The Spirits of the Dead Visit Our Dreams: A Story

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According to some occult theories, ghosts are the spirits of the dead who linger on earth before they move on to their final destination outside time/space.  Once these souls leave the physical world, it’s an open question if the dead ever visit the physical plane again.  Mediums claim to communicate with the dead, suggesting they speak with the truly dead, those who have “passed over”.  Personally, I accept the reality of ghosts but I am uncertain about contact with those who have passed over.  The final nature of the afterlife is an unknown mystery.

However, sometimes there are clues the truly dead communicate with us.  There are stories of people who feel their deceased loved ones have visited them, usually in a dream.  I’ve heard such a story recently.

The gentleman is a widower whose wife passed away a few years ago.  He told me about a dream he had, which he was felt was so real, when he awoke he remembered it vividly.  One sign a dream may be more then just a dream is when the clarity of it has an impact on our waking mind long afterwards. 

rainbowIn his dream he was talking with his wife who appeared young, perhaps in her late twenties.  He was having a wonderful time with his wife, when suddenly he realized he was dreaming.  He looked at his wife and asked her, “What are you doing here?  Do you know you are dead?”
His wife responded, “Yes, I know.”
She continued, “They let us come down here once in awhile.  But we can only talk to you in your dreams.”
The widower asked, “What is it like…up there?”
His deceased wife replied, “It is very nice!  Everybody is very happy and everybody is doing a lot of different things.  And there is lightning and thunder too.  I came down to visit you.  But I have to go now.”

Slowly his wife faded away in his dream, and the widower woke up with the dream clear in his memory.  He told me he felt he actually talked to his wife and not a figment of his imagination.  Perhaps he did.

He wondered what his dream meant by “They let us come down”.  Who exactly are “they”?  And what was with the lightning and thunder comment?

If he were actually visited by his departed wife, then we learn something about the afterlife.  The dead may be allowed to visit us in our dreams on occasion.  If so, then they must also be aware of what is happening to their living loved ones.  There also seems to be something of a gatekeeper (“they”) who regulates visitations. 

As for the lightning and thunder comment, I thought of this Old Testament bible verse, 2 Samuel 22:12-14:   Out of the brightness of his presence, bolts of lightning blazed forth. The Lord thundered from heaven; the voice of the Most High resounded.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I had a dream last night that I am not sure what to make if it. My Dad passed away on November 4, 2012. I’ve been crying a lot and asking for a sign that he’s okay. I dreamed that we were at his calling hours. He got up from the coffin but his body was still there. So there were 2 of him. Everyone was scared because he was supposed to be dead. He said not to be scared everything was okay. Everyone else was to scared to hug him yet I did hug him. Then all of a sudden he looked younger like he was in his 30’s and he was wearing working men’s clothes with a tool belt. My Dad never wore a tool belt while he was slice. When he was younger he was a farmer then later a logger then when he was in his 40’s he went to college and got his bachelors and ended his working career at a sit down office job. The corpse was still in the coffin, yet he was dressed up like a carpenter, which he never did that kind if work in real life. I don’t know what to make of this. After he got dressed, I woke up.

  2. David Says:

    Thank you for your story!

  3. David Says:

    Thank you too for your story!

  4. Jeanie Says:

    My Dad died in 2003. I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was walking near my apt. Stopping to chat with a girl.. I looked up & saw my Dad walking toward me. He had a beige over coat & looked as he did in his ’50’s . We hugged & I asked how ? Why? He said, ‘ they let me come – after all it’s been 9 years!’ Now I am the type of air head lady who remembers He passed in 2003 yet if you asked me how many years that was — I’d have to count on my fingers. The fact that he said 9 years… Iwoke up & counted backwards $ Hilt cow !! 2093 WAS 9 years ago!!

    A couple weeks before – I could not stop thinking of a dance teacher I had over 40 years ago. I knew she passed years ago in 1989. Suddenly I decided to look up her husbands name & there was his obituary– born 11/18 died whenever but the date I looked him up was his birthday !!
    I decided to try to locate their son — found an address & sent him a photo of his mom & me. I think after all these years – & because their son is mentally challenged — they were telling me to contact him.

