Nostradamus Predicted the Historic 2011 Japan Earthquake?



On March 11, 2011 (05:46:23 UTC), a historic 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, creating a massive tsunami. It was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. It created a 23 foot tsunami, which was even more dangerous then the earthquake.

Previously, on March 9 (23:23 UTC), a solar flare erupted, aimed straight towards the Earth. The Coronal Mass Ejection arrived shortly afterwards striking our magnetic field on March 10. A bright aurora borealis was visible that night in the northern United States. It was daylight in Japan, when at the same time the earthquake and tsunami struck.

Previously I wrote about a prediction by Nostradamus where I suggested he connected solar flares with an earthquake:   Nostradamus, Solar Flares and Earthquakes

Century: 1, Quatrain: 46
Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous;
shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.

The quatrain mentioned areas in southern France (Auch, Lectoure and Mirande) and a fire in the sky for 3 nights. I understood this to mean the aurora borealis would be visible in an area where it’s rarely seen, farther south. Only a huge solar flare could create an aurora borealis great enough to light up the sky like fire at that latitude.

The aurora borealis occurred the same time the earthquake hit Japan, as reported here:

Video: Minnesota Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis

Their firsthand account:  “The Aurora event peaked about the same time as the earth quake in Japan before Midnight local time in Minnesota.”

From the start of the solar flare until the earthquake…March 9, March 10, march 11…three nights. That the sun may have caused this would be stupefying and marvelous. Shortly afterwards, the earth will tremble, in French “la terre tremblera”.

Did the solar flare actually trigger this awful earthquake? Or was it only a coincidence that Nostradamus used as a signpost, an omen, to predict what was to happen? If the sun actually had something to do with this earthquake, then we had better beware. We are entering an active solar period, and we can expect more such flares.

I give the people of Japan my greatest sympathy for their losses.

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  1. earl Says:

    I can see the logic behind your idea, but as usall nos is not really got any solid detail , he could of ment astroid storm over 3 nights and a bigger rock falls and smashes earth. fact; earth quakes been reported for years i noticed in some passages he gives a clue to the time period that things happen [ none here] its funny how after an event the nos people say ‘ he did it again ‘ never before an event has any one said ‘ nos says this is gonna happen tommrow ‘. another fact that the nos people often dismiss He was a bit of a naughty boy and was in to a bit of substance abuse.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Earl,
    In my post from Feb. 28 I made the observation that an earthquake worthy of prophecy would follow a northern light display. However, there may have been such events in the past and nobody paid any attention to them. And it coud happen again in the future. Did Nostradamus refer to this precise earthquake? I can’t say, but it is curious to say the least.

  3. Jose del Peru Says:

    Nice from you David to keep us informed about Nostradamus and how he could have predicted earthquakes possibly related to what we call now Aurorae Borealis produced by solar flares. I have translated this article to spanish language in my blog just for now (and posting the link to this original article in english) and i hope you don’t bother a bit about that. Hope Japan solves all those emergencies and nothing worse happens with their nuclear plants. We all now need to help each other. No more frontiers.

  4. maria Says:

    hi I am beggining to get really scared about the latest horrible developments globally. Did nos not only predict 9/11 but he also predicted that Armageddon would start in the Middleast/Arab area? I also understand that the war in the ME would not necessarily be against the West but amongst people within thier own part of the world. There is an uprising isn;t there?
    What does anyone think?

  5. David Says:

    Hi Jose,
    Japan has a huge effort ahead of them. How many of their buildings are damaged and unsafe? I’d be afraid to sleep indoors after a quake like that. I’d be afraid of aftershocks and a building might still collapse.

  6. David Says:

    Hi Maria,
    Nostradamus seems to predict incredibly grim events for our future. But he has often been wrong too. Personally, I think if a small percentage of his predictions were genuine clairvoyance and come true, then we have to at least consider what we wrote. We don’t know which of his quatrains may be the real deal.

    On the scary side. There are reports of a possible nuclear plant meltdown because of the earthquake. A China syndrome. I thought of this quatrain:

    Century: 10, Quatrain: 49
    Garden of the world near the new city,
    In the path of the hollow mountains:
    It will be seized and plunged into the Tub,
    Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur.

    Tokyo is certainly a new city full of skyscrapers (hollow mountains). I think of Japanese gardens too. To be seized and plunged into the Tub? A nuclear meltdown? Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur (radioactivity)?

    I hope this won’t happen. I feel this is not Japan’s destiny. The earthquake and tsunami was horrible enough, but an uncontrollable act of nature. I have faith in the excellence of the Japanese. They won’t allow things to get out of control. I hope!

  7. Dave Says:

    Why didn’t a Nos believer post this on 3/10 and warn all the people who are now dead?

  8. David Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I wrote about Nostradamus connecting the aurora borealis with an earthquake on February 28. Granted, any connection between the two could be just a coincidence. But I did not just discuss this after the fact, but before.

  9. Turjo Says:

    Its better not to know the future beforehand in cases we cannot help others out…..let all of us face it….atleast we wont know or be troubled about what hit us…..U could not possibly stop or divert a solar flare…..nor can you stop a meltdown(hope it doesn’t happen)…..nature chooses its best ways to protect itself from destruction……if we are in nature’s way…..nos’s predictions wont help us….good work though….atleast someone predicted it on feb 28…..

  10. Cesar Says:

    Your constant research and idea-forming amazes me. I am a true believer of Nos, and that somehow not only does it make sense, but definitely has challenged the average human of puzzle building. I would like to follow your writings. Please aware me how I may read more of your intellectual writings. Thank You.

  11. Michelle Says:

    Warnings will not help anyone. If Mother Nature wants to do here stuff.. and I am sure she is capable of MUCH more than yesterdays example.. then she will and there will be nothing mankind can do about it.

  12. David Says:

    Hi Turjo,
    I agree we can’t stop events from happening. So why bother trying to decipher Nostradamus? My motivation is curiosity. Also, if clairvoyance is a reality, then it means the nature of existence is more then mechanical materialism. The quest to understand Nostradamus is a spiritual quest.

  13. David Says:

    Hi Cesar,
    Trying to figure out Nostradamus is a true puzzle because we don’t know which of his quatrains might be actual clairvoyance, or how many, or which are bogus.
    My only writing is in my blog.

  14. David Says:

    With global warming and environmental destruction, mankind may eventually drive itself into extinction. Even with these future disasters looming (and these we can predict) we can’t be bothered to prevent them. So even knowing the future does not mean we’d do anything about it.

  15. Clare Brace Says:

    I have heard something about the moon moving closer to the earth and this causing the magnetic plates to shift? Is there anything about his in Nos?

  16. Michael Says:

    Erm, how could Nostrodamas have predicted this, as this happened after the time he predicted the end of the world.


  17. David Says:

    I’m not familiar with anything Nostradamus had to say about the upcoming “super moon”. But Nostradamus was big on signs in the skies, and had a lot of predictions involving comets and stuff like that.

  18. David Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Nostradamus predicted a King of Terror and warfare would arrive in 1999. That obviously didn’t happen. A lot of his stuff is wrong. Yet, I feel there is a hint of clairvoyance in some quatrains. I plan on writing a post soon about my own technique for trying to figure out the good from the bad quatrains.

  19. terry Says:

    What are you guys talking about it does us no good to try and stop events from happening? If we were aware of this disaster before it happend hundreds of live could have been saved… technology is improving every day and there are plenty of ways to prevent deaths and minimize destruction.

  20. Traci Says:

    “Nostradamus predicted a King of Terror and warfare would arrive in 1999. That obviously didn’t happen. A lot of his stuff is wrong. Yet, I feel there is a hint of clairvoyance in some quatrains.”

    Although a couple years off, how about: (2001)
    King of Terror: Osama Bin Laden
    King of Warfare: George W, Bush

  21. David Says:

    Hi Terry,

    You are correct. The Japanese are the most prepared of any nation on earth for an earthquake, and thank goodness. This earthquake would have toppled cities elsewhere. The tragedy of the Haiti earthquake shows what a difference it makes to be prepared versus unprepared. All of Japan’s efforts at mitigating the impact of an earthquake really paid off. Their policies saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Their society has to be proud of that accomplishment.

