Sun Talisman For Health

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Sun Talisman For Health

Sun Talisman For Health

I have designed a sun talisman (above) to bestow good health and as an aid in healing.  The solar talisman is considered the most energetic of planetary talismans.  Where the various planetary talismans employ a subtle influence to achieve subtle results (relationships, finances) the sun talisman is a blunt instrument.  When we are sick, that is exactly what we need…blunt healing.  There is nothing nuance about the need to get well.

The sun is good for our health.  It is well known a lack of sunlight causes a deficiency in vitamin D, which over time can lead to chronic illnesses.   Insufficient sunlight may also lead into mental depression such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Beyond this the sun is the very source of life on earth.  Plants are the children of the sun and earth.  The power of the sun is directly revealed in plants, a reflection of solar energies manifest into life.  And plants are our greatest tools for living a healthy life.

Plants contains nutrients and antioxidants essential to health.  A lifetime of eating a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables will result in a vigorous, healthy life.  Sickness is the result when we bleach the sun out of our diet by eating primarily artificial and processed foods.

The sun health talisman can aid in receiving the healing powers of the sun.  When ill, it should be combined with sunlight and an intense diet of the sun’s children…unprocessed fruit and vegetables.  We should always take our prescribed medications, but calling on the sun to heal us is an additional arrow in our quiver.


How to create the Sun Health Talisman:

Step 1: Print out the image of the talisman  at the top of the page.

Step 2:  Cut the image to size.  Then fold it in half, and fold it half once again so it will be divided into fourths.  There will be an image on four sides.

numerology-chartStep 3: Using numerology, turn the name of the person to be healed (yourself or another) into numbers.  Match every letter of the name with the number on the chart.  For instance the name David would be represented by these numbers:  41494   (D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4).

Step 4: We will create a sigil using the magic square (the square with all the numbers in it).  This is a process similar to “connect the dots”.  Using the numbers of a name, draw a line between the numbers in sequence.  If two of the same numbers are in sequence create a small semi-circle represent the number twice.  I have created the sigil of Metratron as an example.  Metratron is the name of the angel pictured in the talisman’s lower left hand corner.  If you don’t wish to use our own name, using the sigil of Metratron is a powerful alternative.

example-of-a-sigilStep 5: Traditionally, gold is the metal of the sun.  If you have a small, unused piece of gold chain or jewelry, place it inside the unprinted folds of the talisman and seal it with glue.  Gold is very expensive, so this may not be an option.  It is not necessary but helpful.

Step 6: Once completed, we will consecrate or “charge” the talisman.  There are numerous traditions with how to do this.  There is no one correct way.  One method would be to place the completed solar talisman on a shelf exposed to the sun from sunrise to sunset, to absorb the sun’s energy.  As the sun sets, ask the sun for its blessing. Then hide it in a secret place in your purse or wallet, and never show it to anyone.  It is not a novelty to be displayed for the amusement of others.

The sun talisman will remind you to practice solar healing, and is a visible display of your intentions.  The act of creating and using a talisman is that it goes beyond merely thinking positive thoughts.  You have created a physical representation of your intentions.  By creating a physical replica of your intent, so we can create the physical result of this intent as well.

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  1. Leonard Says:

    Hi David,

    As you know there are a total of 7 pentacles of the Sun. What you have mentioned here is the First Pentacle of the Sun from the Greater Key of Solomon.

    I wish to make a talisman using the Third Pentacle of the Sun.

    My questions to you is which magic square should I use, and how to make a sigil relevant to the Third Pentacle of the Sun.

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