  5. Angela Says:

    I had a very close friend who died alomst 20 years ago in his sleep from excessing drinking. Shortly after his death, I had a dream of being with him, walking through a field of wild flowers and we came to a city with gold, cobblestone streets and he told me I couldnt go any further with him. He told me he loved me and we said goodbye.
    I am now 5 months pregnant and keep having reoccuring dreams of him. In the dreams, I am not aware of him being dead, we are just together, having fun. One dream, his son was with him and I have not seen his son since his funeral, 20 years ago. I cant help but to think he is visiting me because I am pregnant, and he is happy for me. I pray this does not mean something bad.

  6. roland marrine Says:

    Help me to thank Doctor Jefferson for making to communicate with my dead father.My dad made me who i am today.But death took him away from me.He dead 2 years ago as a result of stroke.Ever since i messed him a lot.I dream of him,i was told that it was possible to communicate with the dead,i saw testimonies om the internet on how Jefferson has been helping people to communicate with their dead ones.I contacted him i guess i was able to communicate with my late father it was so easy.if you need his help you can write him on his email

  7. David Says:

    Hi Roland,
    I can’t let anyone’s email appear here since bots will pick up email and send a ton of spam their way. I am sure they can find him on google if they wish.

  8. Frances Says:

    My son passed last April, after a short illness. One week after his death, I received a visitation. It was vivid and I was in a waking state. He appeared as he had when he was healthy. He was crying. I could see the tears glistening on his cheeks. His eyes were shut. He spoke to me telepathically, as his lips never moved. I asked him repeatedly why was he crying. He said that he didn’t want to go. He wasn’t ready to leave, but he had to leave. He was leaving behind a 2 month old son. He said that he had left something for me. Then he floated toward me and it was as if his spirit merged with mine. I felt his sorrow as if it were my own. Then he disappeared. I was left totally shaken.
    It was such a painful time. The next day I suffered a heart attack. Eventually I came home from the hospital and was recovering. A friend of my son posted a tribute for my son on utube. It was a video put to music. The first time I saw it, it affected me as his first visit did, but I forced myself to watch it daily. No matter how difficult it was to see this, I felt a compulsion to watch the video every day. One morning as I was watching it, a strange thing happened. It was as if it slowed down and my son’s image slowly came out from the video screen, like halographic image. I heard him say, “I’m o.k., Mom. I’m o.k.” Them I heard him sigh and he said, “Gee, that was tough to say”. I felt a calm feeling and found myself smiling, instead of crying.
    I have had several visits from him, about 2 months apart. The last one was when I was in a waking dream state. I heard a phone ringing and being answered. There was someone on the other end of the phone, but there was a slight hesitation. Then I heard a familiar voice say, “Hi, it’s me.” I recognised the voice and the slight stutter immediately. I was surprised and aksed, “Nigel????” Then I heard a giggle. When I opened my eyes, I was wide awake and smiling. If you knew my son’s sense of humour, this is just something he would do. So when I feel a familiar hand gently touching me, I am not afraid. Why should I be afraid of my son? He would never hurt me. I feel comforted.
    I am glad that I found this website. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in my experiences.

  9. Caroline Says:

    My husband died December 16,2012. I need to communicate with him. I’m having a very difficult time. I miss him so much. The only way I can get through each day is by taking medication every 5 hours. Will taking the medication have anything to do with not being able to communicate with him in dreams?

  10. Frances Says:

    Dear Caroline,
    Your grief is still very recent. You stated that you are on medication, which I assume is an antidepressant. Please give yourself some time to heal. Some people face their losses cold turkey, as I did, but some people need help.
    Yes the medication can affect your sleep patterns and dream patterns. This is true with many medications, not just antidepressants. As you heal and eventually wean yourself off of the meds, you will return to a more natural and receptive state of mind.
    These visitations are not something you can conjure up at will. If you and your husband were close in life, that connection will bring his spirit back to you. It takes time sometimes. Be patient and concentrate on your own physical and mental health for now. Your time will come.

  11. Joanne Says:

    I had a dream of which my dead brother was in it I was somewhat taking back of him being there so I said to him Your Dead . He wondered why I said that and looked at everyone else I said you die ! Still not quite sure he looked around again. I don’t really remember much after that.It makes me wonder about this most people say its evil thing to dream about dead people talking to them.

