Mason Symbols on Tombstones

Mason and OES symbols on a tombstone

Mason and OES symbols on a tombstone

I was checking out an old non-denominational cemetery looking for unusual gravestones and symbols on tombstones.  Always of interest are the Masonic symbols.  This cemetery has numerous headstones etched with them.  One symbol might take a bystander aback, like the gravestone pictured above.  Some stones have pentagrams!

Pentagrams are widely recognized as occult, Wiccan or pagan symbols.  When the upper point is aimed upward, it is considered positive.  If it is used as a symbol of diabolic intent, then the point is aimed downwards.  On some stones are these downward pointed pentagrams.  To the casual observer, there would appear to be satanic symbols in the cemetery.

However, all is not as it might first appear. Around this pentagram are the letters OES.  This stands for the Order of the Eastern Star.  It is a Masonic fraternal organization where both men and woman may join.  This is apparent in the tombstone pictured above, where both spouses have their own symbol.  The husband has the traditional Masonic symbol of the compass and level.  The wife has the pentagram with the letters O E S in the rays of the pentagram.  Unlike the diabolic inverse pentagram, this pentagram symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, the “star in the east” which appeared at the birth of Christ.  Here the ray points down towards the birth site of the Christ child in Bethlehem.

Another intriguing tombstone (pictured below) has the same Masonic symbols representing the husband and wife.  But underneath is a rare sight.  It is a plaque stating “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES”.  The meaning is “with your standard you shall have victory”.  It shows a cross tilted in a crown.  This symbol is associated with the Knights Templar Freemason organization.  This organization differed from most other Masonic associations in that they required belief in Christianity and not just a Supreme Being.

Images of pentagrams and Knights Templar conspiracy theories give some religious folk reason to scorn Masons.  I think this comes from a misunderstanding of what they are all about.  Or more likely, some religion people don’t want any competition from any fraternal organization that is non-denominational.  Such institutions might encourage people to think for themselves and we can’t have that happening, can we?

In hoc signo vinces on a masonic tombstone

In hoc signo vinces on a masonic tombstone

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  2. The Real American Says:

    It’s really neat how you made out like those who recognized these occult symbols for what they are – are, in fact, the truly ignorant and shallow minded ones. There is a reason why they keep their initiations and rites secret from outsiders… as there are reasons why you must progress within their organizations to learn more of their carefully kept secrets. Don’t kid yourself!

    The individual at the bottom of a bureaucratic pyramid works from a need to know basis making a metallic casing… another fashions a pellet from uranium… and yet a third person designs a new rocket motor. While their boss is assembling a missile… his boss is merely developing strategic capabilities… and his boss is exterminating his personal enemies. Millions work in the defense industry, but how many of them know to what overriding purposes?

  3. David Says:

    Hi Real,
    Those of us at the bottom don’t know what is going on. Look at the banking crisis that nearly destroyed our economy. Banks had all these complex financial products like derivatives. Even the government and investors did not understand them. Banks made tons of money until it all collapsed. It’s a scary thought that all along we were at the edge of disaster and nobody knew. The best secrets are those in plain sight.

  4. kimmie Says:

    im sorry Im not the correcting type person but I grew up and now hold to the non-denominational belief that I as Christians should not hold my self to a denomination that it only separates myself from Christ to fight over a stupid things instead of holding God close I would hold arguments close. So i have to say that in my eyes your use of non-denominational is incorrect please for give me for this i dont mean to sound mean or like a person that attacks over stupid stuff but i c the use of un-denominational to be the correct term. undenominational is the belief that we can all worship together no matter our beleif in who is God and who isnt. i dont really understand how people do this as if i believe in karon bible then i believe a whole other way so whatever floats peoples boats! Again I may be wrong and i am sorry but this is the way read it. And maybe this is a different place then your other blog that i have read where people of all beliefs were. Again sorry for sounding like a corrector lol. Happy blogging as i enjoy yours so much!!

  5. David Says:

    My personal religious conviction is in Esoteric Christian Universalism. Which believes Christ died not only for born-again believers, but everybody of every religion. We are not saved by dogma or theology. We are saved by love for humanity. If we don’t have this love, then the correct theology is meaningless. That is my personal belief, and I’ll admit very few people share it.

  6. kimmie Says:

    Interesting and ok i understand your point. I have a question for you I remb long ago hearing of Esoteric during bible study and learning that in religion it meant something diff than the normal definition of the word. I know this is off subject from your blogg but would you mind explaining to me the meaning of the word Esoteric in your religion? Does it mean something diff than the common English use. The use of the word I have always heard and used is- ” The understanding of something being know by a only one person or like a small amount of people only ………”. I dont see how the meaning of a word could fit into religion so I know I’m using the wrong meaning for the word

  7. David Says:

    Kimmie, esoteric generally means that there is hidden knowledge. And that nobody really understands the whole truth, that there are things hidden from us. Looking through a glass darkly, as the bible says. We have glimpses of a higher reality, but only a peek. We cannot see into heaven or hell, and we were not meant to. Yet sometimes the invisible world does reveal itself. Religions are full of esoteric knowledge, which require personal insight to understand. Like hiding the truth in plain sight, we still have a hard time grasping it.

  8. kimmie Says:

    Ok yes I understand fully now! Thanks I love it when people are able to explain in detail there religion and the reason for it. Some many people just follow. One of my greatest interest is diff religions and there meaning and why the diff from other religions. Just something I love reading about. Anyways thanks again and happy writing I do enjoy your writing.

  9. Danny Blue Blaze Says:

    hahahaha Rules of Cults 1. Lie 2. Deceit 3. Keep Secret.. Why do people keeping asking? These groups are sworn to secrecy to the point of death. They will never tell you the truth or allude to anything close. I think it’s interesting how the bible says that God is not one of confusion. Yet these cults hide everything and do everything in the dark while spreading mass confusion as to what there real purpose is. Those characteristics alone are not of the true God. But I do believe they worship something. In the end whats in the dark will be brought to light. That’s a promise from the true god. So stop asking about them and what their plan is. They think they can keep their rituals a secret. But God is going to force them into light revealing where the real power lies. And it’s not in secret societies..

  10. David Says:

    Hi Danny,
    My opinion, there aren’t any secret societies or cults with real power. People in robes doing rituals don’t scare me. The real power is with the economic and political elite. And they hide in plain sight! They are upfront about screwing with people (like the bankers just did). How many lives were ruined by the bankers’ greed? They actively work to promote their own interests at the expense of the population. Nothing secret about it either.

  11. Ken Says:

    Well Danny boy, secret rituals are anybodies right, and I’m sure your including everybody in your statement that God will bring them all to the light. Does that include the catholic church? What about the part about lie, and deceit? hmmm you must also be the one to set the world straight about the true god as well, I think you may find some people aren’t on the same page as you in that arena either. Lets not be to hasty about criticizing people who don’t believe the way we do. Especially when attempting to quote from the bible. There are many bibles, beliefs, and philosophies out there. Lets not forget that as we only read and study one religion, the others out there may only be reading and studying their one religion and drawing conclusion from their narrow perspective as well. An open mind can breed piece.
    David you are right about power. Perhaps the word itself is a rub.

  12. David Says:

    Hi Ken,
    I’d agree with you. Belief is not fact or science, it is opinion. Is one opinion more valid then another? I support the right for everyone to believe what they wish, so long as they don’t try to force their opinions on others. And we should never take our own belief too seriously. We all may be wrong, so an open mind is a virtue, to my way of thinking.

  13. Wlezley Says:

    Is there another one. :)

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