Did Nostradamus Predict the Future of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak?

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Blue Mubarak Uniform

Blue Mubarak Uniform

Did Nostradamus describe the future of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak?  The Egyptian uprising will force Mubarak out of power.  There is a quatrain with a couple of notable coincidences which might mean it concerns Egypt.  Time will tell if this quatrain has any relationship to Mubarak and the current events in Egypt, or if I’m simply overreaching.  Regardless let’s speculate on this quatrain:

Century IX – Quatrain 73
The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,
And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn:
The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,
Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius.

The first line:  The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,

Attribution: Presidenza della Repubblica

Attribution: Presidenza della Repubblica

The mention of turbans suggests this quatrain refers to events in the Middle East or south/central Asia.  If we assume turbans are a metaphor, what does it symbolize?  The turban could represent political power in the Middle East, and the nature of their customs and uniforms.

A white turban perhaps signifies a religious leader.  But blue?  Could the blue turban suggest a secular leader?  Mubarak was secular, not religious or tribal.  Mubarak started as an Egyptian air force officer.  I assume blue was the color of their air force uniform.  Blue was often the color of his presidential business suits (pictured left).

Let’s accept the dubious premise the Blue Turban King is Mubarak.  Foix is a town in France.  When Mubarak leaves Egypt, will he eventually move to France?  His wife is half English, so London seems the logical place for him to emigrate.  If he does move to France that coincidence will be too incredible.

An even more incredible interpretation would be that Foix does not refer to France…but literally means…FOX.  As in FOX NEWS! Could this mean Mubarak will become an international news commentator on Rupert Murdoch’s cable TV FOX news network?  That would prove for certain Nostradamus was a prophet! 

The second line:  And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn:

The revolution of Saturn around the sun takes 29.5 years. Mubarak became leader of Egypt on October 14, 1981. That is near 30 years, roughly the revolution of Saturn, which is an intriguing coincidence.  How many leaders rule for a revolution of Saturn?  From October 14 1981 until today as I write this (February 4 2011) Mubarak has been the leader of Egypt for 10,706 days, or 29 years, 3 months and 22 days.  That is just barely less then a revolution of Saturn, as accurate as a prediction can get.

The third line:  The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,

I believe this line has yet to be played out.  If this suggests the next leader of Egypt, then perhaps a more religious style leader (white turban) is in the future.  Byzantium may be referring to the modern day version of the Roman Empire, the U.S. or the global economy/power structure in general.  It is possible this is instead referring to the previous ruler of Egypt, Anwar El Sadat.  Sadat was assassinated by fundamentalists.  At his funeral Sadat was honored by world leaders (Byzantium?) but it was shunned by members of the Arab League.  Afterwards Mubarak became president.

Yet another possible interpretation is that “Byzantium” is a reference to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled Constantinople during Nostradamus’ lifetime.  During his lifetime Suleiman the Magnificent ruled this empire.  It is curious that Egypt’s vice president is Omar Suleiman.  Suleiman?  Could the “White Turban King Byzantium” be referring to VP Omar Suleiman?  Will Suleiman be banished?

The last line is:  Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius.

Mars entered Aquarius on January 15, 2011 and remains through February 22.  Mercury entered Aquarius on February 3rd and will remain thru February 21.  The sun will be in Aquarius from January 20 to February 18.

The sun, Mars and Mercury will be together near Aquarius from February 3 until February 18, 2011.  This is an uncanny coincidence. 

The Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted on Jan. 14.  The Egyptians took to the streets protesting Tuesday Jan. 25, the “Day of Rage”, the beginning of the large-scale protests.  Will matters be resolved before February 18?


Hosni Mubarak resigned, when the Sun, Mars and Mercury were in Aquarius.  He reigned for 29 years, 3 months and 29 days (10,713 days), just barely less then the orbit of Saturn around the sun (10,759 days).

Nostradamus scored a bull’s eye with this prediction.  What are the odds of these two celestial events coming together?  Going forward, is Vice President Omar Suleiman now the “White Turban King Byzantium”, sharing the name of Suleiman the Magnificent from the Nostradamus era?  If so, according to Nostradamus he too will be banished.

Here is an interesting fact from the Egypt State Information Service.  During his tenure, President Hosni Mubarak visited France roughly 40 times.  He has already entered France many times during his reign of Saturn.