  12. jackie Says:

    It has been so inspirational reading other peoples dreams. I would love to share mine with you all. My mum passed away in May 2012 she had cancer very sudden and before we all realized what was happening she died very sudden, About 3 months ago in my sleep i had a vision of her i say this as that is what it felt like to me not so much a dream of her but a wonderful experience. I remember my auntie who passed away 7 years ago getting my attention in my dream she was very close to my mum i asked her what she was doing here she said we are always here i said what is my mum here she said yes and then the amzing thing ever happened this bright ball of light appeard in front of me it got bigger and bigger and it took me into it it wasnt so much what i saw at first but it was the feeling that i got from the light warmth love energy and then my mum appeard she was younger and she didnt say anything to my but just looket at me i was so emotional and it looked as though she was trying not to cry but just smiled at me i tried to reach out and touch her but my hand just went through her then she dissapeard but again what happened next was amazing it was like a slide show of images or pictures of her when she was younger i have never seen any pictures of her before and there was one picture of her that stayed in my mind . Then i woke up i havnt been able to forget what happened that night it was truly a vision it was so real especially the feeling that i got from it. I have since spoken to my mums sister who helped me find the picture in my dream just how i remembered her i have had in enlarged and it sits proudly in my dining room beside an old photo of my mother in law i think it was my mums way of telling me she wanted an old photo of her there too.

  13. Kay Kraeuter Says:

    A man I had a long term affair with many years ago, and recently passed on, came to me in a dream. I never spoke with him, but we was eager to talk to me. All I remember him saying in my dream was “have a good sleep,” and then I woke up. Very strange.

  14. mercy Says:


    I have lost my husband and soul mate to suicide. Is he still with me? Can he see, me, talk to me and communicate? I’m lost, as I don’t feel him with me right now. It’s as if there is a wall between us, he’s on the other side, and knows he can’t come back. He’s always said we were destined to be together forever.This was all the question i asked my self until i contacted Doctor kelvin that helped me to answer all those questions

  15. RICK Says:


  16. David Says:

    I am sorry for you. Give it time. Don’t go to some psychic. You’ll know when the time comes. I have a dear friend, a short older lady who married a much taller, much older man. He died, and she wished she could just have a dream of him, but it didn’t happen until nearly a year later. Her dream was amazing, for she saw him as he was at his peak, and not as the old guy suffering with his severe stroke.

    Know what? I need to talk to her again and write her story. Rick, give it time. This lady is just now getting over her husband’s death, and it was three years ago. Time heals all wounds, but sometimes it takes a lot of time.

  17. Crystal Says:

    My mother passed away from Cancer on 2-15-2013 and she went peacefully as far as I know. We loved her and she loved us – but the strangest thing happeened and I don’t know what to tell my 18 year old daughter… She was grandma’s little girl.. My mom always had that gift and she told my daughter a few years ago that she had the gift as well.. Anyways, after my mom passed, about two week later, my daughter had a visit from grandma and she said that it was so real – She dreamed that her grandma pulled up at her house in her car and she said that grandma looked just like she did when she passed – Skinny and sick and asked leslie to get into the car and so she did and they were driving around and she said that grandma starting nodding off and she told grandma to pull over and she would drive and she asked her grandma why she was still there, didn’t she know that she passed away and grandma said “yes I know” but I haven’t crossed over yet. Immediately my daughter woke -She is so frightened over that dream. Does anyone know what happened and why and how we can help ?..

  18. Gerri Gerlach Says:

    I asked my mother before she died to give me a sign from the other side. Well, she has been doing do for seven years now. We came home from the hospital around 4:30 am after she died to get her insurance papers she kept in a lock metal box. I went into her bedroom to get the box out of the closet and the box was sitting on her dresser with the key next to it in a plastic container. I was in her bedroom the day before that to get her watch off of her dresser to take to the hospital. There was no metal box on her dresser and I was the only one who had access to the house. I was also the only one who knew about the metal box. So how did the box get on her dresser. I think she did it. My mother leaves little things around my house. She has always left two items side by side. I found two quarters under a leg chair, two buttons under a rug, and two fifty cent pieces sticking out from under my dresser. I think the two signifies she is with my father. I had lost my watch three years ago and I asked her to help me find it. I found the watch on the date that she died on February 15th in a box in the basement that I frequent three times a year for holiday window lights. I was putting away the Valentine’s Day heart lights and I was shocked and so happy I found the watch. Keep watching over me mom. I love you.