    However, we cannot control nature. We can’t stop tornados or hurricanes or earthquakes. When nature roars, we get our butt kicked. All we can do is be prepared as best we can, and even then we still get our butt kicked. We only have control over how hard we get kicked.


  22. David Says:

    This is the actual (failed) quatrain, where Nostradamus laid an egg.
    Century: 10, Quatrain: 72
    The year 1999, seventh month,
    From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
    To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

    I mused Bush could’ve been the King of Terror flying around in his Air Force One, imagining he was the savior of the Muslim world charged with their reform. Well, that didn’t work out, did it? But I’m getting political. This is a failed quatrain, and Notradamus wisely put few actual dates on his predictions. Keep’em vague!

  23. David Says:

    The video of the Minnesota Northern Lights was originally posted at

    I am copying his report. Websites vanish all the time and their information is lost. A record of this information is important. Doug, if you see this, please comment back. I’d like to know what you experienced when you saw northern lights. You are now a part of Nostradamus legend.

    Submitted by Doug on Fri, 03/11/2011 – 06:01

    The magnetic field of the earth was struck by a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun during the evening of March 10th, 2011.
    Just after 11:15 P.M. the CME sparked very bright Northern Lights over Minnesota. The aurora was just a green glow on the horizon
    until it looked like someone flipped a switch and turned on the lights to become bright enough to cast a shadow for a few minutes.

    The Aurora event peaked about the same time as the earthquake in Japan before Midnight local time in Minnesota.


  24. Brandon Says:

    That aurora is caused. by antenna frequency structure called HAARP Technologies. built in Alaska and is under U.S. Navy and Air Force. When the HF part of the machine,(High frequency) it blast 3.6 Million watts into our Ionosphere to change weather patterns, heat the ocean, and subsequently cause earthquakes……….always look to science for disaster theories, not religous, or ideological crap

  25. Brandon Says:

    Oh, yea, and the aurora started On March 9th. 23:23. Tokyo University Frequency labs detected the the HAARP’s HF was turned on exactly seven minutes after ‘said’ lights.

  26. David Says:

    Hi Brandon,
    I’ve heard about HARP theories but I have not followed them. I doubt anybody would use HARP to destroy Japan. Libya? Maybe. I don’t see Japan on America’s enemy list. Japan is a wonderful nation. We can only give Japan our hugs and kisses!

  27. martinrai Says:

    Nostradamus did predicted a huge earthquake, far worst than we can imagine. This earthquake will take place in mai 2011. This is due to the fact that many planet will shift position (in vedic astrology). Combined with solar eruption.

    The earthquake wich I forsee is in mai 2011. This earthquake (or quakes) will bring the world on the edge of total dissaster.

  28. Alex Says:

    Hi Dave, if what u wrote is true about Nostradamus predicting the japan quake, then maybe we should watch out for future calamities from his predictions. There’s no harm in trying, right? And if ever the Japanese had known of this then lives could have been spared.

  29. jen Says:

    Isn’t there a quatrain about “the two brothers meeting” or something? I dont remember the whole thing exactly, but couldnt that be talking about the Tectonic plates hitting each other?? just wondering

  30. Gabe Says:

    It’s starting to look like a TRIPPLE RAINBOW!!

  31. James Says:

    I am not surprised that Nostradomus predicted many of the things that have happened in the world over the years, but did anyone ever think that he may have just jotted down some things that MIGHT happen, & put a year number by them? I wish that some people would read his whole entire work of his quatrains & jot down everyuthing that will happen THIS year, NEXT year, & for the next 10, 25, 50, or even 100 years! THEN connect the quatrains to the things that happen in the world today, & over the next ‘X’ years.

  32. rob Says:

    I have always been intrigued by NO and have always been bummed that people only talke of what he has predicted after the fact. Thus, I find it amaing that you posted about his quatrain and the Japan earthquake, prior to the event taking place. Nicely done!

    To David and Tracy and their conversaion about the 1999 7 month refernce…

    I am certainly not as skilled as the host here, Dave in quatrain interptrations….but…

    The year 1999, seventh month,
    (It should be noted that on 7/5/1999 President Clintotn issued executive order 13129 againtst the Taliban, specifcially for harboring Bin Laden)

    From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
    (The fact that this line (9/11) may have taken place 1 year and two months later, does not mean that the decision was not made, finalized, triggered, etc by the executive order. And even if it is off by 14 months, that is a high degree of accuracy when one is looking 500 years into the future)

    To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
    (This could be a reference to the economic rise of modern day China. Yes they have had been catching us prior to 9/11 but there is no doubt that the economic set back of 9/11 both in losses and funding of wars has not made China even stronger)

    Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.
    (Bin Laden was born in March and Mars was as close as it had been to earth in 2001 in dozens of years…reaching its closest point on 6/21/2001, on 2/28/2001, Condi Rice rleased a memo concerning a major attack from Al Quaeda in the next several weeks was likely)

  33. priya Says:

    its very sad to hear all this but if it was been said earlier some peopale would be with us at this time

  34. dave Says:

    He sure did on 2/22/2011 This dude made me a believer…He’s got to be his spiritual son or something

  35. j nuget Says:

    in the book it says armergedon is 7074 or somewhere around that date, so dont worry, the book also says we will escape ww3 by the skin of our teeth, and yes the arab nations will be the cause, we are interfering were we should not in the middle east and even though our governments think it is the right way, it is the wrong way, this kind of interference will only bring about destruction for us.

  36. TP Says:

    Has anyone but me noticed that this Japanese quake, tsunami, nuclear failures and a second major eruption of one of their dormant volcanoes since start of this year… all began to unfold on 31111? That there’s also a similar numerical date for the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11 this year – on 91111? Did Nostradamus say anything about dates and their similarities for great disasters? Sorry, but I am a rank amateur both of this and of participating in any blog. The dates just ran up a flag for me for some reason. Not sure why beyond the number sequencing of both of these events in this year. Any ideas or comments about these odd coincidences that I’ve noticed? – TP

  37. Mimi leigh Says:

    I must correct you. It was a 5 foot tsunami not a 23 foot tsunami. Also isn’t it weird that Australia got cyclones and floods, New Zealand got Earth quake and japan got a volcanic eruption and a earth quake and a tsunami and an explosive power plant. Which continent is next? there getting worse every time. America or Africa or antartica?

  38. David Says:

    Hi James,
    Clairvoyance is not science. I suspect most of the time Nostradamus did not even understand his own visions. When he tried to decipher them, he was probably no more successful at it then we are. But when he just explained what he saw and heard, I think he was more successful. In any event, I would not use the quatrains as a definitive statement about the future.

  39. David Says:

    That is a very interesting interpretation. I thought about 9/11 as being about the King of Terror in the sky. 1999 may have been a reference to an event in the new millennium, and not an exact year, but millennialism. Perhaps he did not know the actual date, but that it would happen at the turn of the century. And for sure China is on its way to becoming the new world power.

  40. David Says:

    I’ve watched the footage of the tsunami, and it is beyond belief. I feel terrible for the people of Japan. The Japanese must be thinking, why us? I’ve not heard anybody say this is God’s judgment on Japan (yet), like some did with Haiti earthquake or hurricane Katrina. We live in a world where tragedy happens for no reason. The best we can do is give love to those who suffer.

  41. David Says:

    Hi Dave,

    This twitter fellow mentioned Feb. 22, so I wonder if he was trying to interpret this quatrain:

    Century: 3, quatrain: 3
    Mars and Mercury, and the silver joined together,
    Towards the south extreme drought:
    In the depths of Asia one will say the earth trembles,
    Corinth, Ephesus then in perplexity.

    On February 20 2011, Mercury and Mars were in conjunction.
    (13:50:48 Mercury 1°04′ south of Mars 3.7° West). Silver probably refers to the moon.

    The line “In the depths of Asia one will say the earth trembles” could be a reference to the earthquake in Japan. Could the “Towards the south extreme drought” be the lack of water Japan is currently suffering due to the crisis?

    In the news: “Millions of people faced a fourth night without water, food or heating in near-freezing temperatures along the northeast coast devastated by Friday’s disasters.”