Another significant French connection with Hosni Mubarak is that his beloved grandson died in a French hospital in 2009:  Hosni Mubarak’s grandson, 12, dies suddenly

“Egypt’s former vice president Omar Suleiman, veteran spy chief to deposed president Hosni Mubarak, died of a heart attack on Thursday in the United States aged 77, the official MENA news agency reported.”

What if Omar Suleiman was the White Turban King and he died of a heart attack in the United States?  If Byzantium is actually a code for the current modern world power/empire, then we could say Suleiman had his heart was banished to Byzantium/U.S., where he died of a heart attack.

9 Responses to “Did Nostradamus Predict the Future of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak?”

  1. Gitana Says:

    I love your quatrain interpretation, and love your site too.
    Regarding the white turban, I was doing a search and it seems the white turbans are worn by ethiopians, ortodox or muslim too. Also here is a link of the byzantium empire and it seems like Egypt, Palestine, Siria and I think Ethiopia too is part of it.
    Reading news of Egypt corelated with Ethiopia, I believe a similar event can happen to them too… it is just spreading most likely.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Gitana,
    Thanks for the link! The Byzantine Empire ceased to exist with the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Constantinople then became part of the Ottoman Empire. This all happened before the lifetime of Nostradamus (1503-1566).

    Today Constantinople is Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. From 1520-1566 Suleiman the Magnificent ruled the Ottoman Empire eastern Mediterranean, this would have been what Nostradamus understood during his lifetime. Suleiman the Magnificent.

    When Nostradamus mentions “Byzantium” is he refering to Istanbul/Turkey or is he refering to the old Byzantine Empire? If he is looking to the past, then he is using it as a metaphor for a Christian empire.

    However, anyone notice the name of the Egyptian Vice President: Omar Suleiman. Suleiman?
    A scary story about VP Suleiman: Egypt VP Target of Assassination Attempt That Killed Two Bodyguards, Sources Tell Fox News


  3. fakhredin Says:


    Events of 2011 and 2012: Shaul Mofaz in the spring of 2011 Israeli Prime Minister is – his government 14 to 15 months as it takes – and soldiers Muslim commander of Imam Mahdi – Israel’s destruction – the King of Jordan Syria Iraq captured to the summer and fall 2011 – he fights with Turkey – the end of summer 2011 – and his soldiers in the desert between Mecca and Medina are down to earth – at the end of 2011 -

    Jordanian and Western troops – are involved in Egypt – Saudi king dies in its power struggle starts – -45P/Honda-Mrkos comet meteors in 14 to 20 August 2011 to deal with the land – its largest in in East Asia comes down

    26 August 2011 a huge star in the sky East to explode three or seven days to show signs of burns and this is the Imam Mahdi – In the spring of 2011 earthquake in northern Israel can happen – Jesus between the months of May to August 2012 are shown – and Imam Mahdi will help to establish justice in the world

  4. David Says:

    Hi Fakhredin,
    Time will tell. I’ve seen that exact dates are very tricky when it comes to predicting events. Nostradamus famously predicted a King of Terror would appear in 1999. Well, that obviously didn’t happen. I suspect the cataclysmic 2012 predictions are probably not going to work out either. Visionaries, mystics and prophets had glimpses of the future, but their abilities are limited. Even limited, a genuine glimpse of the future it is still worth investigating.

  5. D Says:

    A well informed Egyptian friend once mentioned, that it is widely believed in Egypt that Hosni Mubarak has BLUE Hair – dyed or somehow…Could that be the Blue turban ?

  6. David Says:

    Thanks, I never heard of that before. If this is true, it would certainly add credibility to the quatrain.

  7. pale_ale Says:

    Foix is in southern france.

    usma bin laden was banished by the king of arabia and his family. However, the blue turbin and the mention of france has eluded me, I like your interpretation better. Except france still isn’t invloved, but i guess we can wait.

  8. David Says:

    Hi Pale Ale,
    I wrote a post suggesting “heart banished” might meant getting killed. Bin Laden was killed less then 3 months after Mubarak resigned.

  9. Jia Lin HORNEST Says:

    Egypt and Turkey are going attack Israel soon or later.

    Egyptians already attacked Israel embassy in Cairo.

    Turkish prime minister recently said that next aid ship to Palastinia will be escorted by turkish warships.
    He is clearly taking the risk of a naval fight with Israel.

    Turkish ruling party is too strong and opposition is too weak. Turkey looks like Germany before 1939, good economy, strong administration and rulers hate jews, hate modern laws, arts and literature.

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