Did Nostradamus predict Osama bin Laden?

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Did Nostradamus offer any predictions related to Osama bin Laden?  There are a number of intriguing interpretations concerning 911 circulating.  I will offer another possible reference as well.  I previously wrote about this quatrain, and it seems the third line may have come to pass in short order.  It is quite curious.

Nostradamus wrote the following in Century 9, Quatrain 73:

The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,
And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn:
The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,
Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius

“The Blue Turban King entered into Foix”

I speculated the first line referred to Hosni Mubarak, the former ruler of Egypt who was forced to resign by the protests of the Arab spring.  He was originally an air force officer, and their uniform and hat were blue.  Foix is in France, and Mubarak visited France 50 times as the president of Egypt.

“And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn”

Mubarak resigned as president after ruling Egypt for 29 years, 3 months and 29 days.  The orbit of Saturn around the sun takes just barely under 29.5 years.

“The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished”

Here is where Nostradamus may have suggested Osama bin Laden was the White Turban King.  Osama bin Laden was not really a king of anything, except possibly his predicted Great King Of Terror (Century 10, Quatrain 72).  Bin Laden certainly wore a white turban.  “Byzantium heart banished” is curious.  Was the White Turban a king of Byzantium?   Byzantium could represent modern day Turkey.  Or does Byzantium symbolize the long extinct eastern Roman Empire, which projected forward into the present day would be our current world empire/power system.  “Heart banished,” could suggest the White Turban was killed/defeated by Byzantium.  Yet banished is a curious phrase.  Could Nostradamus suggest bin Laden was subject to rendition (banished)?  Could bin Laden have been taken prisoner with a cover story of his death?

“Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius”

The sun, Mars and Mercury were near Aquarius from February 3 until February 21, 2011.  Mubarak resigned February 11, 2011.

Osama bin Laden was killed less then three months after Mubarak resigned.  That is pretty tight timing.  If Mubarak was the blue turban, then it appears bin Laden was the white turban.  That Nostradamus thought all of this worthy of prophecy means this is not the end of the story.  This is just the beginning.  These events are a harbinger of world changing events soon to arrive.

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  1. J Says:

    There is an interpretation with a book called “Conversations with Nostradamus”. The book claims that it contacted Nostradamus and had him translate the quatrins.

    I am not saying it is true or not as I am skeptical of Nostradamus, prophecy, and the like. But it is interesting to add to the discussion.

    According to the book, the “blue turban” represents the third antichrist. The “white turban” represents a person called the Great Genius who helps the world recover after a third world war with various discoveries & inventions.

    Just something to add.

  2. David Says:

    Hi J,
    I also read interpretations that the Blue Turban King will be the future antichrist. This idea was featured in the 1981 Orson Wells narrated documentary about Nostradamus “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow”. Who knows?

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