Cat’s spiritual and paranormal abilities

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black-catThere was a story in the news about a cat living at a nursing home.  This cat could sense when one of the residents was about to die and would snuggle up to the individual before their death.  This cat’s predictions concerning who was going to pass away were so uncannily accurate the staff clearly understood its significance.  The story is below:

 Cat knows when it’s time to go

This really is an amazing story.  Does this cat have paranormal abilities?  There have been many stories of animals displaying premonitions or who can seemingly read thoughts.  Examples include pets that seem to know when their owner is about to return home, even at an irregular time.  Animals have heightened senses of hearing, sight and smell, which we humans don’t share.  Do our pets also have a heightened sixth sense as well?  Has animal life evolved a psychic sensory system which humanity has mostly lost?

Animals were a focus of prehistoric man’s caves paintings, which were believed to be for spiritual purposes.  Shamanism recognized power animals as spirit guides. Ancient Egyptian gods were animals or human/animal hybrids, like the cat god Bast or the raven-headed Ra or ibis-headed Thoth.  Medieval Christianity believed pets could be familiar spirits, the devil’s imps in disguise. 

Spellcaster with her cat

Spellcaster with her cat

Today the concept of an animal familiar spirit is viewed differently.  Many including pagans and Wiccans believe animals like cats have psychic abilities and are sensitive to the Invisible World.  They can see what we cannot, including spirits.  By developing a bond with their “familiar” the practitioner of the mystic arts can make use of the animal’s innate abilities for their advantage.

Cats seem to possess an extra sensitivity in this regard, which might explain why cats figure so largely in the legends of witchcraft.  Can a cat see into the spirit world?  It is said cats have the ability to see the dead.  This cat which sensed when a nursing home resident was about to die shows this idea may not be just myth.  

This story of the “death cat” also reveals something equally remarkable, the connection of the animal world with humanity in terms of an emotional connection.  Why would a cat care if someone were about die?  But this cat seemed to.  The bond between human and their pets can be as deep as human relationships.  On a spiritual level this suggests that animals are not merely walking robots, but beings with their own merit, with emotional and spiritual lives; that animals have souls.

During out-of-body near-death experiences individuals reported approaching a ‘tunnel of light’.  At this gateway where they would leave behind physical existence, the near-dead often reported being greeted by their deceased loved ones waiting for them at this tunnel.  And some said they were not only greeted by their dead family and friends, but also by their dead pets.  This is a comforting thought for any of us who have lost a beloved pet.

Consider this passage from the Bible where Jesus said, “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.” If God does not forget even a single sparrow, then all animals are as eternal as God’s memory.

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7 Responses to “Cat’s spiritual and paranormal abilities”

  1. Margo Says:

    I was just reading about this same cat today! I always find it amazing that animals have some sort of sixth sense that we seem to have lost along the way. Thanks for sharing!


  2. *lynne* Says:

    When I first saw the headline yesterday, I wondered if the media would spin it as a “grim reaper in feline form”: after all, death is viewed with so much fear nowadays, so much so that I bite my tongue rather than point out death is part of the natural cycle of life. I’m glad that people at the nursing home instead took comfort at the thought of being accompanied by Oscar when the time came (whether or not they believed he would accompany them “afterwards”).

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Here, in this household, we’re firm believers in “cat magic.”

  4. Grace Says:

    Hi, i liked your articles about Cats. humanity as a whole needs to accept and realize that ALL animals have infinite souls, beauty and infinite love within them. they are MORE evolved than ANY human being on this planet. It is time for humanity to bow before the infinite spiritual wisdom of ALL animals…..and allow the animals to guide our spiritual path in all ways. those who disagree with this statement are based in “ego” consciousness which asserts the “dominant male ignorant” mentality. of course animals have souls, can not one see their soul as they gaze into a dog or a Cat’s eyes…????? if not, that human is blind, physically and spiritually. Animals are our guides and teachers and NOT our food or scapegoats for the ignorance of humanity. One day, humanity will realize this profound truth, but not before all animals will disappear and removed themselves from humanity’s violence, until we LEARN…..we are NOT children……we need to grow up and learn to LOVE……..Animals already know this, and it never ceases to amaze me that humans have still NOT learned to love….??????

  5. Kelsey Says:

    Wow, this is astounding! I always knew my kitty Tom was special, I can tell! Apparently all cats are!

  6. leanne Says:

    My friend was just telling me about her cat who didn’t take a dislike but was very wary about her daughters new boyfriend. he appeared to be be watching him intently my friend said her cats face even changed his eyes went black and stared at him intently for ten minutes or so then he totally relaxed and played. I said Niko (the cat) probably chased whatever was bad out

  7. richard lamon Says:

    hey I got a spirit that is harassing me thinking succubus, it wants to be in me i can feel it walk on the bed, just like about three cats mabey more. they are friendly just want to lay on my pillow or next to me I can feel them purr. they like my pillows and they follow me from LaPine or to Portland or.

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