    An even scarier thought is “extreme drought” could be referring to the effects of radiation poisoning down the south of Japan. Let’s pray the situation does not go that far.

    “Corinth, Ephesus then in perplexity”, I don’t get what that means. However, there was this interesting fact about Corinth from Wikipedia: “It was refounded, officially as “Corinth” and unofficially as New Corinth in 1858, after an earthquake destroyed the existing settlement of Corinth, which had developed in and around the site of Ancient Corinth.”

    It is intriguing, but the conjunction of Mars and Mercury happens regularly, nearly every year.


  42. David Says:

    Very good points! The 9/11/2001 attacked happened on the 11th day. There was the uprising in Egypt and then Mubarak resigned 2/11/2011. And now this earthquake on 3/11/2011. What is up with the 11th day?

  43. David Says:

    Hi Mimi,
    Yeah, what next? Australia got hit hard with those floods and the Christchurch quake. It is scary.

    As for the height of the tsunami, I previously read the number 23 feet. Perhaps you are thinking 5 meters. This news report below said 10 meter. Perhaps these initial numbers were only estimates.

    Strongest quake, of magnitude 8.9, triggers 10 meter-high tsunami that sweeps away homes, vehicles and crops.

  44. Trident Says:

    urm yea i was messing arround with a calculator and if you add up the dates of 9/11 and the tsunami it adds up to the 25th of december 2012. a few days after nostradamus said the world would end.
    9/11/2001 3/14/11
    91101+31411 try it

  45. David Says:

    YIKES! Maybe there is something to numerology.

  46. Susan Says:

    Actually, The Quake was on 3/10/11 + 9/11/01 = 12/21/12 The exact date predicted to be the end of days on the mayan calendar. Fate or Chance? It is eerie regardless.

  47. David Says:

    Hi Susan,
    Nice observation. The quake could have been both on the 10th or 11th, since is daytime in Japan the 11th) but the night before opposite on the globe. The question may be, what time was it in South America, the homeland of the Maya? Probably before midnight, on the 10th, when the quake struck Japan.

  48. Dom Says:

    I’m bombed out and all this is trippin me out dude

  49. Jim Says:

    “Towards the south extreme drought:”
    Could that be the lack of cooling water on the reactors, they are south of the quake zone.

  50. Singh Says:

    It might come across as funny. But, just out of curiosity…
    You may be aware that the London “2012” Olympics clock unveiled @ Trafalgar Square stopped within 24 hours after it was unveiled. More importantly it stopped when the time showed 500 Days, 7 Hours, 6 Mins and 56 Seconds, if you add up the digits 5+7+6+56 they equal to “11”
    Could this be a sign of any sort ?

  51. Jim Says:

    In terms of 9/11 and deaths it was rather minor. I know It is large in the american psyche. But on the scale of an earthquake,tsunami, WWII bombing casulties on one day, or WWI casulties in 1 minute , its not a big numeric event globaly. So im not sure you can link it to the end of the world.

  52. David Says:

    Very good point. I did not think about that one. Not only are people without water, but so are the reactors. And yes, the reactors are to the south of the epicenter. You may have hit the nail on the head!

  53. Amanda Says:

    wow…i have always heard about all nos predictions and warnings but never took it all in….but after reading all these blogs got me a believer!….and the whole thing about 911 and 311 is way creepy….i got the chills reading it!…thanks for all the interesting views…this was my first time reading this blog and i plan on checking in frequently…

  54. David Says:

    Interesting numerolgy. Will we ever see the 2012 London winter Olympics, if this 2012 stuff actually happens? Are the signs pointing to 2012?
    Here is a passage from the bible to scare us: Joel 2:30, I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood, fire, and pillars of smoke. Sounds like lights in the sky, earthquakes and a reactor blowing up.

  55. David Says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for stopping by. Lets hope nothing happens on 4/11…

  56. camy Says:

    All these comments and events creep me out, specially since these are our emergency numbers. Dial 911 for emergencies. And 311 for less important ones, ? Y?

  57. peter Says:

    i just stumbled onto this blog by accident, there’s some trippy stuff put forward on here!!! and that nos tweet bloke is even trippier!!! its got me thinking like i have never thought before.. lets hope we see 2012!!! because 11 seems to be a defining number..and that tweet bloke said something worse will happen on the 25th of this month, lets see if that happens (hopefully he gets this 1 wrong though!!!)

  58. Graeme Mulvaney Says:

    Ok, lets do the maths – there are approximately 1,500 significant earthquakes globally every year ( – that means on average there is a 4 to 1 chance of a significant earthquake happening on any single day.

    so in the 450 years since he died that’s : 675,000

    a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights – well how vague is that – does he mean three really sunny days, a comet visible overhead for 3 days, either side of a heavy meteor shower, really really clear skies, Aurorae? – let’s be generous here and say that the chances of there being three consecutive nights that are statistically more interesting than usual are 1 in 150 (it’s probably a lot lower than that due to meteor showers).

    So all we need to consider is the chances of three significantly bright nights followed by a week (reasonable interval) in which a significant earthquake happens.

    On average I have 30 chances of an earthquake happening within a week of a sequence of bright nights (which have a 1 in 150 chance of taking place) – I like them odds, expecially when I get to place 160,000 bets (one for each day since his death).

    It’s not clairvoyance, just statistics – there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that solar flares trigger earthquakes.

  59. Eric Says:

    God in Heaven is giving us warnings. Jesus is coming soon.

  60. raj Says:

    Check this terrorist attack on Mumbai (india)Dates:

    26/11/2008 = 2045
    2 + 0 + 4 + 5 = 11

  61. David Says:

    Hi Graeme,

    Thanks for the skeptical view of this, you raise good points.

    Solar flare/earthquake connections may have happened in the past and nobody took notice, and it may yet happen again in the future…IF major solar flares are associated with major earthquakes. Just because we currently don’t have evidence does not automatically mean it’s not real. Science’s understanding of all the factors that trigger earthquakes is murky; science still can’t predict them yet. I’d guess it’s not the flare itself, but the sun which may trigger an earthquake. The flare is just a signal the sun is belching with indigestion.

    If there is no connection between this solar flare’s aurora borealis and the Japan earthquake happening simultaneously, then it is a remarkable coincidence at the least. Coincidence is another way of describing an omen. Statistics don’t mean much unless we can come up with an accurate model. For instance, how do we factor in an earthquake worthy of prophecy, and those that are not? Interpreting Nostradamus is too subjective for serious statistics.


  62. David Says:

    Hi Raj,
    Yikes again! Thanks for that one.

  63. David Says:

    The bible certainly mentions earthquakes as a sign of future disasters:
    Mark 13:8
    “For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in various places; there will also be famines. These things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”

  64. David Says:

    Hi Peter,
    It is not the time to panic…YET!

  65. rob Says:

    what is your take on the Super moon, 3/19? Any predictions?

  66. David Says:

    The most powerful earthquake of 2010 was the 8.8 magnitude quake that hit Chile when the full moon was near perigee. Another strange coincidence! So it is possible the supermoon, or any full moon, could trigger an earthquake. But even as everybody expects it to happen, I don’t think it will. In 2010 we were getting regular quakes during the full and new moon, but moon inspired quakes seem to have slowed down recently.

    Here is my blog post about the Chile quake:

    Of note, there was a full moon during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that killed 250,000 people. The earthquake occurred on December 26 at 00:58 UTC. There was also a full moon (16:06 UTC) December 26!

  67. Chris Says:

    Why didn’t you inform the japanese about this a friggin year ago?? You are responsible for a tchernobyl-like disaster(called!

  68. David Says:

    Hi Chris,
    There are worse predictions by Nostradamus, like a world-wide famine. If only we could know for certain if any of this would come true, and how to avoid it. A lot of Nostradamus commentators predicted 1999 would be the start of World War 3. Didn’t happen (thank God).

