Don’t Ignore Premonitions: A True Story


wifes-premonitionPremonitions and precognition are often lifesavers.  There are many instances where someone acted based on a premonition and avoided getting involved in a catastrophe.  As a child, my own father’s premonition saved our family from dying in a horrific tornado. 

However, sometimes a premonition may be an unwelcome event, if it is a portent of an unavoidable disaster.  In such an instance, is having a glimpse of the future desirable?  Which begs the question…is any fate unavoidable?

Here is a true story of a premonition told to me by the family members involved.  Jane and Tom was a married couple.  One day Jane had a vision, a premonition.  It was an awake, daytime vision.  In her brief vision, she saw her husband in church.  And he was with another woman.  Jane described the woman as short, wore glasses, was bowlegged, much younger then Tom, and with a family.  He was very happy and smiling. 

If I had a vision of my spouse happily with another person, I’d be concerned.  Jane told her husband about her vision, knowing Tom used to be a bit of a ladies man.  However, he found God and gave up his past and was now a devout, active Christian.  This vision/premonition was put aside as imagination.

Two years after her vision, Jane had a heart problem.  She went in for surgery.  However, after the surgery, there was a complication and the doctors recommended she return for further surgery.  For reasons we can only guess at, she didn’t want to go back to surgery.  She thought she was fine.  Well, she died not long afterwards.

Tom was now a widower.  He was an active churchgoer, which helped.  Two years after his wife’s death, he met a woman at church.  She was short, perhaps five feet tall.  She wore glasses and walked a little funny because she was bowlegged.  She had a family from her previous marriage and was 15 years younger then Tom.

Yes, they eventually married, and he was happily married again.  His second marriage surpassed his first. They remained together for nearly two decades until Tom passed away recently.  Tom never told his new wife the story of Jane’s vision, even after they married.  I can understand it might have seemed awkward.  But Tom’s daughters heard the story long ago.  All were stunned when Tom had a relationship with the very woman described in Jane’s vision.

Of course, such stories aren’t kept secret long.  Tom’s daughters told his second wife about the vision.  And Tom’s second wife personally told me this story.

There is a lesson here.  If we have a vision of our spouse happily with another person, then it means either the relationship will end, or we’ll die.  Jane’s premonition was a death premonition…her own.  She foresaw her husband in his future without her.  That is a pretty damn scary vision.  Maybe Jane could’ve prevented her own death, if she would’ve gone for that second surgery.  Perhaps her premonition was a warning for herself, which she didn’t heed.  True premonitions are rare and spontaneous events, and should not be ignored.

4 Responses to “Don’t Ignore Premonitions: A True Story”

  1. David Says:

    I am sorry for you. I feel bad for him. If he can come back and leave a message that depends on how open you are to receive any message. You have to be receptive, and then just maybe.

  2. manish kumar Says:

    i can belive this, i am not saying that i have premonition but i can fell myself somthing diffrent from others. it’s my fear or what i don’t know but i always in every second try to be in awake condition. i don’t know why but i always fight this situation and try to make myself free and safe. if we are not ignore our feelings those make as diffrent then only we can do wright for us. god bless us all

  3. cheryl Says:

    I have a question to this day I don’t know what to call it back in 1974 our first baby died at 3 months of age from sids he was fine when I put him to bed we had just buried my maternal grandmother that day he died that night april fools night as I was laying in bed sleeping or thought I was sleeping I experienced something I can never to this day explain it was like I wasn’t really in my bed but somewhere else only to find out later from the coroner that our son died about that time what was this it was not of this world what was this and what was I expericing I could really use your help on this one or have you ever heard of this before

  4. David Says:

    These types of experiences happen only a few times in a lifetime. They are very real. We should be so lucky to have them.

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