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A blog about the paranormal and the occult comes in handy when socializing.  I’m on the lookout for people’s personal stories concerning encounters with the unusual.  When I mention blogs, I find many aren’t familiar or interested with the blogosphere, or just roll their eyes at my topic.  Yet, I also get stories from people who had unusual experiences.  Here is one such story about a teenager and his strange dream.

Rick is a 15-year-old who related a special dream to me.  Dreams in themselves are usually just that, dreams.  However Rick’s dream had some intriguing elements.  Rick’s dream occurred when he was 10-years-old.  He said it was so vivid he can remember the details clearly today.  Most dreams are not like this.  The details of a dream tend to fade away even if we happen to remember one.  These clear, memorable dreams are one clue a dream may be more then just a dream.

Rick’s dream was of his grandfather.  His grandfather died nearly a year before he was ten.  Rick’s grandparents originally came to America from Italy long ago.  However, Rick actually hadn’t seen his grandfather very often as his grandparents lived quite far away from his family. 

In his dream Rick’s grandfather spoke to him in his native Italian.  Rick does not speak any Italian, yet he understood every word his grandfather spoke to him.  And Rick somehow spoke back in Italian.  He could not explain that.  In the dream as they talked to each other, his grandfather put his hand over his chest, looked pale and staggered, falling face down on a street curb.  Rick saw him sprawled out with his arms and legs in a particular position. 

Rick awoke with this strange dream clear in his mind.  As a boy he did not tell his dream to anyone, until two years later at the age of 12.  He told his father his dream, and his father listened very carefully.  His father asked him about the exact position of the grandfather’s arms and legs.  When Rick related precisely what he remembered, his father was stunned.  Rick’s grandfather had indeed died on a street from a heart attack, and from a photo of the scene the father had seen, the position of the limbs Rick described was exactly what was on the photo.  Rick had never been previously aware of any of these details.

Speaking and understanding an unknown language and having knowledge of events that were unknown are certainly curious.  Did Rick’s grandfather visit him in a dream?  Or was this a clairvoyant dream, where Rick saw events as they transpired in the past?  Or both?

Here is another story about a clairvoyant dream I posted:


An element both stories share is the clarity of the dream, how it sticks in the mind, and how it seems as if the dreamer is actually present witnessing the event.  Curious indeed.

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  1. Jasmine Says:

    I need help. I’m not sure if it’s a dream or not but I need answers. So just about every 2 nights I have this experience. It started in September. The first time this happened I was in a shared room with my little brother. It was around 6am. I woke up to my mom’s voice. I was going to get up but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move my body or my head. I could breathe and open/close my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw this big blur. A big figure of a blur. I could feel it breathing on me. My hair would move back as if I was standing in front of a fan. I closed my eyes hoping it would go away but it was still there when I opened my eyes. I blew at it really hard and I got it angry. It started breathing harder on me. The breathing of it got stronger and faster. Then… nothing. It was gone when I opened my eyes. I ran to my mother as fast as I could. I was terrified.
    This happened on several occasions. The same blur and the angry breathing. But then when I switched from sharing a room to my own room, it got worse.
    The first few nights in my new room I was ok. Then it happened again. I woke up and was frozen. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. I felt the breathing. That night I was sleeping on my back with my arms spread out next to me. They felt like they were pinned down. I was scared. Then I closed my eyes and opened them. Once again, “it” was gone. The following morning I found small bruises. They went away.
    The next dream that got worse was just last night. I was sleeping in my mom’s bed with her because I fell asleep there. I woke up in the middle of the night again. Once again I was frozen. But this time I felt something heavy on me. Like a person. I could hear the breathing. I tried waking up my mom but she wouldn’t wake. I tried using all my energy to move and yell. I kept my eyes shut for a while then I opened them and saw nothing. It disappeared. It frustrated me. I want to know what it was. I found another bruise on my arm this morning. I’m getting really scared. Whatever “it” is, it’s getting closer and hurting me. Please give me tips or advice. Something…

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