  69. David Says:

    I would like to nominate the Wall Street Journal editorial writers as the modern Nostradamus. As proof, this example of an editorial from their March 14 Wall Street Journal:

    Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl
    The containment structures appear to be working, and the latest reactor designs aren’t vulnerable to the coolant problem at issue here.
    “If a meltdown does occur in Japan, it will be a disaster for the Tokyo Electric Power Company but not for the general public. Whatever steam releases occur will have a negligible impact.”
    “What the Japanese earthquake has proved is that even the oldest containment structures can withstand the impact of one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.”

  70. Rob Says:

    When he Says “the new city” he is virtually always talking about New York. And a king of terror did arrive in 1999/ bush was elected in 2000, the 1999th year. he started the war on terror, and he is half of Mabus. obaMABUSh or Ubama= amabu drop the a add an s(both allowed in anagram) Mabus. and Obama certinly is carrying on the “War on Terror” He just dropped that term.

  71. David Says:

    We can fit “To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols” as the rise of China. Who helped China become an economic superpower? America did, by accepting their all their imports and assisting their rise from an economic backwater into the 2nd largest economy (soon to the largest). It was the free market policies of our own King of Terror that helped revive China.

  72. Tim Says:

    Again David, Edgar Cayce is much more accurate with his timelines. Cayce predicted the disappearance of Japan and destruction of the North and South American coastlines 2010-2012. “Earth Changes” and the shifting of magnetic poles starting sometime around 1998 and a third world war starting somewhere around the Davis Straights,Egypt, Libya, Ankara, Syria. Your bloggers want tommorrows answers today. Look around. Sometimes it is hard to hear if you are not listening. Then when it happens some of us like to ask why didn’t we get the prediction beforetime. Cayce lived in the 20th Century. His predictions are very fresh and extremely accurate with very little minceing or mixing of words or timelines! Until recent times it seemed many of his predictions were not going to come about,but things seem to be developing in a hurry.

  73. peter Says:

    hi dave
    i am not panicing im jus saying iv never thought of things like this before and has given
    me an open mind

  74. Pete Says:

    Hi, I have been blown away by all you people and this facinating subject.
    But what is more pronounced is that number, 11
    In Bingo it is “lucky Legs 11” maybe it means RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIFE! But where to run to?
    Ok, 11 ( 1 + 1 = 2) You need to legs to run.
    3 comes after 2 and so does 4, so ( 3 + 4 = 7)
    Lucky 7
    5 comes after 4 and so does 6 ( 5 + 6 = 11)
    7 comes after 6 and so does 8 ( 7 + 8 = 15)
    Then we have 9 all on it’s own.
    Add 7 + 11 + 15 = 33
    Take one of the 3’s and it divides with 9 evenly.
    Add the last 3 to 9 ( 3 + 9 = 11 )

    This might equate to key dates to major political and natural, numbers being: 7,11,15.
    Any one with database can probably look up for similarities, past-present and look for a pattern?

  75. RH Says:

    Hi, i was looing for something

    My friend told me that she saw a strange rainbow on last Friday in Canada, as well as 2-3 moving stars during a day…

    Can you please let me know what is really happing to Japan? I have family there and they think everything is ok. I asked them to evacuate from there now, but they don’t listen me. Their nuclear plant is about to melt down but no one is panicing there yet strangely… Should I tell them not to drink water?

  76. RH Says:

    sorry, that was not Friday but Wednesday.

  77. TP Says:

    Hi Mimi leigh! What next and where next is apparently a very accurate assessment. By what the news media of CNN and MSNBC are teeling me this morning? It would appear that the ‘next’ landing of woe from the Japan disaster this past week? Is likely heading to Hawaii and then California / West Coast of the US. Almost as if to repeat and follow the path of those tsunami waves we saw hours and some 5,000 miles later on this side of the Pacific. The wind will have a say in the direction this time, and what these winds carry with them, more or less, will prove an answer to your query of March 14th.

    I’ve heard of December 23rd or 25th of 2012 and the Mayan calendar ending then. But that’s still almost two years ahead! So, what, pray tell, could have fit a sign or celetial line-up / plan that was to begin such destruction THIS year?

    I repeat that I am a complete novice in this area of knowledge that you all sound so well versed in. I hope that by follwing along and taking part in this discussion her? that I might gleen some insights, learning and maybe be pointed to where may be found books to read/study first about our times and what has been predicted. Also to find out what are the best Web Sites to source for knowledge or learning about the greats in this field of foreknowlegde. How to know those who are true visionaries from those who you / others here would tell me to avoid or not spend any teim with these or those whom you’ve already weeded through. Make sense?

    I would like to hear your further thoughts about the strange weather andevents that have been happening this past year and where you look for answers? Thanks Mimi!

    – TP

  78. TP Says:

    Hi Dave! Just wanted to acknowlege your response to my query about the sequencing of disaster dates recently. As I rey to read through everyone’s comments from the time I first submitted my question to you all, I am fascinated by the bredth of knowledge you seem to have, as well as very many others taking part here as well. I guess as Pete very recently said, the number 11 in Bingo usually means GOOD luck there ( Lucky Legs). I think you are on to something with your comment maqybe in Japan, over there, it stands for ” RUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! ” or something like that. Anyway, Dave… would like to hear what sources or books you’d first recommend to someone like he who is at the moment barely past the ‘ Hey, I’ve heard of that or I read that name somewhere!” I feel really stupid saying this, but as it is the truth at the moment? The only chance I have to begin forming my own source of solid references on these subjects? Is to admit my ignorance and ask you, and any others, to just throw a little mention of persons, books or websites you have faith and confidence in, and would suggest to anyone else the same things, if they requested this same info for you all as well?

    DUH! It’s very late and I am a little goofy! So, I’ll catch up with y’all later. Thanks for all this PHENOMINAL sharing of thoughts, ideas and seeking of what’s truth woth being shared and talked about! KUDOS to everyone here! G’night for now ZZZZZ – TP

  79. David Says:

    Hi RH,
    We don’t need Nostradamus anymore. I listened to famed physicist Michio Kaku last night on the American news program Nightline, and he suggested the worst has happened and Japan will suffer a Chernobyl incident unless something very drastic is done. The time for prophecy is past on this event. The writing is on the wall when a respected physicist makes this prediction.

  80. Pete Says:

    Ok, jokes aside—The natural issues are just that, natural issues of mother nature. What may seem like a disaster, when it comes to human lives, yeah, I am sorry for those directly suffering. Which leads me to the point of “suffering”, indirectly. There is no way to avoid the natural occurances of the planet earth. What can, or could have been avoided is the man made consequences. But let’s go deeper, at the level of WHO makes the decsions, and why. It comes down to the almighty $$. Ok- The core nature of avoidable man made disasters, for example the japan uranium powerd generators, don’t have cooling water supplied, or denied, yet the technology was there to have it fail safe?
    There must have been a decision somwhere at top level, that if one was to to a “witch-hunt” of who is responsible, who is actually a “doormat”, you will probably find the forces go to the current mathematical model of profit at all cost for the shareholders!
    Now I am not here to take a gripe at people living this way of life, my curiosity is, is this the only mathematcal model to, the probably outdated stocks and shares, corporate kick or kiss ass mentality?
    Is uranium the ONLY way to effectively spin a generator?
    Has, or is there secrets in physics, where the universe’s magnetic fields can be harnessed, but this knowledge or technology is denied, because there is no money in it because it is free. For example, take the idea of magnets placed in such a way, where Nth repels Nth, therefore if one is fixed and the other is centered on a shaft conecting to a power generator, IN PRINCIPLE, has this type of “free” reliable energy is being denied?
    I remember seeing a current affairs show, where some bloke in QLD did actually perfect the correct angle alligment of magnets repelling and spining a generator turbine. A goverment official was there, the current affairs crew was there, and have not seen of heard of this machine since? Do these eccentric ideas, or they tell us they are “eccentric mad ideas” if you have enough vested interests, money tied to politics-power and $blessings$, yet are actually the solution? Do wars really exist, or is it made up because these same “grey suited individuals” need cashing up or powering another smart leader down?
    Whatever, the prophesies are very correct in essence, due to the very nature of human will run riot with extreme pride and denial to the point of near extinction, to break the spirit and reveal the truth.
    Once that certain truth is revealed, only then can we hope for Utopia on earth, because take mankind off this planet, you have Utopia.