  19. Lisa Says:

    My Grandad passed away at 77 years old on the 10th of March ,2013 while sleeping. He was the most wonderful grandad anyone could ask for, he held our family together, and he gave us strength , taught us that we should never hate anyone, and should always be forgiving.I have such wonderful memories of times with him as a child, filled with adventure, laughter , and many happy memories by the sea.I visited him 2 months before he passed on during xmas season 2012 and he kept saying that he was going to go soon.He was different , in that he would read the bible more,he made me record his sermons in church, and he even made me take pictures of him in his suit and tie. When he passed on, i felt sad but also at peace because i knew he had been preparing himself for the afterlife and He wasnt sick or had to suffer. My grandad was such a wonderful mentor, and i felt that he understood so much more about life, and how treating people with kindness was the main theme of his life.In the first 3 days after his death, I would see him smiling in visions and i remember laughing in my sleep because i saw him smiling. How he died reaffirmed in me the presence and the existance of God,and the teachings that my grandad made to us his grandkids made me realize the importance of living a good life, and that heaven existed for the righteous.After he passed, He visited one of our family members with Archangel Michael by his side,and he looked young. His main message for us his family was not to worry about him, but to try and get to where he was, and he said he enjoyed it very much and was about to tour the great city of heaven. It was comforting to know he was alright on the other side. He said that he had fallen asleep and heard the Lord Jesus call his name, so he stood up from his bed and followed him. And he said he stood in great emptiness and heard his name called to go forth into the light of God. This was reaffirming to us. His death has bought a huge hole in my life and the life of our family, for he was part of the strength and the hope that everyone looked to. The verse in Revelations 14:13 rings true when i look at the life of my grandad where it is written:
    “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” His funeral was filled with people of all walks of life and when he passed away, it was on a sunday morning, with his church congregation at his side all dressed in white. If there is something i want people to know , it is that our deeds follow us,our loved ones visit us, as well as reaffirm the belief that heaven exists and that death must not be feared, but a motivation to a better life,to a wonderful new place that we can all look forward to.Thank you for Reading.May God Bless You Heaps and give you Comfort.

  20. Cici Says:

    Hi everyone.
    I just woke up from a wonderful dream that has changed my mood completly from being depressed to happy. My boyfriend died on his bed on the early morning of the 9thof March 2013. He had noctornal epilespy and died of a fit. I was not at house when he died as he was visiting his mum i never got a chance to say goodbye i was heartbroken. He left behind our two beautiful daughters one of three years old and a 5weeks old newborn baby. After he had died i felt a strong presence of him around me every day i dreamt of him one night and it was pleasant we where out on a date it felt so real i felt ok after that until the day we buried him on the 28th of March 2013. It got rough for me i started to grieve really badly deppressed and unhappy i asked for a sign his ok i cried and cried . On the 5th of april 2013 i had this really vivid dream during the night as a woke to feed the baby as shes breast fed as i layed down in the early hours of the morning almost instantly the dream began. I remember being told by his family i could see him one last time again that the doctors had giving a drug to wake him for a time period of time. As they did they gave me address to where he would be i raced there i could see him at the front of a counter what looked like he saying his goodbyes to everyone he knew. I moved to the front pushing past everyone seemed his whole family and friends were there at last i reached him i looked at him he stared at me with a warm smile. We had arranged to go to the place where for some reason i wanted to purchase a black front door dont onow what for but i went along with it. He looked ok happy and smiling he said maybe its best you didnt purchase the door we havent got much time left. I felt that he knew that there wasnt much time left and he also knew he had died. Aware of this we went to what seemed like the family home we where holding eachother in silence staring smiling i sat between his legs we held on one and other. Before long i felt his legs got stiff it seemed the drugs where wearin off we knew this so i comforted him he started to feel sleepy his family gathered around him so say goodbye he looked happy peaceful before he drfted off i placed my two girls beside him and everybody layed with him. Words appeared in front of my eyes babe it was a pleasure being with you i felt his love then he fell asleep. I woke up feeling happy i even smiled. I believe my boyfriend was trying to comfort me in this difficult time letting me know he is ok it was a beutiful dream i believe the dead do comunicate with you through dreams .

