I support the right to burn the Koran, or any other book.

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I support the right to burn the Koran.  I also support the right to have a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero.  In the news has been a lot of nonsense about Islam in America.  Both stories concerned the near Ground Zero mosque and a Florida preacher wanting to burn the Koran in response, which made world wide news.  Why are we having this discussion in the media?  What possible significance does it have?  None.

If someone wants to burn the American flag, or the Bible, or the Koran, it may be offensive, but a lot of things in life are offensive.  So what? If someone wants to build Jewish synagogue, a Mormon temple, or a Jehovah’s Witnesses church nearby and you disagree with their beliefs…too bad.  In America we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

In 1977 neo-Nazis tried to win the legal right to march through Skokie, a suburb of Chicago with a large Jewish population, many who survived the holocaust.  It was quite the controversy at the time, with legal attempts to block the march.  These many years later, it had no impact outside of clarifying the importance of free speech, even repulsive speech.  The best answer to repugnant speech is to let haters talk and for society to ignore them in the rumble of many voices.  Let these hateful voices of ignorance and intolerance howl into the wind speaking to their self.

Yet, now something is different.  The controversy over the mosque near Ground Zero seems to be inspired by self-serving politicians and talk show commentators looking for ratings.  There are votes and money to be made from such controversy, from exciting prejudice and bigotry.  Looking for publicity, Newt Gingrich equated Islam with Nazism.  Other politicians looking for political advantage piled on criticizing the proposed mosque.  Pundits and political “leaders” began stoking the fires of prejudice for their own personal gain.

It should be no surprise that in appealing to the passions of the ignorant, there would be fallout.  Now a Florida preacher threw out the idea of burning the Koran in protest to the mosque.  It is one thing for an ignorant preacher to burn books or neo-Nazis wanting to march thru a Jewish suburb, it is another when supposedly responsible politicians use prejudice for their own personal benefit.

The real problem is not with our exercise of freedom, but with the media.  Who cares if someone wants to burn books?  The media cares!  Just like the politicians, the media benefits from controversy.  They also make money out of stoking the fires of prejudice.  They have a 24 hour news cycle that needs to be filled.  By focusing on the actions of someone of no importance, we had leaders around the world commenting on this.  General Petraeus spoke out about how burning the Koran could cost of the lives of American soldiers and make their job more dangerous.  Very true, lives can be endangered.  Yet the media still publicizes the actions of a lone nutcase.

I am proud to live in America where I have the constitutional freedom of speech.  If I lived in Saudi Arabia or Iran, my blog about the occult, the supernatural and alternative spirituality would likely get me arrested or stoned to death.  Yet here in America, nobody notices.  I am one voice among many.  Thank goodness!

It is the responsibility of Americans to resist the ever present tide of know-nothingness and willful ignorance.  And also to support the right to ignorance. I don’t blame a preacher for wanting to express his beliefs, no matter how wacky. I blame the media, punditry and politicians for making this an issue to begin with.

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  1. Bella Says:

    I agree with you 100%. The media causes much conflict over what they WANT people to care about. Making a mountain out of a mole hill. They continue to aid in racism and predjudicy in this country as well. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this man expressing his feelings in burning this book, no more then other countries burning the American flag and the media showing this on television. I do however believe that building a mosque where thousands of innocent people died due to this muslim belief is spitting in the faces of the American people and dishonoring this country in doing so. I truly hope this mosque will be vandalized and be burnt to the ground in time.

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  3. David Says:

    Hi Bella,
    If anyone wants a mosque, they have the right regardless if anyone likes it or not. Our approval or distain is of no significance. Building mosques or burning books should not be a matter of debate. Now if someone breaks the law, then that is different. But people exercising their freedoms is not newsworthy.

  4. Jos? Says:

    So the Media might be behind all this, right?
    Never thought in this way.
    Despite that things like this are very common.
    I hope american people awake to realize that in many ways their own government is guilty of the painful sep-11 attacks.
    The american government still under much control of the Negative Secret Government aka. Iluminati.
    But in a few years it is expected that us human people reach our freedom from the so called Iluminati (the real ones and not the fake ones from movies).

  5. David Says:

    Hi Jos,
    Who started the rumble about the mosque 2 blocks away from Ground Zero? First it was the right-wing media looking for another way to slam Obama, then it was picked up by the general media, and it became an international story. I don’t get why this story is important. In a free country people start churches everyday. But the media found a hook to play…it was near Ground Zero OMG!

    As for a true Illuminati, I think we have one, and it is global Big Business. Now that the Supreme Court has given business the same rights as individuals to spend money on politics, BB will have total control shortly. They already control the world economy, now they will have mastery over our politics too.


  6. Jazz Says:

    I agree on all points. Personally, I’ve taken a step back from most mainstream media sources for a bit. I just can’t deal with regurgitated ignorance, and my sensitive nature was feeling flat out bombarded.

  7. David Says:

    I have to wonder why the mainstream media is making a big deal about a mosque? The answer is…money! Get people upset and watch the turmoil on TV (ratings). No surprise. But this is dangerous stuff we are dealing with in many ways when we deal with a billon strong world religion. America needs to be seen by the world for what we really are…a place where we call all believe whatever we want. Freedom is what America is all about, without freedom we are no different then any other nation.

  8. kimmie Says:

    So i agree but I do believe it is disrespectful at the same time. Yes if there is a church of one relegion on one side of the road and another one builds on the other then so be it. But it was followers of this religon that killed people in a tower that was once right there. Its just disrespectful.I’m sorry people should respect others no matter what and that includes us respecting them. So they could find somewhere else. Thats like the KKK going into a black community and trying to build there. (no i do not believe any of the KKK beliefs are right but they have freedom just like us)And not all people of this religon hate americans but…… come one respect!

  9. kimmie Says:

    O and yes I so am with you on the media thing. People we leave in a America find your own voice and thoughts and stop following the media around like a puppy. Thank God we are FREE!!

  10. David Says:

    If the Taliban wanted to build a mosque next door to ground zero, you might have a point. It was the Taliban that aided the 911 terrorists. Not all Muslims are the same. Regardless, how many blocks from ground zero is acceptable? Instead of 2 blocks, 3 blocks? 4 or 5? It is not up to our personal approval or disapproval to determine where someone builds a house of worship. Our personal opinion does not matter, thank goodness. Or someday someone might not let you worship as you choose.

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