Human Magnetoreception and Paranormal or Etheric Perception

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There was a story about magnetoreception I found intriguing.  Magnetoreception is the ability to detect magnetic fields.  Many animals are believed to have this sense and use it for navigating the earth’s magnetic field.  For humanity, it seems like a lost ability.

A recent study in Nature Communications discussed a protein in the human eye that seemed to have magnetic sensing properties.  When this human protein was inserted into fruit flies, they became sensitive to magnetic fields and were able to detect them.

Here is the story:  Human eye protein senses Earth’s magnetism

I’ll offer some speculation.  Could human magnetoreception help explain paranormal perception?  There are countless stories of human beings seeing normally invisible spirits, ghosts, angels, and faeries.  Sometimes, rarely, someone will have a vision of something anomalous that appears very real. These visions have been regarded the result of an overactive imagination.

What would happen if, on occasion, our retina briefly perceived the electromagnetic world?  We might see a blurry image of light and try to make sense of it.  We might even call it a ghost.

A theory about ghosts and spirits suggest they interact with the physical world by manipulating electromagnetism.  It has been suggested much of paranormal activity could be explained by magnetic fields.  Cold spots in hauntings are said to be spirits drawing energy from the surroundings to manifest them.

Can we train to see invisible or magnetic fields?  There is an exercise anyone can use to develop etheric (electromagnetic?) sight.  In a darkened room, hold your fingertips as close together as possible without actually touching them.  Focus your body’s energy towards the tips of your fingers.  Then look at the fingertips indirectly, out of the corner of your eye using your peripheral vision. Slowly draw your fingers apart.

You might see a faint astral light, almost like smoke, streaming and swirling between the fingertips.  I have seen this myself.  Someone who suggested they had psychic abilities once demonstrated this to me.  From the edge of my eye I saw something like a tiny, dimly lit vapor interacting between their fingertips.

Was I experiencing magnetoreception?

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  2. esra nelson Says:

    I am trying to find a way to find a way to pick up the magnetosphere. People believe that we dont have the ability to do things because they are not able to comprehend the unexplained things that happen in every day life. People see spirits, life forces that are not there to nearly everyone else. people see what they want and their brain will tell them what they want to hear. magnetorception is within us. It does not lie. why do we wake up in different moods. Why do you suddenly want to cry. If an investigation into peoples mood on social networking sites was used to detect moods in the times running up to and before events like earthquakes and volcanoes and wars then we would probally find that we know before we realise we know.

  3. solomar Says:

    interesting article. It makes sense that there is a protein in the eye that is sensitive to magnetism. After all, light is an electromagnetic wave, and it seems not the slightest bit strange to say that people can develop the senses to see a larger part of the spectrum. Perhaps this is a part of the reason geometric hallucinations occur on entheogens…

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