  81. Dave Says:

    Imma make this right gotta see this of u havnt already

  82. brodie Says:

    its impossible, In Nostradamus’s time, the Europeans hadnt discovered Japan yet… so this catastrophy can not be in any way predicted. Japan was first reached and traded with the same year this was written, and im pretty sure Nosto wasnt getting any tweets on the new land

  83. David Says:

    Hi Brodie,
    Clairvoyance is also supposedly impossible. But if we accept the premise that clairvoyance may exist, then these visions transcend the knowledge of the recipient. What is interesting is the visual aspect of this quatrain. Nostradamus seemed to be describing what he saw, as if he were there…lights/fire in the sky, then a terrible earthquake. He did not know when or where this earthquake would take place, just that it followed lights in the sky. Nostradamus was not omniscient. I think he was often as confused by his visions as we are in trying to decipher them.

  84. Chris Says:

    Your logic is total nonsense. In your interpretation, you mention three key cities in France: Auch, Lectoure, and Mirande. Yet, you never mention any significant events occurring that Nostradamus predicts about those cities. Weren’t fire from the sky suppose to drop in on those three cities? Instead, you show a video of a Borealis Effect in seen in Minnesota? So much for your logic.

  85. Wincent Says:

    Wandering if this related to Japan’s disaster?

    century 8, Q 29
    At the fourth pillar which they dedicate to Saturn
    split by earthquake and by flood;
    under Saturn’s building an urn is found
    gold carried off by Caepio and then restored.

    Saturn is the 6th planet = 6 reactors??
    4th pillar = 4th reactors exploded??
    Urn definition =
    1. A vase of varying size and shape, usually having a footed base or pedestal.
    2. A closed metal vessel having a spigot and used for warming or serving tea or coffee.
    3. Botany The spore-bearing part of a moss capsule.

  86. David Says:

    Hi Chris,
    The latitude of the state of Minnesota (from north to south) is roughly the same latitude as France. We can see it on our globes. The better question would have been…did anyone in France actually see this aurora borealis? Was it cloudy? City lights? Or a no-show? I wish I knew. I discovered this one video as a witness. Did this northern light appear only in Minnesota? Are the northern lights so selective? I doubt it.

  87. David Says:

    You have something! It shows why many minds are better then one. Oh my God. Could gold be the radioactive core? Under the urn…meltdown material? In Alchemy, they wanted to turn lead into gold. The only thing that does that is when a star explodes creating elements…nuclear power. Uranium is valuable like gold. Thanks for that…very perceptive.

  88. Wincent Says:

    Uranium sign/icon is gold color.

    ah maybe that’s it :)


  89. Will Says:

    I am a intrigued by all that is happening and I am a believer in these significant numbers. The signs are pointing in the direction of a different World as we see it. I am going to continue following this interesting blog.

    Oh, by the way…Mark 13:8 ~~ 13 + 8 = 21 … hmmm!

  90. TP Says:

    Hello all! I came for a check-in visit here once more! I really find this site / group has real thinkers and the comments all reflect study and knowledge with more depth than what is normal everywhere else. I love you guys! 😉

    This is now only my second tme jopining in with a Blogger group. This is the only one to catch my attention and then pull me back here again.

    I know I have much to learn of how this Blog stuff all works and what happens with this site later. Does the subject or topic get changed? May I toss out any short queries on other topics or areas I’d hope to learn much more about as well? Please help me avoid anything that would be considered rude or without valuse here to whatever specific discussion is happening here?

    Also, will I always find this topic for discussion being carried on here, whenever I look to check back in for recent comments / discussions related to current events ongoing? Or could I find here that the current subject of talk for now, will be changed or may drift to other subjects of interest that are related in thyis exploration of things that Science can’t measure…so of coure, anything like THAT just isn’t real or worth believing enough to look farther into. Right? Well, since I disagree here wioth the lad rats, I am hoping a few of you might point me to wherever else is serious and worth learning more about. So are all comments relating to or branching off from te main focus of this discussion allowed? Or if not, are there more areas of this group to jin in for something anout what’s current with say Astrology, Tarot, I CHing, on to other authors or known prophesies being shared like things are done here? Help this new Bloger goof to learn the rules? TX!

    Now, I caught part of a comment / opinion about the fact that what Nostradanus writes oabout mostly in his Quatrains? seems to consist of what is mainly wow, Gllom and Doom – then about future Wars, Disasters, catastrophes and the like.

    So I ask you. Are there ANY Quatrains or other writings of his that also include / fortell of any historical times ahead where he can see a number of really GREAT times as well; when life will be ‘golden’, and that somehow, somewhere, he had foreseen where and when us future humans will have some place and at some future time which would prove to be unusally lucky, glorious, exciting for those who live in such times!

    So, are there any of these type to be foundas well? Are there any of his writings that have any mention of the good times or events ahead too? And if not, what do you think was the reason that made him focus ONLY on foretelling big disasters? Hmmm? Thanks! – TP

  91. Dave Says:

    Apparently independent thinkers are a rarity these days visitthe site i memtioned about a zillion times and tell me hiw the hell did this guy accurately describe all these events on point

  92. David Says:

    Hi TP,
    I am working on a post about my approach to understanding Nostadamus. Not that I have any secrets. But that is the secret…understanding what is hidden in plain sight. I’ve learned a lot from all your comments. Thanks to everyone for visiting!

  93. Graeme Mulvaney Says:

    @David : my cat was very restless in the days running up to the earthquake – I didn’t notice the link until after the earthquake happened – my cat lives in Coventry in the middle of England and he “plays up” several times a month – if I ignore all the times when he played up and their wasn’t a major earthquake somewhere around the World, then I would be able to conclude that my cat might be able to predict major earthquakes. But I find it hard to do that, he’s been wrong so many times – which is what leads me to assume there is no link between his nocturnal restlessness and seismic events.

    The moon is marginally closer to the Earth today than at any other point in the last 18 years – but only slightly closer than it gets during to the Earth during its monthly orbit around the planet – major earthquakes happen regardless of where the moon is in its orbit and regardless of solar activity – we’ve had major seismic events happen right through the solar minimum.

    If solar flares have happened and there have been no major earthquakes and if there have been major earthquakes without solar flares – then there is unlikely to be a meaningful link between the two.

    Let me make some predictions – I’m no prophet, so I’ll give you a vague verse and something a bit more specific to work with – I promise you, the following three sequences of events will take place:

    hands weighed down with gold,
    they watch seas boil,
    the ground no longer trusted,
    the moving dead now still

    or in other words : a 7.5 or higher earthquake will strike the Cascadia region at a time following a period in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average will have risen by more than 10%, it will be proceded by a major transport accident killing more than 50 people.

    as the heavens open,
    hope will wash away,
    reaching for machines,
    they find their pockets empty

    or in other words : a flood in a developing region will displace more than 250,000 people. In the time following the disaster the Global demand for semi-conductors will increase, but the spot prices for precious metals will fall by more than $20/oz.

    voices rise as faces fall,
    a pox upon the old,
    under rent heavens,
    fresh hope is found

    or in other words : elections in several countries will co-incide with an epidemic that will claim many lives, an accident in space will stun the World, but a medical breakthrough will improve the lives of millions.

    All these events will come to pass within the next 50 years, the first one will happen before 2017.

  94. Graeme Mulvaney Says:

    See the trick is to string together several unconnected and commonly occuring events – e.g. elections, epidemics, market corrections, accidents, natural disasters, etc. but not to give much in the way of a time frame:

    as long as the Dow is above 13045 (it was over 14000 in 2007) on the day of the next big Cascadia quake (which should happen in the next 10 years) I’m quids-in, it’ll only take a train crash in India to fulfil the last part of the prophecy and there are a couple of those every year, or a big freeway accident, fire on a metro, plane crash, ferry sinking,…

  95. Graeme Mulvaney Says:

    The second one is a piece of cake – a typhoon in the bay of Bengal will tick the first box (one every two years) – gold/silver prices generally take a battering following a major disaster, particularly if it happens in that region where people will sell dowries to make repairs to their properties. The semi-conductor price rise is going out on a bit of a limb, but these things are cyclical so there is a good chance that all three events will co-incide at some point.

