghost or merely pareidolia at work? Certainly possible. Yet, pareidolia usually involves a caricature, something vaguely resembling what we imagine. When showed this photo to others, their reaction was either they couldn’t detect the face or OMG.

I would return to this pub hoping to get another picture of whatever possibly haunted the place. I never got another one, but I did get orbs, which don’t mean much either but are still interesting. Below is a photo of an orb that hovered…drifting. I wonder if it the orb could be the same smoky ghost except from a distance?


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  1. de thomas Says:

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “ghosts” in the sense that people believe are the spirits of humans that have died. This is irrefutably impossible based on all levels of natural and paranormal sciences and research. Same goes with so-called “orbs.” The vibration level at which an actual celestial entity moves cannot be detected by the human eye nor a man-made camera. Fun for laughs and light entertainment though.

    De Thomas, Theological Eschatology

  2. Sean Says:

    I have a picture that is very similar to yours. To be scientifically correct mine and your picture is probably an orgone field. The field always appears blue if it is positive. I was experimenting with the Goetia, Sex Magick and Eochian glossolalia when I happened to call up what I thik was the Goetic Demon, Buer!

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  4. Steve Says:

    In this case seeing is not believing. I wonder what the mist would look like if there was a solid color wall behind it. It looks like some of the mural coloring could help promote the image of a face sleeping. However, there appears to be 2 other faces in the original picture. Top right corner looks like a partial skull and in the doorway on the left, over the table appears to be another face. I think the background coloring and the mist make the faces. Optical illusions. I won’t venture a guess about how the mist got there. Unless it was old film in the camera.

    Just my 2 cents. Have a great day!

  5. michele Says:

    There trapped !!!!!

  6. David Says:

    Hi de Thomas,
    I don’t know if a spirit can be photographed. Can a spirit really create a physical image? I’d imagine a spirit can be seen with the mind/soul perhaps, but not with photons. On the other hand we really don’t know. However, as for the question of ghosts, I think they exist. Jesus’ apostles thought Jesus was a ghost when he was walking on water. The concept of ghosts is not only a new idea born of TV ghost hunter shows.

  7. David Says:

    Hi Sean,
    I have seen pictures of smoke, and one has to really strain to see anything real in them. I took pictures of cigarette smoke in the same bar, and it does not look like anything like the picture I took. I might post what pictures of smoke looks like in a future post.

  8. David Says:

    Hi Steve,
    I thought about the influence of the mural in the background. However, if you turn the image into a negative image you’ll see exactly what are the background and the foreground, the color difference stands out. I also noticed the other strange faces…a skull and what looked like a tiger. That is strange for smoke. Can we all create smoke ghosts? I tried some cigarette smoke experiments and nothing came out of the smoke Doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

  9. David Says:

    If I were trapped, make it a bar! I imagine if ghosts exist, they’d haunt a bar over a boring cemetery.

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