  21. tabatha eccles Says:

    reading all of these comments has made me feel so much better… I lost my grandfather september 30th 2005. My father was never around so his father (my grandfather) help my mother raise my brother and myself. we were the closest ones out of all the grandkids.. when he became very sick I was 16 years old, and going thru many personal issues with drug use. I was not able to say goodbye to him and only saw him one time while he was sick in the hospital for a year or so…. I was not in the state of mind to handle any of it so I avoided it. I have been sober for over 4 years now, have a beautiful family but I still feel incomplete… Everyday I have to live with the regret of my decisions and actions…. the last time I remember seeing him he was very ill looking and he couldnt control his bladder (urinating himself) I go through everyday thinking of my poor decisions and missing him and hating myself for not being there….

    a few months ago, I had a vivid dream. He was in my mothers kitchen ( he has never been to my mothers house, she had purchased it when he was already beginning to become ill) and i was washing dishes at a holiday party with my mother’s side of the family… and i remember so vividly his presence and touch come behind me i didnt need to look at him, i just KNEW it was him. he said i miss you, i responded i miss you too and tears instantly came down my face as well as his. i felt his tear drops fall on my shoulders as i said are you ok? he responded yes and just disappeared instantly…. i woke up immediately filled with tears on my face my chest my shoulders, everywhere i felt them drop in the dream… I have never a dream about him. not even when he first passed. this was my first and only.. please someone tell me this was real, it would help ease my mind and my heart

    my heart is heavy………

  22. David Says:

    Thanks for your story. I personally believe many of these dreams are indeed contact with our deceased loved ones. If there is life after death, then why would those we love not want to visit us in our dreams to comfort us? I would if I were able. These types of dreams are very different then the typical dream. You just can feel the difference.

  23. Christina Says:

    Hi ppl I have never seen a ghost in person while awake.. But cple a month ago a had a dream of me and my partner in bed.. He was sleepin in the dream but a was awake the lay out of my room an everythin in it was real :/ , and ther in the corner of my room was a ghost of an old man a don’t know staring at me a kept closing my eyes hopin he dissapeared. But no he came over too my bed and touched my shoulder which then caused a numb feelin down my left side. Dream was so real but a felt scared of this old man and dnt know a phsycic told me he might of wanted to give u a message x then last nyt in my dream again I was awake in bed and the ghost of my gran biddick in a white long nytgown which she wore yrs ago, she was beside my bed staring at me but kept leaving and coming back just drifting into fin air :( she never spoke to me tho just stared xxx

  24. Hailey Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what to think of this dream I had and I’m not sure if I should just pass it off as a dream or not. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. When he was 8 years old, his sister passed in a car accident on prom night. Next weekend is the day it happened about 10 years ago and I had this dream earlier this week.
    The setting is fuzzy, but I believe I was in my boyfriends parents house. I was looking at a wall I their living room full of pictures they have of their family members. I don’t remember much of what else happened, but I do remember seeing his sister and talking to her. A film reel came into mind, of pictures of my boyfriend when he was a baby and when he was A child (hes 19 now). While I saw all that I could hear his sister talking about their mom being 30 or 40 and being very depressed (I assume this is how old their mom was when it happened) and about how she was sorry and she wanted to help but she couldn’t do anything about it. A lot of strange things have also happened to me before when my own parents were together, but those things have ceased since the negative energy is gone. The only things that have happened now are feeling spirits close to me and feeling my shirt tugged or being tapped on the back and every time my boyfriends last name or an image of one of my boyfriends family members pop up in my head and I don’t feel afraid. Could his family be trying to contact me? The dream was very vivid.

  25. Margie Says:

    I lost a dear friend in May 2013 due to a tragic accident. Last night I had a dream that I was leaving to go to work and it was just as the sun was about to rise. When I opened the door I saw the back of a man standing in between mine and my husbands vehicles in the driveway. I stopped in my tracks due to fear and just waited for this person to move and when he turned around he had a smile on his face and it was my friend. I rushed over to him and just could not stop hugging him and trying to get him to come inside the house so we could wake up my husband and surprise him. He kept telling me he didn’t have much time but he wasn’t actually saying the words. He was smiling so much that I was waiting for him to giggle as I was all over him hugging him. I woke up and just laid there in bed trying to take in what just happened. Another time something similar happened, I had a dream that this same friend walked up behind me and proceeded to hug me but when I woke up I was laying on my side in bed and I could still feel the pressure of his arms around me. I recognized that it was him so I didn’t move because I didn’t want to lose him and the feeling he was giving me letting me know he was still there.

