Widow has a vision of her future husband

Vision of a future husband

Vision of a future husband

I knew someone who personally told me her intriguing story about a prayer that was answered.  Many years ago Judy became a widow after her husband passed away, leaving her alone to raise her three daughters.  She greatly missed her deceased husband, and for a number of years she struggled to take care of her family as a single parent.  It was not easy.  She was lonely and with all her responsibilities she despaired of ever finding another husband to share her life with.  She told me that one evening years ago she was feeling especially depressed.  Judy was a religious person, and she knelt in prayer asking God if she would ever remarry again or if she was destined to be forever alone.

Suddenly, a vision appeared before her.  In her darkened room she was astonished to see the face of a man with a mustache and wearing glasses.  This apparition lingered for a few seconds and was gone.  She did not understand what she saw, but she had a feeling of peace. 

A few months later a new neighbor moved into a home a few houses down from where Judy lived.  He was the exact man she had seen in her vision, including glasses and mustache.  To make a long story short, they got together and were eventually married, and are still married to this day. 
A true story.

hands-in-prayerHow should we view Judy’s story?  It certainly could be God answering her prayer, a blessing letting her know everything was going to be ok.  Yet, perhaps her vision of her future husband was a psychic premonition.  Was her vision from God or from her inner self?  Does it make a difference?  Perhaps God gave mankind spiritual gifts for our benefit.

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  1. John Smith Says:

    1 of the things to be wary of, is putting personal ‘power’ in place of giving up to God. These verses you have isolated speak not of your own power, but of God’s. The concept is giving of your will to God, not forcing your will above God’s.

    To enforce your will above all else is in fact, the opposite of Christian Doctrine.

  2. David Says:

    Hi John,
    I hear where you are coming from. I speculate there may be spiritual laws just as there are physical laws. If so, these laws are a part of God’s creation. The laws of nature can be manipulated for good or bad. Look at the gulf’s oil spill. Faith can also be used for holy purposes, but also warped. Terrorists flew planes into buildings based on an awful faith. It comes down to free will. Free will is a costly thing, which is what the story of Adam and Eve is all about. Does God control everything, or does humanity carry that burden?

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