My Husband’s Ghost In My Bed

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I’d like to pass on another story of the paranormal.  If these are actually paranormal events or tricks of the mind, I can’t say.  But the experiences are true.  Martha is an older lady who has been widowed for over a decade.  After people got to talk about strange stories Martha told us her own experience.

Martha’s husband was Michael.  They were married for their entire lives.  Martha said her husband, when he was tired, often took a nap.  Michael would not undress.  He’d take off his shoes and lie on the bed fully dressed.  He would just lie down on his back with his hands over his midsection and fall asleep for 45 minutes or an hour. 

A decade ago Michael became ill.  He had a stroke, and afterwards their life changed as she took care of him.  He died around a year after his stroke.  During a long marriage, the final year was difficult, but it was the only really bad year in a long life together.

Martha recalled one night a few months after her husband’s death.  She was asleep still lying on her side of the bed.  A bright light, which filtered through her eyelids, awakened her.  She looked at the source of the light.  She was astonished to see her deceased husband Michael in bed next to her!

He was surrounded by a bright glow, which lit the formerly dark room.  He was lying down on his back, with his hands clasped over him.  He was fully clothed, but did not have his shoes on.  He was asleep and did stir or make any sound.  His eyes were closed as he lay on his side of the bed. 

Martha was now fully awake.  This was not a dream.  She looked at Michael for what seemed like a couple of minutes.  She even remembered the clothing he was wearing (his plaid shirt).  He did not look sickly like he did before he died, but appeared as when he was healthy.

Finally she reached over to touch him, and when she tried, he disappeared and the light faded away.  She was back alone in her darkened bedroom.  It was almost dawn and she got up amazed at what she had witnessed.  She was wide-awake.  A glowing ghost in bed next to me would have sent me screaming.  But she felt peaceful and there was no fear whatsoever. 

Martha never had any experience like this before or afterwards. She thought her husband visited her so she’d know he was at peace.  Everything was ok. I offered the idea the ghost of Michael may have visited her many times in bed, and that night was the only time she became aware of him lying beside her.  Who can say?

I found the bright glow that initially awakened her interesting.  I suspect what she saw was not physical light (photons), but astral light.  Astral light often accompanies encounters with the otherworldly.  Religious visions and apparitions, UFOs and their “aliens”, and other spirit visitations are often accompanied by astral light.  It is a light not seen with the optic nerve but seen within the soul.  Astral light is the doorway to communication with the spirit world.  It is the same light (or senses) which allows people experiencing the out-of-body phenomena to clearly see even in absolute darkness.  It seems our physical senses are matched by similar spiritual senses.

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  1. B.Jones Says:

    At a very young age I witnessed an apparition and I was not afraid. It was a person the size of a small adult and it was dressed in a long white robe and a hood that obscured the face. What was so strange is that from all directions this apparition emanated bright white light but it did not hurt my eyes to look directly at it. This was the first out of body experience I ever had as well. So I agree with your comments about astral light.

  2. David Says:

    Hi B.Jones,
    You were privileged with a glimpse of the spirit world. I suspect when someone glimpses the world of spirits, they have a brief out-of-body experience without realizing it. To see the spirits, we must enter the world of spirits if for only a few seconds.

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