Spontaneous Faith Healing: How To Do It Yourself


crutchSpontaneous healing.  Sometimes the body almost miraculously heals itself.  Medicine does not understand this phenomenon, but there are many incidents of this occurring and its reality is not in dispute.  We just don’t have any idea how or why it occurs.  Sometimes it happens by itself, other times faith healers are involved. 

Recently I got a call from Sally.  She tripped and sprained her ankle.  Oh no!  I felt bad for her and I stopped by to see how she was doing.  She fell down outside four hours earlier that day.  She had her leg raised up on her ottoman and was in pain.  She tried but couldn’t walk, unable to put any pressure on her foot.  She was unable to move her ankle without intense pain.  Having my own experience with a sprained ankle, I looked at her ankle.  It was badly swollen.  I told her she’d have to go to the doctor and get an X-Ray.  I lent her a crutch I still owned.  I told her to lie down and don’t move her foot, and I’d return the next day to help her out.

Early the following day, I returned to give her a hand.  To my surprise Sally was walking around like nothing happened.  She showed me her ankle, and now there was only the slightest hint of swelling.  She said it was like a miracle.  She went to sleep and awoke without any injury or pain.  Overnight the foot healed itself.  Then she told me what she did to heal her own foot.

Sally was a fan of Dr. Oz and his syndicated television health show.  She records it daily.  On one show Dr. Oz had an unusual topic…spontaneous healing and faith healing.  The featured guest was Dr. Issam Nemeh.  This faith healer claimed to heal with his hands and the power of prayer.  I watched the episode she recorded with Dr. Nemeh, and it appears his reputation as a faith healer is justified. 

Issam Nemeh described his technique when Dr. Oz asked him how it works.  He replied,  “I’m not the energy source, but we are a part of the all, and when we have the right state of mind then God does connect us together and he does communicate things to me, I could feel things happening within the body of those who I’m praying for. I am not disconnected.”

“You don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to have faith, you can be an Atheist, what matters is we were talking before about one very important principle, the love that we have. Because the heart of God himself is Love. No you don’t have to have any faith to be healed.”

Here is a transcript of that Dr. Oz show: Dr. Oz: Faith Healer Dr. Issam Nemeh The Man Who Heals With His Hands

As Sally’s ankle began to hurt and swell shortly after she fell, she wanted to help herself.  When the pain began, she remembered the Dr Oz/Dr. Nemeh segment, and decided to try touch healing on her self.  The normal reaction to an injury is fear.  Sally rejected fear. Using Dr Nemeh’s technique on herself, she stroked and caressed her ankle, giving her foot unconditional love.  She treated her foot as if it were a loved pet, talking to her foot and caressing it, telling her foot…”My sweet little foot, I love you.”  She used the power of love as described by Nemeh.

The next morning, she wondered how her foot was.  Sally said she tried to move her toes.  They moved.  She tried to move her ankle, it moved.  The pain and swelling was gone.  Her foot was fine, and she was able to immediately walk on it where the night before she couldn’t.

Sally is not a religious person.  She does not believe in God, but in an impersonal universal Source.  She did not use prayers to God requesting a healing.  She used the power of love and positive emotions.  Was her experience an example of spontaneous healing that would have occurred anyway regardless of what she did?  Did she induce self-healing using mind over matter?  Or did she tap into a universal force of healing?   She thought it seemed miraculous regardless.

UPDATE:  I visited Sally to see how she was doing.  She is still perfectly fine.  I suggested we check out some YouTube videos about Dr. Issam Nemeh.  I liked one were Dr. Nemeh healed remotely over Skype.  A strange vibrating sound occurred in the communication when he healed using Skype, his fingers hovering over the computer screen.  The sound was different for each individual. Nemeh said all is vibration, and each person has their own personal vibration (paraphrase).  His description reminded me of Esther Hicks, famed author of “Law of Attraction”. Hicks describes everything as vibration.  There is a common thread linking this together, a spiritual power that manifests in a way we can only define as vibration.  Sally had an OMG moment when she saw this video.  It is pretty amazing.

3 Responses to “Spontaneous Faith Healing: How To Do It Yourself”

  1. Michelle Colebourn Says:

    Interesting that I looked at his name and immediately wanted to anagram it. Messiah just jumped out at me! His name anagrams as Messiah Men. Maybe he is just that.

    I have received healing from this type of person and know how valid it can be. I have Reiki in my life and know that LOVE is the source for healing.

    I often advise people who are struggling with ‘affirmations/intentions’ that the key is to set your positive emotion behind them… to visualise and also feel the happy, loving emotion that the visualisation is to them. Once that is felt, the intention can develop and filter down into our dimension.

    Love, love, love! 😀

  2. David Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Love is a universal power that transcends religion and theology. We all have different belief systems; we all share the same love. I do wonder if Sally has an unrealized gift that enabled her to heal herself. Do we all share the same ability? What Sally did differently was to actually believe she could do this for herself. Most people have self-doubt and that is a barrier. Perhaps Sally’s gift was her belief in the power of touch healing. We may accept a faith healer can have a special gift, but we can’t imagine we have it our self.


  3. Michelle Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I totally agree, as I am not religious myself, but I am spiritual and know Love to be the key.

    Yes, I totally believe that no one person is greater than the other with regards to healing. We all have the ‘gift’ as some like to call it. I feel it is just a part of our make-up, for many it lies asleep, unwoken….or closed through fear. (Fear being the opposite to Love and not Hate as is often believed).

    I think the difference with those that heal like Dr. Nemeh is that they themselves are willing to give,give,give and are not stuck in me,me,me mentality still. For many it is that point that they need to get past or through – to know Love for others and serve with Love for all. Loving the self is the first part, most importantly.. because without loving the self, how can we love others?

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