Are UFOs Hiding In Plain Sight?

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UFO hidden by the sun?

In my previous post I proposed UFOs have nothing to do with spaceships piloted by organic aliens, but are probes manipulated by artificial intelligence.  Probes using robotics and A.I. would essentially be immortal, and traveling the vastness of space would not be an issue.  Humanity has begun this in a limited way with the Voyager Interstellar Mission.

We can view UFOs as something quasi-magical.  We imagine faster-then-light warp drives, phasing through dimensions, becoming invisible using cloaking technology and other elements from science fiction.  If UFOs are magic-like things, we’ll never find one.  However, if the laws of nature restrict UFOs, we may yet discover the location of these probes possibily watching our planet.

Cigar Shaped UFO

Cigar Shaped UFO

If UFOs are probes without living occupants and instead are motivated by powerful programs or even true machine sentience, then they will follow a routine.  They have a purpose, and will follow this purpose as programmed.  Which means they should be predictable.  Let us think like a programmer, and how we’d instruct an interstellar craft to behave on finding a living world.

I suggest we’d start with an interstellar ship, a mother ship, the vessel that would travel for centuries to distant stars.  What has been described as a mother ship UFO has been sighted.  It has been described as a giant cigar shaped UFO.  It is purported to be huge.  I assume such a massive vessel would not do the exploring but instead employ probes to explore any new planet encountered.  There are also many sightings of smaller UFOs that seem to merge together or break apart and move on their own.
If there is a cigar-shaped mother ship UFO, where is it hiding?  I’d suggest it is hiding (almost) in plain sight.  I’d guess it would act like our own spy satellites hovering above us in high orbit around the earth, perhaps halfway between the earth and moon. 

But wouldn’t someone spot it with all our telescopes watching the skies?  We have terrestrial telescopes scanning the sky for asteroids, not to mention the world’s governments trying to keep track of the other’s spy satellites.   Could a large object hide in the sky?

A cigar/tube shaped UFO seems to change shape based on the angle from which we view it.  When a tube shaped flying object is viewed from the side, it appears long and large, and may even appear like a flying saucer from that view.  If viewed from a distance at an angle, it may seem like a flying wedge.  But if viewed from the tip, only a dot would be visible, a flying ball.  I illustrate this below with an actual cigar.


If a tube shaped UFO were in high orbit watching us, by facing earth with its tip pointed at us, only a circular spot a fraction of the total size would be visible from earth.  At a sufficient distance from earth this dot would be nearly invisible without the need for any “invisibility technology”.   Only the lucky telescope would spot this dot in the black of space if it drifted across a star or nebula at that instant.  Even then we’d probably think nothing of it.

From this Cigar Ship the smaller probes would visit earth.   There are stories these anomalies have been picked up by military and civilian radar, but are elusive.  These smaller probes would likely use the Cigar Ship as their base, and would be going back and forth from this base ship.

Assuming the probes are programmed for secrecy, where would this Mother Ship position itself?  Behind the moon perhaps?  I’d suggest a better place to hide with a good view of earth.   I’d place the Mother Ship hovering where the bright glare of the sun’s corona would offer camouflage.  The mother vessel could be pointing at Earth in a geostationary orbit where it would seem to always be at the same point in the sky…with the sun behind and beside it.

Nobody looks into the sun; we avert our eyes.  Assuming smaller probes are going back and forth to this base, what better avenue to disguise their approach and departure then by traveling hidden by the sun’s powerful light.

Again assuming these ships are probes, then they will follow their program.  Programs won’t change unless something triggers a change.  If there is a mother ship hovering in space and it is using the sun as camouflage, then it will remain there unless there is reason otherwise.

If we want to hunt for hidden UFOs, we now have a resource from NASA, their sky-map archive.  Let us hunt for anomalies using the sky-map archive, link below.  The truth may be out there…hiding in plain sight!

Spectacular sky-mapping archive open to the public

NASA has released a trove of data from its sky-mapping mission, allowing scientists and anyone with access to the Internet to peruse millions of galaxies, stars, asteroids and other hard-to-see objects.

WISE Delivers Millions of Galaxies, Stars, and Asteroids

WISE Image Data Service – How to Find Color Images

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  1. Dave Says:

    Hi, very interesting! Just wanted to share this article in response to your thoughts.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I read the article and I like the idea of describing encounters with aliens as encountering celestials instead. “Organic” aliens seem to behave in a non-physical manner, and I assume they are not flesh and blood. If there are physical UFOs, they should behave as physical objects, and it should be possible to eventually identify them. As for the celestials, they are something else and we’d only meet them on their terms. Both may exist!

  3. Dave Says:

    Hi Dave (who is who? :)) I agree … Thank you for the response! Here is a sequel to that original post, another subtle approach to UFOs:

    Your comments and insights are always welcome Dave!


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  5. devic Says:

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