  26. Kristina Ruffin Says:

    I had a dream about my ex who passed a yr ago the day b4 my bday. I think about him and vist his grave at lest 2times a mo. I dreamed that we was was talking on phone and i remember talking and smiling in my dream. I cant remember in detail what we was talking about. But i know i was talking to him i wokw my self up bc i heard n felt i was talking. His voice sounded deeper but it was him.

  27. David Says:

    A phone is a good way for your ex to talk to you in a dream that makes sense in the dream. These dreams are often contact.

  28. David Says:

    That is a great story, thanks. It seems the deceased can’t relay much information, they just let you know they are ok. That seems the purpose of this contact…I’m ok, everything is fine. That is the message, and a comforting one.

  29. Sandra Says:

    My close friend Michael, who passed away in 2010, visits me frequently in my dreams. The first time was right after he passed. In the dream I was sitting at a table and he appeared in the chair next to me. He looked just like he did in high school, so handsome! He said that he was just checking in with me, that he was okay, and wanted to let me know that I would be seeing a lot more of him. Then in an instant he aged to the age he was at his passing and disappeared in a flash of bright, golden light. I woke with the most amazing feeling of peace and joy like I had never felt! Another time I was in a house at a party. There was a cut out in the wall between two rooms and I was watching people having a fun time in the other room. Suddenly Michael jumped through the window in front of me. I grabbed him and we hugged each other so tight. I told him I missed him so much. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and said, “Why?” I said, “I miss you because you’re dead.” He smiled at me and sort of chuckled and said, “Oh, honey, I’m not dead!” We walked outside together where a beautiful snow was falling and he disappeared. I had another one just the night before last. I was walking down a hallway in a building and he appeared next to me. We walked together and talked, and stopped and hugged for a long time. I asked him if I would be seeing him anytime soon, and he told me I have a lot of time left. He told me that late in life I will come into my “fortune” and showed me a video of a news broadcast about my passing. I vividly remember the date of the broadcast was April 1st, but there was no year. The broadcaster was talking about my influence on the world of fashion (I own a clothing boutique in real life). It was fascinating! Before we parted we hugged again and he told me he would see me in 70 years. When I woke up I did the math and that would put my age at death at 113 years old! I don’t know if that’s really going to be the case, but it’s interesting nonetheless. :) His visits give me great comfort, and I know that even though he is not physically here anymore he is still very much a part of my life. Peace to you!

  30. Dawn Says:

    Hello, I’m hoping the dream I had last night was my first love who past away one year ago.
    We were crazy in love 27 years ago. Sadly we went our seperate ways and truth is I really don’t know why. Too young I guess but I know what we had was real love. He left town and I never saw him again. I had a dream about him about a month ago and in this dream we were together again and I was so happy. The dream was very real and stuck with me for days so I started asking around to try and find him. I learned that he had just passed less than a year ago. This news crushed me. I have not been able to figure out why his death has affected me so when I haven’t seen him in 27 years. Truth is I have grieved for him like we were never apart. I loved the boy with all my heart but never knew the man he had become. I don’t know if I’m really grieving for him or for my youth. But I remember the way he felt and smelled and laughed and I have hurt over his death since the day I found out he was gone. I find myself talking aloud to him telling him I’m sorry we parted and that I’d give anything to go back and do things differently. Last night I dreamed I was walking home and while walking I just fell to the ground in sleep type state. Something picked me up carried me straight up to the sky and we were just flying through the air. I said, “Timmy is that you baby? ” there was no answer but I knew it was him. So I just said “don’t drop me. ” he flew me to a familiar place in town where we both lived back then and where I still live. I knew to go inside the store which is just a second hand junk type store and there were these little wind up type toys that walk when you wind them. Somehow I knew to keep them with me that he would wind them for me when he was near. He never spoke and I never saw his face or even a figure just a bright cloud type mist. I plan to go to that store Monday morning. I am just hoping to find the toys that were in my dream. Could this have really been him? After 27 years could he see how I was hurting for him and missing him? This was the sweetest dream I’ve ever had and I woke up feeling happy like I had truly been with him. Now I’m afraid he won’t reach me again or that it was just a dream. How can I tell?

  31. David Says:

    Death really is an illusion. The living just doesn’t know what is on the other side yet. We suffer from a lack of knowledge. I believe these dreams are a way to inform us, educate us. The message is…do not be afraid. And in time, we will all join our departed.

