New moon at perigee followed hours later by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake.


Here we go again.  The new moon was at its peak August 10 at 03:09 UTC.  A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the pacific island nation of Vanuatu at 05:23 UTC, only a couple of hours later.  In addition, the moon was at perigee later the same day at 17:57 UTC.  This major earthquake was followed by numerous aftershocks.

Vanuatu appears particularly vulnerable to the tug of the sun and moon.  The earthquake struck at a depth of 27 miles/35 kilometers below the earth.  Perhaps the moon’s influence on the ocean’s tides can trigger earthquakes, but I doubt tides would cause a quake so deep underground.  

I don’t personally believe 2012 is the end of the world.  Yet, these celestially inspired earthquakes do make me wonder.  Famed psychic Edgar Cayce predicted major earth changes in the future as the Earth shifted on its axis.  Let’s hope he was not accurate, but there is always the possibility he was.  Nothing we can do about it anyway, so why worry?

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  1. Jose Says:

    It is said that Edgar Cayce is nowadays reincarnated in David Wilcock. Did you know about that? What do you think? David Wilcock says that in his past life as Edgar Cayce he was inspired or contacted eventually by spirits of mistake or somethink like that. Tha’s why some things he predicted never happened while others did ocurre.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Jose,
    I am not familiar with David Wilcock, but I will check him out. As for anyone’s claims about being the reincarnation of Cayce, I suppose anything is possible. And anybody can also claim anything too. I’ll have to read something about him.

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