The Nostradamus Sea Monster Prophecy



There was a story about a dead “sea monster” beached in China.  The decaying carcass is likely a whale.  The story and photo is here:

Fishy business: Mysterious 55ft ‘sea monster’ washes up in China

Sightings of sea monsters are as old as sailing.  When an unrecognizable giant carcass is stranded on a beach, there is the natural impulse to imagine it is the remains of a sea monster.  The creations of legends are often the result of such misunderstandings.

Nostradamus has a prophecy about such a sea monster stranded on a beach:

Century 5, Quatrain 88
Through a frightful flood upon the sand,
A marine monster from other seas found:
Near the place will be made a refuge,
Holding Savona the slave of Turin.

sea-monsterHis quatrain implies a storm or the tides carried a marine monster onto the sands.  Centuries ago this would seem odd, if the locals were not very familiar with whales.  His quatrain mentions Savona, a seaport in northern Italy.  This quatrain likely refers to a beached whale in the Mediterranean Sea, which likely happened in the past and will yet again in the future.  Yet Nostradamus also mentions it is from “other seas”.

Why bother to make a prediction about something like this?  I have a theory.  Genuine clairvoyance might use unusual events as an omen to foretell greater events soon to occur.  If something odd happens before a monumental event, the strange occurrence could be considered a signpost.  Since unusual events happen all the time, it comes down to the prophet picking the right notable event coinciding with a future event.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it really happen?  It didn’t matter.  If a tree falls on someone’s house, the account might appear in the local newspaper if nowhere else.  If a falling tree/unusual event gets worldwide attention, it may reverberate in the collective consciousness.  It gets noticed.  These peculiar if unimportant instances may get picked up by a clairvoyant, assuming clairvoyance responds to the collection attention of millions or even billions of individuals.  The falling tree is unremarkable until it gets noticed by the masses.  If it is unnoticed, why bother using it in a prediction?

Nostradamus suggests something will happen when a sea monster is stranded on a beach.  That does not give us much to work with.  Unless the last two lines come in to play afterwards.  I don’t suggest this story of the decaying whale is necessarily part of this particular quatrain.  However, we should pay attention to any stories of beached sea monsters that gain wide attention.  We never know when any sea monster will be the Nostradamus sea monster.


Loch Ness monster-like beast filmed in Alaska

A video of a sea monster!  Could an actual sea monster have been caught on video?  If this video is not faked, then it looks like a geninue sea serpent.


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  1. Ben Says:

    The recent picture of the rollercoaster carcass on the beach following hurricane Sandy got me thinking about this. Almost like a whale it looks, trying to get back to Savona New York.

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