The Easter Bunny is a weird idea

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Easter is a strange holiday.   The strangest aspect is the Easter Bunny.  Who came up with that idea?  There are pagan fertility elements in the holiday symbolized by rabbits, eggs and Easter baskets.  Spring is the time to make babies!  I was at the shopping mall where parents were lined up to take photos of their little children with the Easter Bunny.  I felt sorry for whoever was wearing that rabbit costume; I bet it was hot in there.  Yet, all the children taking their picture with the rabbit brought the essence of the holiday into focus…human fertility.

On the other hand, Easter is the grimmest of holidays.  It concerns the state sponsored torture and murder of an innocent man, Jesus.  His resurrection is a happy ending to a terrible event.  As far as I’m concerned the religious aspect of Easter is not something to celebrate, but a time for reflection.  On this Easter of April 24, 2011, there still is state sponsored torture and murder of innocent people by governments, like today in Libya and Syria.

We have the Easter bunny, and we have the crucifixion.  The two don’t mix at all.  The pagan aspect is about birth, and the Christian aspect is about death with the hope of resurrection.  How the two concepts became entangled is beyond me.  The Easter bunny is a weird idea that should be put aside.  A walking, talking rabbit?  I say only in cartoons.  Say NO to Easter bunnies!

6 Responses to “The Easter Bunny is a weird idea”

  1. Jazz Says:

    And we eat them ears first.

  2. David Says:

    As a kid I loved the chocolate easter bunnies. What is the lesson in that? Eating the easter bunny? Is it supposed to be symbolic for the Eucharist, but replacing the Easter Rabbit for Christ?

  3. Jazz Says:

    Perhaps real bunnies had been dined upon at some point in history…sort of like the Thanksgiving turkeys. The problem with bunnies are that they are cute. Turkeys, not so much. You can buy a chocolate turkey in this day in age, but it just doesn’t have the same endearing effect.

  4. David Says:

    I have great respect for birds. They are smarter then we imagine. I would guess a wild turkey is a lot smarter then any rabit. However, that does not stop me from enjoying turkey dinner!

  5. laura Says:

    i agree its very weird what fruit-loop combined persecution, torture and death with chocolate egg laying rabbits?? As for the resurrection i think he was comatose rather than actually dead

  6. David Says:

    Easter is a grim story. Not one for candy bunnies. As for the resurrection, maybe, maybe not. That is why I like the paranormal, at least there is real evidence the ghosts and NDE exists. With each religion, it is purely faith.

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