  32. David Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful story. It was touching. I think it could very likely been him. Some dreams are just too important. We can never truly know in this physical experience if such a dream is contact, but there are clues. Your story has plenty of such clues.

  33. leigh metcalfe Says:

    Hi ive been having some weird dreams hof my grandma recently .She died a few month ago from cancer and i was there with her in her last two weeks i looked after her fed her hardly slept never left her side. She had a friend called sue who commited suicide 2year ago and the pst week ive had two dreams thats she with sue and shes not happy and my grandmas realy hatefull towards me and its so real.when she died i thought she would go be with her mother and her husband in a better place i hate to fink shes with sue when sue was alive she wanted my grandma all to her self and tried to keep my gran from her family can someone please give me some answers??

  34. cheryl Says:

    In my dreams lately i’m having visions . The main one is alittle girl (i can discribe her clearly). Shes being held in a shed thats dugout once you get in and shes being held there. Im trying to find where she is around me . I can see the outside clearly now. Two nights ago i wet to her in my dream/vision trying to see more . She didn’t want me to go so she reach out and grabbed my arm. But i had to go. I woke up in the morning witha child size handprint on my arm where she grabbed my arm. My sister couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There are no childrenin my home and i had been telling her about the little girl for days before .i will eep searching till i find her.hopefully i will.

  35. Kathy Says:

    I am not sure what I believe, but I do know that I have had 2 dreams in my life that has left me wondering. The first was 19 years ago when my twins were infants. I had been giving them a bath when i walked away to get their clothes. When I came back to the tub, one of the twins had fallen over and was under the water. I quickly scooped him up and hung him over my arm to help him get the water out that he had swallowed. Long story short, he was okay and I had never left them alone in the tub again. That night when I went to sleep I had a dream that I was in a pitch black place with a very bright light shinning on me. As I moved toward the light, I could hear so many people talking who were just outside of the light. I never understood what they were saying or even saw them but I knew they were there. As I walked to the light I dropped to my knees and started crying so hard it was painful. In my arms was a baby however, I do not know who the baby was because I would not look at it. the light was talking to me not in words but more like through my mind. The light was being very stern about what had happened to my baby earlier but also loving and I was apologetic but again not in words but in thought. I never understood what was said but I understood what was meant. Later that night my husband came home from work and asked me what I had been cooking. I asked him why and he told me that the house smelled like his grandmas when she was cooking. Of course his grandmother had long passed away and I had not cooked anything that night…..My second experience was just recently. My dad passed away a year ago and my mom passed about 6 months ago and I have been missing her very much. I had another dream similar to the first. I dreamt that both of my parents came to me as a bright light and again I was crying because of the pain of loosing them. My father never spoke but my mother said in clear words “its not easy is it” and then the both left me crying. I knew that she was referenceing my difficulty dealing with her lose. This dream left me angry to some degree with her for not comforting me but chastising me instead. The odd thing is, that was how she was to me in life, very loving but not very supportive. Again, i don’t know if I truly believe that I was visited by someone from the “other side” but these experiences had most certainly left me to wonder…

  36. Michelle Says:

    My grandmother passed a couple of months ago. I miss her and have asked her to visit me in my dreams if she could. I had not felt her presence or anything, in fact I was almost upset by it. I thought maybe that’s not how things work or maybe she was busy catching up with her own mother.

    Last night I had a dream where she was hugging me, she kissed my right cheek and then my left. When she kissed my left cheek it’s hard to describe it but it was like she shouted, I love you Shelly bean! And the she was gone and I immediately woke up and wanted to call out to her, but did not. I don’t really remember her calling me Shelly bean in life, Shelly, yes all the time. But it was so real and it was her only younger, her hair was dark, her face full and in life she wore dentures. I remember her smiling and noticing her teeth. In life she was depressed often and not confident and she died from cancer. In my dream she was healthy and so happy, the whole experience was full of love. It’s hard to describe it. Funny thing, today we were at my mother in laws for Easter dinner and she usually serves green bean casserole. I heard my sister in law ask her if she just wanted green beans and she said yes. When I went to the buffet, they were Shellie beans!