  96. Graeme Mulvaney Says:

    The last one was just a piss-take really – elections happen all the time, I was very vague about the nature or extent of the epidemic – there are only a few months a year when there isn’t one somewhere. The accident in space sounds prophetic, but when you consider the number of accidents in the last 50 years (challenger, appollo 13, skylab, rogue satellites, etc.) it’s a dead cert over my 30 year period. Medical breakthroughs happen all the time – from new types of sticking plaster to the upcoming cure for diabetes – I’m pitching for a major breakthrough – e.g. cure for skin cancer, universal HIV vaccine, erradication of Malaria, replacement organs grown to order, etc – all of which are likely within the next 30 years.

  97. Graeme Mulvaney Says:

    The question is – will you herald me as a latter day prophet or just dismiss my predictions as co-incidence?

  98. Balea Says:

    Hey you guys,

    I honestly don’t understand how there can be people coming onto this site, reading the blog comments and coming to the conclusion that the people on here are well-read, learned and knowledgeable.
    Especially people who try their luck at “numerology” are just a sad statement of how some just want to cling on to hypocrisy. “6 follows 5, as does 7, so if we add that up to”… Srsly. Get your grip on reality and stop wanting to dream/fantasize around.
    What is currently happening in Japan is terrifying, I don’t think that mystifying this situation and trying to “read” information out of random calculations is going to help anyone.
    If you want to be stunned by what really exists, open your eyes and interests in what is really happening & going on in new developments that don’t need over-whimsical interpretation/mystification.

    Just my op.

  99. Kim Says:

    i have read all your opinion,conclusion,etc. but all of these signs are there saying that we should change now. Be a good person and take care of mother earth. If we are going to help each other maybe disaster will lessen.

  100. Constantine Says:

    In my opinion, his prophecy and cryptions are to vague to be appointed to any particular era or time frame. Its more like cold reading than prophecy.

  101. josh Says:

    he predicted and it all happened so far so what if he didnt say what and when it was going to but close what bouthister soungs like hitler or twins in the sky could been twin towers next the world goin to end soon if you dont believe NOS then get on your unicorn ride to santas house for the toothfairys birthday and dont look behind you now cause the boogy mans bout to get cha

  102. David Says:

    Hi Graeme,
    With Nostradamus, we can believe he was only using his imagination. Or we can believe he had some actual clairvoyant visions. If Nostradamus was a faker, then there is no point in examining his writings. I accept the premise he had actual clairvoyance to some degree, so I run on that premise. He had enough successes that I feel some of his predictions were the real deal. The problem is, we don’t know which ones were true clairvoyance, and which were his imagination or confusion. If only a fraction of his quatrains are genuinely prophetic, then it’s worth the trouble to speculate.

    Another thought. It is difficult enough to predict the future, even in jest. Outside of saying the stock market will go up one day and down another, how about predicting the price of silver one year from now? Even the savviest people may be prophetic, but only up to a point. What will the world be like 500 years from now? We can only imagine.

    Will there be artificial intelligence 500 years from now? Will humanity become cyber-beings integrated within our technology? Will be conquer death and become immortal? Will me master the laws of nature?

    Or will be destroy our planet?

    Nostradamus appears to have brief glimpses 500 years in his future. That is pretty remarkable.

  103. David Says:

    Hi Balea,
    My blog, the Occult View, is about the esoteric, the paranormal and spirituality outside the mainstream. That is its niche. We discuss some wild stuff here, and I don’t prejudge anyone’s opinions. All input is welcome!

  104. David Says:

    Hi Kim,
    Something is in the air. Global warming, climate change and depletion of natural resources being the 800-pound gorilla. Will earth have the resources to support everybody? Will the planet be better off in the future? Or worse? We don’t need to be Nostradamus to read the writing on the wall.

  105. David Says:

    That can be said for a lot of the quatrains. But there are also some that actually appear prophetic. That is what keeps me coming back to these dusty old quatrains. To go through all the successful examples, you could check on books on the topic.

  106. David Says:

    Hi Josh,
    I think one’s view of Nostradamus depends if someone accepts the possibility of the paranormal, or if someone doubts it. Both are reasonable positions to take. I think that is it in a nutshell. I feel there is a middle ground between complete acceptance and total denial. An open-mind is a good thing.

    I wrote about the quatrain that impresses me the most. It sounds like gibberish…until viewed from the right perspective.


  107. Patriot Earth Says:

    Quatrain IX 9 is a lot more convincing, especially given the economic implications which are yet to be fully seen…

  108. David Says:

    That is a good quatrain!

  109. David Says:

    Here is a story:
    Did solar magnetic eruptions cause the Japanese earthquake?
    Hey! Maybe Nostradamus was not full of hot air afterall?

  110. erica Says:

    hi, i was reading all of his and you guys make a lot of good points and with so much going on in the world these days. ive always been a pretty firm believer in nos, not everything is right what he says. but ive noticed hes been righ about most of the really big event in history.

  111. David Says:

    Hi Erica,
    Nos does seem to target on the biggest events. We can be tempted to see Nostradamus in every event. But the trick is…do we really know what will be a big event before it happens? Who would have imagined Hitler would become Nostradamus’ second Anti-Christ before he ruled Germany? I think what is happening in the Middle East now is the start of the next big event. And we are at just the beginning.

  112. Alex Wilde - El Experimento Says:

    It’s fascinating to know there were “prophets” like Nostradamus. It may have been a coincidence but one thing that I believed in your post was the solar flare that directly hit the earth. It’s like in the movies such as “The Knowing” or “2012”. Solar flares produce aurora. Auroras that are visible other than North Pole means the sun had just released its massive flares. So we have to be really careful and alert…

  113. David Says:

    Hi Alex,
    A solar flare’s auroras were visible in North America at the exact same time a historic earthquake hit Japan. This is a fact. And a pretty incredible coincidence. Did Nostradamus actually intend this in his quatrain? Imagine Nostradamus’ vision…what may he have seen? He sees fire in the sky. How else to describe auroras which I doubt he ever saw before from France. Followed was a vision of a God-awful earthquake. I can see the connection from the viewpoint of a clairvoyant. Some coincidences are too much of a coincidence.

  114. Jaydeadone Says:

    No, it wasn’t a solar flare. It was the H.A.A.R.P. project. Arora Borealis was also noted before the Haitian quake and the Indonesian Tsunami. H.A.A.R.P. directly attacks the Ionosphere and causes it to heat up by sending radio waves into it and then in a direct beam the Ionosphere reacts, causing Arora Borealis (type behavior) and a stronger Ion beam back and into the earth. It could have been reasons of mistake in a test of the H.A.A.R.P. project (run by the U.S. D.o.D./Navy/Air Force) or diliberate to drop the stock price in Japan. Money is power. Japan is one of the most independant countries in the world. How else do you buy them out. BTW the U.S. government has been buying Japanese stock like crazy. You don’t believe me? Look it up. and wake up.


  115. manoj Says:

    Hello guys,
    Isnt it interesting to know,we live in the world which did not even know what is Calculator till 1970,after that see what has happened,is it not a big miracle ?? We should be ready for the measure change in the world,if we see carefully destroying power of the God is more active now and all wrong people are getting exposed.From Monkey we have become human in revolutions step by step so there must be next step of human revolution coming,we all should be prepared to enter the ‘kingdom of God’. Nostradamus has explain the beautiful world after the 2012 we all should be prepared and get ready to enter in new world which will be more divine and we all will have direct contact with God…

  116. Josie Says:

    I think people and this website like to scare people. Planet event have allways happened, is normal, is the nature, does not have anything to do with predictions or God. Please do not scare humanity with nonsense!!!

  117. Dz Says:

    It’s interesting to me that so few people can live with an open mind, such as those telling you all that the NOS stuff is “nonsense.” It amazes me how those people think that what you all are doing here is trying to broaden your horizons and embrace all forms of knowledge. “Scare humanity” is a bit dramatic dont’ you think Josie? Sorry David, I have never visited your site until now and while it may be unbelievable I find it fascinating. Our minds are like sponges, meant to absorb all info – isn’t that what we say about newborns/infant/toddlers/children who are fresh and take everything in – why not adults? Seriously people, if you want to leave a comment try not attacking the blogger just because you are insecure in your own theoretics.

