Why fireworks scare evil spirits


I love fireworks.  A fireworks display brings me joy, what a wondrous thing to watch.  It reminds me of a man-made thunderstorm, and I love lightning storms too.  They are tools for celebration, from America’s 4th of July holiday to the Chinese New Year. 

Yet, fireworks had a different purpose with their origin in China.  One traditional use for fireworks was to scare away evil spirits.  That is one of the symbolic meanings of the firecracker, to chase away evil at the New Year.  I can understand the concept. Firecrackers would certainly scare animals away.  Throw a pack of firecrackers at a menacing carnivore, and it will run.  It seems logical firecrackers would also terrify evil spirits.

The problem is the idea assumes evil spirits are like stupid animals.  Why would incorporeal spirits be afraid of loud noises and flashes of light?  It would be imposing our concept of how the natural world reacts on the spirit world.  A reverse from what we normally assume as the divine influencing the material, here we have the physical moving the spiritual.  “As below, so it is above”?  Would a ghost be afraid of pyrotechnics, or would they enjoy watching the display along with the living?

Black Cat Firecrackers

Black Cat Firecrackers

In occult thought, there is actually merit with the idea many spirits are similar to animals.  Shaman had their animal totems, and what is a familiar spirit but a spirit in animal form.  Demons are portrayed as part animal, part human, with claws and wings…as a chimera.  In the old grimoires exist hierarches of infernal spirits, with their kings and dukes ruling over trillions of lesser spirits.  Yes…trillions, if we add up the math in the grimoires. The grimoires seemed to believe the spiritual world mirrored the material world.

Maybe there are many types of astral flora and fauna.  If the natural world has so many forms of life, why not the astral world?  The danger with these astral forms is if a human contacts them. And assumes astral wildlife are equal with humanity.  Imagine channeling a lesser, animalistic astral entity.  A good reason to avoiding channeling with just anything out there. With this idea we can see why firecrackers just might scare away lowly negative spirits. 

Notice the artwork on a pack of Black Cat Firecrackers.  The black cat is a symbol of the classic witch’s spirit familiar.  And the black cat is symbolic of bad luck.  The use of this imagery seems to be quite a coincidence.  Since the firecracker is imagined as the traditional tool to scare away evil, is the symbolism intentional by the makers of the Black Cat product?  From their website they understand their mythology, and they say in China a black cat symbolizes good luck instead. Black Cat Fireworks History

Fireworks would not have any effect on spirits at the human level.  If anything, pyrotechnics would attract the attention of the spirits of humanity and higher.  If we enjoy fireworks, so would entitles that are at our level of consciousness.  There is a Chinese tradition that firecrackers scare away evil, but do not scare good spirits.

A final thought.  We assume the spirit world is always superior to lowly humanity.  We underestimate ourselves.  All humanity, we are truly powerful spiritual beings, created in the image of God.  We are barely below the angels.  We just don’t realize it.  We are so far above the “evil spirits”; we don’t need firecrackers to scare them away.  We MAKE the firecrackers!

Below is a video I took of the fireworks grand finale in Chicago a few years ago.   Have a great 4th of July everyone!

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