  37. Kalyn Says:

    I just experienced one of the most amazing things. I lost my grandmother in May of 2014. I still think of her often, several times a day. I bottle my emotions for about a week and then it comes out all at once about once a week. I was crying and telling my husband that I just hope that my grandma was able to understand me when I told her I wanted to be just like her right before she had passed away. It was so important to me, and she was only able to hold my hand and sort of nod her head as a reply. Well tonight after my husband had fallen asleep. I was laying there beside him in tears… My husband rolled over and said in a very soft, sweet tone, ‘I love you sweetie, you’re my favorite little me’. I replied me? And my husband said ‘mhum’. (which he never says mhumm by the way). I sat there and thought, well that’s weird.. Maybe he was thinking of our daughter? And then its just hit me so hard that it had to of been a message from my grandma. It felt so good to hear that, I kept replaying it in my head over and over. There was no way my husband knew to say that either. It was truly a message from her. What and amazing experience, I thanked her so much for that and told her I loved her so much. I woke up my husband soon after and asked if he knew he said something? And he had no recollection.. I explained to him and he said maybe it was, we talked about how he slept talked all the time. Just so amazing to me. My grandma raised me, so it meant so much to me. I hope I can tell others without them thinking I’m insane.. I want to tell everyone how amazing it was!

  38. Brandi Says:

    I lost my twin on nov 22 2013. He was born with cerebral palsy and the last six years of his life I had guardianship of him and was glad to be able to care for him. I have had one dream since he has passed. In my dream he stood so tall, he had always been in wheelchair and was never able to walk, in which truthfully, I rememeber feeling scared in my dream because he was towering over me. Then I rememeber asking him “well are you gonna hug me” we did. But I remember his mouth moving but not being able to hear the words. He wasn’t able to speak in life as well. That has always bothered me that I never knew what he was trying to tell me in dream. And now I’m upset because I haven’t gotten another visit. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt of his passing. Because he was in my care, I should have noticed something been able to do something! He’s my twin, one minute apart. I miss him terribly! Just wish he would visit me!

  39. alexus Says:

    hello:) I had a very vivid dream in 2011. still remember it today. I can’t forget it. My ex boyfriend, and really close friend, passed away. we dated 4 years and we’re close friends about 5 years until his death. anyways, THAT NIGHT he passed, I was devastated. I cried and cried so hard, I fell asleep. My sister at the time, was very sensitive to ghosts. she could see them and said they looked like normal people. while I was sleeping, she seen him. he was looking over me very confused, as if he didn’t understand what was happening. He looked at her puzzled, and vanished. while I was sleeping, I had my dream.. me and him were walking in this different “world” . it was the space between the living and heaven? Im not sure BUT he was stuck there. he told me that they were all his family members that were with him, but their soul wasn’t there, it was basically just their body and he didn’t like it at all. he said “Alexus you have to let me go.” telling me that if I keep this strong hold on him, he can’t leave. so, I said John ok I’m ready. I told him I would let him go. he smiled at me. we were touching very gently, and he disappeared. BUT his clothes were on the floor where he was. JUST his body vanished,nothing more. it was tragic to see, but so beautiful. I’m sorry I had him there. but I never dreamt of him again. I did once years later,but I don’t remember it. we were talking though. it’s so weird because he was such a huge part of my life and I barely had one vivid dream? I truely believe that I let him go and he went into another space.. I just want to see him again so he can explain.

  40. Claire Says:

    My dad died suddenly and traumatically. I had trouble sleeping and ended up on the sofa on this particular night.I had a vivid dream that he was sat on the end of the sofa holdings my new born baby who was called Cora. The name bears no link to anyone I know and I am not expecting a baby. My 2 other children were in the dream sat opposite him. I am really interested to know what this means.
    I have also had a dream where I have,floated above my body with my dad. I could see myself below. I wasn’t scared and when I woke up felt happy

  41. Laura Says:

    My Mom passed away 3 months ago. She’d been in a lot of physical pain for years and she was ready to go. Last night I had a dream that I was lying in a bed with my Mom and she was hugging me so very tight, nonstop for what seemed like several minutes. When she was alive, she couldn’t even lay in a bed. In my dream, as I hugged her tightly back, I noticed that she was pain free and happily smiling. I even smelled her natural scent. Then suddenly I found myself drift up to the corner of the ceiling. I looked down and saw us on the bed. I was confused because I thought I might feel my Mom pass away in my arms, but why was I floating? So I went back down to the bed. Held her a last time, then woke up. When she was alive, my Mom always told me when I went to visit her to give her a hug. Even though nothing like this had ever happened to me before, I was convinced as I awoke that she paid me a visit. I felt very comforted and unafraid.

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