  118. David Says:

    Hi Dz,
    I don’t mind when people disagree with me. I can delete any comment I don’t want to appear. Often the comments are more interesting then what I originally wrote. I only delete a comment if it has profanity or is simply a troll. Otherwise, I let people express themselves. As for scary, Josie made me wonder…what was Nostradamus’ scariest quatrains? I may write next about the Nostradamus’ predictions about world-wide famine and human cannibalism.

  119. adrian Says:

    reply to maria, march 12. Nostradamus may have wrote about the armageddon that will happen in middle east, that’s no secret as we can all see the evolution of wars and violence in the area, and Revelations (last book of the bible) has plenty of indications as to the location of the armageddon war. Revelations also has indications as to nations that will be involved, however there are a lot of things to preceed that event. The rise of the Antichrist, the alliance of the 12 countries, the conquering of Antichrist of 2 of these nations. Antichrist proclaiming himself God in the Israel Temple. He will pretty much be the Hitler of our time, only more powerful. People will listen to him as he will bring the world three and a half years of peace where everything will be under his control and strict regulation. There are many interpretations of Revelations. This is it for now.

  120. Mr. Reason Says:

    Don’t worry. Be happy. The world will not end in 2012 (unless we get slammed by a large asteroid or comet or a nearby star goes nova and blasts us with gamma rays or a black hole swallows the earth or…). The Mayans and Nostradamus are wrong. I’m making my 2013 vacation plans. :-)

  121. Salor Moon Says:

    I also read many years ago that Japan represents a Greek god, “Hermes” who is a guide to the death world (Pluto or Plutonium?). It’s scary. This means that Plutonim poluation spreads after the meltdown (?) of the Fukushima Nuke reactors? This can definitely kill millions of people many times. – Salor Moon

  122. Salor Moon Says:

    I meant to mention that about “Hermes” can be found somewhere in Nostradamus’s “the Century”. – SM

  123. Salor Moon Says:

    He also wrote about “a country of Sun” (Japan). . . “will see blonde light” coming from “north”? This may be a prediction of a humangus explosion/blast of the nuke plant(s)? – SM

  124. David Says:

    Hi Salor Moon,
    You have some good insights! I’m looking into nuclear references in the quatrains. There are a number of occult quatrains, which seem to describe vague occult methods. However, some of these may be refering to the nuclear accident.

  125. perry82 Says:

    Hi guys, i also stumbled on this site during google nostradamus japan.
    To make ppl not scare, end of world will not happen. ( i cannot explain but please check ohm nama shiva and mahabaratha)
    Just continue living good, life is earned.
    And yes nostradamus writing relates tv news images.
    I wonder.. perhaps already all events are done but we must continue.

  126. Alan Says:

    Bahhh. His predictions are all bogus and are simply interpreted into modern language any which way by paranoid scaremongers to fit current events. That and people reading them and, drawing a conclusion then acting them out, as was the case with Hitler.

    Each and every time there is a disaster in this world you always find details on how Nostradamus predicted it. Funny how it’s always post event that his predictions are mentioned, not post.

  127. Josie Says:

    Well, the tsunami was a conseguence of the earthquake and does not mean at all that was predicted by Nostradamus. Not everything is anticipated, we live on planet Earth and this things will allway happen!!!

  128. FillHipLips Says:

    In 2008 a Japanese man played on a buring piano to a crowed of 500 in a cirle, When playing the burning Piano its lasted for 10Mins , Their were 10 Meter Tssunami,
    The same Man done the same stunt of playing a burning piano in 1973, So from 2008 going back to 1973 what was big in Japan at the time, Was A film Called The Submission of Japan,(A disaster Movie), Then I think and occultscience101 on Youtube to that that Burning piano ws the same one in Florida, found on a beach this Year 2011, So this may be a sign for something happening in Florida or a message for somthing, their may be a connection , just thot ad add this idea.

  129. TP Says:

    Hello again! I have a true story for the nay-sayer Bah Humbug types out there. What you say about having serious doubts feels oh-so-familiar! Let let me tell you a story from the prehistoric music days, before there were CDs and DVDs (somewhere in the late 1980s).

    I was chatting after a concert with a once (and still is) world famous musician, whose band had many Gold and Platinum Albums sold worldwide at that time. He’d written a song about Nostradamus on one of his albums that had intrigued me intellectually as well as musically. It seemed clear that the writings of Nostradamus had some influence / flavoring in many other songs he’d written as well. He described himself as a simple ‘ Word-smith “ with a great interest in French History, 1600 and 1700s period. Hence his high interest in the writings of Nostradamus. I asked him to tell me why he had so much faith in the Prophecies of Nostradamus (whom I’d heard of, but never really read anything of his up to that late night in a smoky bar in Seattle). His ‘explanation’ came wrapped in a foretelling of something yet to come in the years ahead. He guaranteed this BIG event would happen before the end of the 1900s.

    He said there was a quatrain that told of the Eagle and the Bear turning into great allies against the Red Hordes (or something similar to that ‘Red’ description). His interpretation was that the years long reality of ‘the Cold War’ would soon come to an end, transforming America and Russia into Allies instead of bitter enemies. He said this would also come about in response to a larger perceived shared threat from Red China! He told me that when all this really came about? Then I would remember our conversation that night and better understand why he so revered Nostradamus!

    In the late 80s the Berlin Wall was still up and Russia still rattled its swords at us with any and every perceived disrespect, military action/testing or just rumors about some of Star Wars space weapons being developed in those Ray-gun years. Understandably my reaction was total disbelief and scoffing at him to even consider such nonsense as being possible! No way would Russia even be considered trustworthy nor much of an ally without some Global threat to all of us on Earth from Space Aliens or something dire like that. Which wasn’t very likely suffice it to say! I even burst out laughing at this, and for him actually believing in such tripe! Without any worry of having to pay up, I promised him that I’d gladly eat crow any way he wanted it, IF – by some slight chance – his ‘prediction’ came even marginally true before Y2K.

    Well, luckily I don’t travel as much as I used to and he has retired from the globetrotting Tour Circuit. Yet, I have no doubt that when we DO meet up again? The very first thing he’ll say, with a twinkle in his eye, will be… “SO…and exactly how do you want your Crow prepared? Raw or baked in clay, complete with feathers, beak and claws?”

    Yep, at least here even I can predict with absolute certainty that there will come a day where I will meet my fate and have to face my musician friend with his Crow (jokes) ready and waiting to pounce gleefully on my ignorant self. You could say that I now have just a bit more faith that parts of these writings will come true. Meaning, my fellow Doubters, that one day you too may find at least one of these scribbles will prove to be much more than you’ve ever dreamt of being possible, my dear Horatio!

    PS…Anyone know which quatrain Al was referring to in my story? Do tell? And, did anything special happen this month on the 11th day? – Tx, TP

  130. GADEL Says:

    Nostradamus again. . . Interesting? Why not try Mother Shipton?

  131. David Says:

    Hi Gadel,
    I read Mother Shipton was a fabrication of some writer who wrote Shipton’s predictions after the fact. At least Nostradamus wrote his stuff long before his predictions came true.

  132. Mattdoucet Says:

    U all should read up on , m theory, multiverse, hidden curled up dimension and the quantum mechanics and implications to infinite universes and infinite choices we can make and how it all comes together… We are all made of strange n unknown particles that flow through us, is part of us, n unfifies all the elements of this 3 dimensional world… This uniserse, space and time arenrt static and time travel is possible technology pending…. Its been known for years if u can go fast enough its possible. We are some far away from getting to that speed but its possible. I will always believe that the human mind is a quantum mechanical bio engineers peace of technology which can tap into the unknown. Every choice we make creates another reality. We could be in nos reality… No wonder hes right on alot of thing. U go left a entire quantum sift occurs n another universe exist u go right and the same thing. All possibilities amd all scenarios exist in theory. 11 dimensional string theory supports the existance of multiverses…. Blah blahh sorry i got carried away. You tube or read up on some of this. This isnt just a couple quacks comn up with this.. Its real science. There testing the theory at cern in europe. Crazy stuff.

