Disembodied voice reveals winning lottery ticket number to a mom. Was it an angel?



On June 24 Lillian was out to buy her weekly lottery tickets.  Lillian is an elderly mom living in Chicago.  She was going to cash in a Lotto ticket worth $3 and buy her weekly $5 worth of Mega Millions and Lotto. 

While she was at the convenience store, she heard a voice that said “Play 7 9 0”.  She looked around and there was nobody near her.  The voice was not in her head, but clearly audible as if someone was talking next to her.  She thought it very strange.

At the cashier, she bought $5 worth of tickets.  But instead of playing her usual lottery, she asked to play the Pick-3 game, where three numbers are chosen.  She bought 5 Pick-3 tickets, all with 790 played straight.  The cashier asked if she was sure she wanted all 5 tickets with the same number, since that was apparently unusual.  Yes, Lillian wanted all the same number.

These tickets were for the mid-day drawing, and she was shocked when later the winning numbers were 7-9-0.  Each ticket was now worth $500!  Wow.  The odds of winning are 1,000 to one, but what are the odds of picking 5 tickets with all the same number based on a tip from a disembodied voice?


Lillian decided to give all 5 winning tickets to her adult children.  With the bad economy some of her sons and daughters were in some financial trouble.  They needed the money more then a long retired mom, which was not exactly true, but what gives a mom more joy then being a blessing to their children? 

My good friend Ted told me this story Friday night, the first time I heard of it.  He said he argued with his mom on the phone, that he didn’t want the ticket and she should keep it for herself.  But Lillian insisted.  All of her five children were getting one of the tickets.  It made Ted’s mom happy to be able to help her kids.

I discussed this event with Ted and his wife.  What did Lillian think about what happened?  Ted said she was as baffled as everybody else.  She had not clue how or why this occurred.  Ted had asked her mom if the disembodied voice was male or female.  She said it was neither.  Which is intriguing, since angels are said to be genderless. 

angel-protecting-childrenTed’s mom had incidences in her past where she sensed a family member was in trouble or dying.  He said Lillian seems sensitive to these things.  Was this disembodied voice her own psychic intuition speaking to her?  Or could it really have been an angel whispering in her ear, giving her a gift?  The fact that she gave away all of her winnings might be a clue.  Had she decided to keep the money for herself, this disembodied voice might not have given this suggestion to begin with.  But because it was for her family’s benefit, perhaps this was really a blessing from an angel, for reasons and purposes we can’t comprehend.  It really is a mystery.

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  1. Cecille Parillo Says:

    Hope it right place to ask. Is there any chance to boost likelihood of selecting the winning numbers? Thanks for your replays.

  2. Kate Says:

    My father died a little over 3 years ago in May. The previous Father’s Day, I heard a distinct voice say ‘This may be the last Father’s Day you have with your dad’. Every major holiday past that, I heard the voice say that using the correct holiday. One time was at the dinner table with our entire family, I was in the middle of speaking at it completely interrupted my train of thought, and my whole family looked at me as I completely lost what I was saying. Of course, I couldn’t say what happened. My dad was in great health. Three days after having a complete physical, which dad called a ‘well baby check’ and being pronounced in great health, he had a brain anyurism and died suddenly. I have not heard the voice since then and always wonder what it was.

  3. David Says:

    I am sorry about your dad. You have my sympathy. This voice could have been an angel giving you a warning, so that you would be prepared when the time eventually came. Perhaps the purpose was to reinforce the fact that despite all physical life is temporary, spirit is not. Having foreknowledge of this demonstrates this fact. It can offer comfort when the worst happens.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I ‘saw’ the 3 names of my daughter in the treetops, and named her that. 3 years later the girl who was to nurse my dying brother had the same name, her mother my daughter’s second name, and her grandmother my daughter’s third. This was in two continents, as my brother lived overseas at the time- What are the chances of that? The girl was a real angel, nursing my brother unselfishly, and without pay (she was his girlfriend) for the last 7 years of his life. My brother had no knowledge of this and we thought at the time the first names were a coincidence, later we knew of the family’s names as well. Weird, but there are angels on earth too

  5. David Says:

    It sounds like you experienced synchronicity. When there is a synchronicity, its time to pay attention. Something is happened behind physical existence. The meaning of synchronicity can be hard to understand, but we have to be alert. And yes, there are people on earth who vibrate like the angels. Some people are so filled with love and compassion for others; they are a small step away from the angels.

  6. maggie Says:

    I had an accident on a motorcycle 35 years ago, in the state of California, on my way to meet co-workers at Shakee’s pizza. Just moments before a drunk driver hit me broadside, crushing my leg, I heard a voice saying, “turn around, go to Jack-in-the-Box”. It was interesting to read that the lottery winner said the voice was neither male or female, because I could never place a gender on the voice that knew what was to happen
    to me. I sure regret not turning around.

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