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Seance Orbs

Seance Orbs

On Halloween Eve, this Saturday night before Halloween I visited some friends.  In the spirit of the holiday I suggested an impromptu informal seance.  My friends were a bit hesitant at first but I convinced them. 

After midnight we lit a candle dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.  We held hands and spoke with the departed, those we knew who had recently passed away.  Mostly it was ourselves expressing our feelings concerning those who had died, sharing our memories.  If the dead could actually hear us is anyone’s guess.  But I wouldn’t discount it.  The holding of hands is the essence of what a seance is about; the rest is window dressing.  There is something about the shared experience that gives the seance its significance.

Tarot cards used in seance

Tarot cards used in seance

Afterwards I did some tarot card readings, which I also feel is an effective tool for contacting the spirit world.  I read the cards rarely.  My personal experience is the more I use them the less effective they become.  However Halloween Eve is a great time for tarot readings!

When we had finished, I took some pictures.  One never knows if we will capture something.  I randomly took pictures all around.  The next day I checked out my photos, and I saw something.  A few orb photos.  In general orbs in photos don’t mean anything; they are the flash reflecting off of dust or such.  But in this case I caught orbs in the same general location, which was curious.  I combined them into an animated gif and the result was interesting, as shown above.  It feels like the orb is moving, perhaps having passed through the wall, and was now…hovering.  Was this orb a visitor to our seance?  Could it be a spark of life force that remained?  Or just dust?

Large Seance Orb

Large Seance Orb

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  1. Barbara Says:


    I’m very interested in Orbs. I took many photos of it, and some of it i show in my blog (category “Orbs”). Do you know the site of Diana Cooper, the angel specialist? There are many photos too:


  2. Beth Says:

    Hello.. I wandered upon this site while researching the book of revelation 7 seals that were discovered. I have to say that what you are experiencing is most definably certain and real. Unfortunately, what you are dealing with are “familiar spirits”. A familiar spirit is a demonic spirit that has certain foreknowledge of one or many human beings that had once been alive that a particular demon is under strict orders to watch and in turn after the human being has died, the demonic spirit is knowledgeable of that person’s traits and characteristics that are familiar to those who knew that deceased individual.. I know from my own personal experiences that is true.. I am not judging you, I will only warn you that, at first, these demons will act friendly and alluring, but within time, after you dwell deeper into the occult as I once did, that demon will manifest its true nature and essence.. Satan is real and he has demons that personally are in charge of attacking you and every person on earth. He will appear as an angel of light, only once he trusts he has you, he will not stop until he destroys your and takes your soul to Hell. Please Please be careful, as I believe God almighty, the author and finisher of our faith, only through Jesus Christ, has led me to this site to warn you.. I know that the power of Jesus Christ is everlasting and he is the only door in which you and I and every human being must enter through to be saved from everlasting torment.. Please ask the LORD JESUS CHRIST to open your eyes and ears and heart to the truth……. Thank you! Beth Burleson

  3. David Says:

    Hi Beth,
    I would not disagree with you. I accept the reality of demons, and demons can pretend to be the souls of the dead. However, the spirits of the dead can actually be the spirits of the dead too. We need to be cautious since we may not discern the difference. This seance was not a good experience; it did have a strange feel to it.

    Dabbling with seances and spiritualism has dangers. But it has its benefits too. The benefit is when we experience a true encounter with spirits, good or bad; it confirms the existence of a spiritual reality. The greatest danger to spirituality is not demons, but disbelief in anything spiritual.

    I limit my exposure to spirits. I’ve had my own scary experiences.
    However, my curiosity exceeds my caution. I look at these experiences as spiritual exploration. Just don’t fall down the mountainside. Thanks for the concern.

  4. Dwijayasblog Says:

    That’s very interesting view. I wonder, what do you feel when you saw it? You seem to believe that the orbs are a spirit.

  5. David Says:

    Hi Dwijayasblog,
    I don’t believe every orb is a spirit, but some orbs may reflect a spirit. I actually felt a sense of foreboding. It was not a pleasant feeling. IF this was a spirit (IF), it was not a happy one.

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