  133. Kai Says:

    Possibly something to do with haarp the microwaves sent out cause the aurora borealis to be seen in certain locations when the ionosphere is disrupted

  134. james wiliams Says:

    Sun Storms (CME /Coronal Mass Ejections)
    Friday 9 am, 21 Dec 2012

    1 There is no danger for loss of life from CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) solar storms like the one expected Friday 9am, 21 Dec, 2012.

    2 However, these strong solar storms (like the strong tsunami expected), are known (under the right circumstances) to be capable to destroy (burn out) all electrical transformers with in their range interrupting the power supply in this way that is transmitted to our homes and to our cities.

    3 If the solar storm is born from the NORTH side of the sun, the polarity of earth will force the magnetic elements of the storm to bounce off and disappear out into space. However if the storm is born from the SOUTH side, it will be drawn onto earth by earths polarity causing transformers to overload and burn out.

    4 Prevention of panic
    The correct and responsible information (facts) about the event that is going to take place will give the chance for everybody (all citizens) to prepare accordingly, and most important it will prevent “exaggerated” panic that can cost hundredths of lives particularly to ailing people the elderly and children.

    5 Diagnosing the polarity of the storm and the size of the flare will give each country (those affected) only 12 minutes to put into practice the emergency precautions taken to confront the storm because this is the time estimated that it will take the magnetic solar flare to reach earth.

    6 Being that the application of the precautions/ measures can take place with in 12 minutes alone, it would appropriate I think that the -precautions/safety plan- for each country would be consisted of 2 plans the -Green plan- and the -Red plan-.

    7 In the case of a North bound storm everyone should be noticed -everything ok- as soon as possible…in order to prevent the type panic that will bring destruction and casualties..

    8 There is but only one way to confront a storm (the Red Plan) that is going to be known that is going to destroy all of the electrical transformers of a country. Allow me to add here that in case of their destruction, the time needed to replace the transformers will be 15-20 years because the factories that make them are very few, and they are going to give priorities everywhere. The “plunging” of a country into darkness before and during the storm is a series matter, but is the lesser of the 2 evils the other one being the whole country being with out electricity for many years to come!

    The information presented is a small summary begotten out of a TV science series named «Perfect Disasters»

    This essay is one of -good will- and it is of a humanitarian nature. The opinion expressed as to the way in handling the phenomena (the storm) is personal. It is also of personal opinion that:

    The predicted precision in time, day and year with which the phenomena (tsunami) is making a re appearance, reveals very specific conditions under which the storm can realize its self, revealing in this way, that the area of earth most likely to be effected, is the same one that was effected during the last Coronal Mass Ejection… the Golf of Mexico.

    God bless and take care
    Constantinos James Wiliams

  135. Ibrahim Says:

    Hello guys!

    I am a devout Muslim and after reading all these comment’s, I’m really happy that a lot of people have an open mind/view of the world.

    Okay now to the people who want to know why all these tragedies happen on the “11th day of the month, they happen because 11 is the most important number to the illuminati which relates, to the tragedies. Research more on this subject and you”ll get the picture.

    Well for the last part I have a grim prediction as well for this year, possibly tenfold times worser then the japan tsunami. The date you may ask? 11/11/11 of course, probably the most important date to the illuminati. It happens only once this millennium and I predict that it’s going to be very, very, VERY grim. It would start world war 3 and the population if the world will drastically be lowered, it would spark panic as disasters after disasters happen which would cause panic to the general public. Once you hear about one disaster, another will appear just as quickly.

    Just telling you what I think =D.

    I’m only 16 btw, so I’m no expert but I’ve done my fair share of research.

    P.S YouTube music industry exposed and watch the WHOLE series. You will be shocked.

    My 2 cents.

  136. David Says:

    Hi Ibrahim,

    Yes, 11-11-11. Everybody gets caught up in 2012…but nobody mentions Nov 11, 2011. Why is that? Perhaps it has no Mayan calendar as justification. Yet, what about the 11:11 phenomena? I’ll write a post about this before November 11 arrives. I’d suggest the mystery of the 11th day is true, but there are many 11th days. We don’t know exactly which 11th matters. But when the 11th hits we know it.


  137. Al Chanz Says:

    Most people still thinks HAARP is a joke. I wonder if Nostradamus predicted that one day man can manipulate mother nature’s power to destroy her?

  138. char Says:

    last mon eve(oct 24) 7 p.m. saw immense red northern lights displayed entire southern night sky, unique, never seen B4, by 57 yr old. ‘felt’ this a sign fr heavens. over an hr 1/2 display, then moved west to north. thought new madrid fault may be affected by same. 6 days later severe headache, normally have 1 a wk B4 a significant quake( having them since march 2003)…..hope quake doesn’t happen. p.s. been noticing 11 11 continually for last 8 yrs? why??

  139. doyouknow Says:

    With the upcoming Asteroid asteroid named 2005 YU55 passing earth 202,000k miles from us, travel between us and the moon. Possible it may hit us? could this be what is meant by fire in the sky? Asteroid burning as it enters the earth’s atmosphere and hit land somewhere or ocean. Dated to happen November 8, 2011. Seems like it may come around the date 11/11/11…to close for comfort I say. Only time will tell.

  140. David Says:

    Hi Doyouknow,
    If we examine the bible’s Book of Revelations, it describes an asteroid strike on earth triggering a global extinction event. The bible even mentions a burning mountain falling into the ocean, and the earth covered by fire and darkness from the resulting explosion. 2005 YUSS is a very dangerous asteroid, but not large enough to be an extinction level event similar to what destroyed the dinosaurs. However, if the bible is to be believed, one day that will be our destiny. Watch the skies!

  141. Theresa Says:

    Well it is November 15, 2011 & nothing happened on 11/11/11. Now if we can survive 2012, that would be nice!!

  142. David Says:

    Hi Theresa,
    I didn’t feel like anything much would happen on 11/11/11. And I doubt that anything much will happen on 12/12/12. However, we are due for big. world-shaking events. I feel there would be an attack on Iran soon. Watching current events, this is starting to look like writing on the wall. That will be a BIG event.

  143. KC Says:

    Hi David,
    I really like this blog, and wanted to entertain the idea that maybe “earthquake” is more of a social disturbance.
    For example; a solar storm overheats and knocks out power grids in an ever increasing technological world, a social earthquake erupts. It appeases the Hopi believes of a technological ultimatum. It would fit a Web bot prediction. It would fit both the qualitative approach (spirit, consciousness) and the quantitative approach (science, math).
    I say 2012 will be the last straw, but give it time and in a couple of years we’ll get back a straw hat, ready to unravel again

  144. Enrique Says:

    Just a comment on Nostradamus. He certainly got multiple things right. People want straight information about events, and clearly that is not how he wrote. You have to take into consideration his time, his knowledge of the world then. He wrote of things and places not of his time, things he personally did not know existed and still described them in a very interesting way. The fact that some things did not happen may give us hope that we can still change our future in some way.

  145. Blueprint, not prophecy Says:

    So for billions of years the sun has held steady. but suddenly in the last decade its gone haywire? This is more hogwash of the Alien variety. That quake was Haarped. In 2008-9 Cheney relocated tons of plutonium into the reactors and under them on the Island of Japan. Stuxnet virus clinched the deal. It was discovered in computers over there in Oct 2011. Anybody waking up???

  146. Blueprint, not prophecy Says:

    137.Al Chanz Says:

    September 27th, 2011 at 8:12 am
    Most people still thinks HAARP is a joke. I wonder if Nostradamus predicted that one day man can manipulate mother nature’s power to destroy her?

    Nostradamus was a CABBALAH FREEMASON (at that time called guilds or odd fellows I believe). He cast the charts according to Cabbala dogma and then ‘interpreted’ them, which served as the blueprint for later centuries of Masons to fulfil.

  147. Episode 510 – Mysterious Universe « Mysterious Universe Says:

    […] Nostradamus Prediction […]

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