Illuminati reborn under Supreme Court ruling

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Supreme Illuminati

Supreme Illuminati

The Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as living human beings when it comes to free speech. Therefore corporations should have no restrictions on spending money to influence the political process. The Court ruled that a piece of paper and those who control that paper (which is essentially what a corporation is) can spend unlimited corporate dollars on political advertising. To avoid bad PR, this funding can be disguised through front groups.

In my opinion, this is a disaster for democracy. Big Business already has overwhelming power with its lobbying. Now it can spend to directly influence voters, promoting its narrow interests. When it comes to American voters, an interested party does not need to persuade 50% of the population, only about 5-10%, the usual margin of victory. Access to unlimited advertising resources can decide nearly any election at will.

This could be the end of a working democracy in America. It is not hard to manipulate and frighten Americans to act against their own self interest. When true democracy fails who will be in charge? We will have the new Illuminati…invisible individuals pulling the strings, answerable to no one.

Conspiracy theorists like to imagine the Illuminati is secretly in control of the world. Because of the Supreme Court ruling we will soon have a true, reborn Illuminati governing events. Corporations (domestic and foreign) will now freely, secretly collude, pool their resources and choose our leadership. The Supreme Court gave our new Illuminati the keys to near dictatorial power. And we won’t know who they are! Politicians will be subservient slaves to this international corporate Illuminati.

With global big business controlling elections and thereby government, we will enter a period of government by oligarchy, where CEOs, billionaires and foreigners (under front corporations) decide policy. Who will stop them? Politicians? The voters? They haven’t yet.

This happened recently. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian billionaires became oligarchs. Russian president Vladimir Putin finally put an end to the oligarchs with strong arm tactics, and put the Russian government firmly back in control.  In the future America may need to do the same.  America will need a political strong arm, our own Putin, to replace the neo-illuminati.

14 Responses to “Illuminati reborn under Supreme Court ruling”

  1. stephanie B Says:

    You are not the only one stunned and appalled by this.

  2. David Says:


    Corporations are not human beings but soulless abstractions. They cannot give birth; raise a child, experience life. A corporation is a piece of paper. Now non-existence has the power to shape our destiny, as if they haven’t already. How the Supreme Court decided that a piece of paper has the same rights as a living human being is beyond me. Should a computer program also be granted freedom of speech? Does the spyware on my PC, the computer virus, have the right to express itself? Why not?

    The declaration of independence said this:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    A corporation is not entitled to “unalienable Rights”, since it does not have “Life”. God save us from the Court.


  3. Paul Says:

    I think too many people are makng too much out of this action. I cannot think of too many people who are actually influenced by political ads. Almost everyone I know, myself inclided, “tunes-out” whenever any political ads airs. If the public is saturated with a media blitz leading up to an election all it will do is desensitize the public. Most people will either mute their Tvs or change the channel because they are tired of watching the same campain ads for the ump-teenth time.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Paul,
    Many people can tune out political advertising, but enough people are swayed. Money can certainly influence an election; it is the lifeblood of politics. Now corporations have billions available to influence elections. Just the threat of financing against a politician will scare politicians into servitude. This may sound like alarmism, but the Supreme Court has turned our democracy into an oligarchy.

  5. Aline deWinter Says:

    This is a complete disaster. It is Fascism pure and simple.
    And when you know who owns all the media — we who value the truth will really be wise to shoot our TVs and not read newspapers because they are full of lies.
    President Obama is being portrayed as backing down when he is not, as being weak when he is not, as caving in when he is not — all to make us distrust him and on some people its working. I am so surprised how easily who voted for Obama have fallen for all of this crap and dropped his popularity rankings. This is just what the Right wants.

    Go here and know what has been going since before WWI

    [The Century Of The Self – Part 1 of 4]

    Google videos has them all.
    thee are many great video documentaries here — but very infuriating too.

    Good one David!

  6. David Says:

    This decision is wrong in every possible way. How do we fix this? The Supreme Court is the final word. Corporations can threaten any politican with removal now, by spending billions against those that don’t follow their desires. The same bankers who nearly destroyed our economy last year will now have the ability to make the rules. We are all SCREWED.

  7. Paul Says:

    Not ture. The supreme court did its job in, correctly, identifing that the constitution puts no limits on how corporation spend their money. If “We the People”, want to change that we need to pass a consitutional amendment specifically stateing such a restriction. As to the idea that politicians will become the slaves of corporations; I think the voters of Mass. showed what can happen when it appears that a candidate is the thralls of a multi-billion dollar industry.

  8. David Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I hope you’re right and this Court ruling is much about nothing. But I have a sinking feeling about this. Power corrupts, and without checks and balances power can become absolute power. Time will tell. We should know in the fullness of time the results of this decision. Unless the Neo-Illuminati are worth their salt and smart enough to operate in secret and not flaunt their new legal rights.

    I think we are all royally screwed, big time.

  9. christopher samuel Says:

    shadow government have ran the world from time memorial, maybe it is just the turn of the illuminati

  10. David Says:

    Hi Christopher
    In my opinion the shadow government is whoever has the money. Money always ruled, but now money has an absolute, supreme court approved legal right to rule absolutely. The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves.

  11. Daniel Says:

    @David – Exactly. At first I thought the reference to Ecstasy a BIT too much, but now I can totally see the bastards banging each other like grinnin and puking, simultaneously raping Lady Liberty while laughing themselves to a frenzied, fevered, fanatical, and straight up fascist … errrm … dare I say Money Shot?

  12. David Says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Since I posted my thoughts about the Supreme Court granting human rights to corporations, we have seen privately owned corporations influence politicans. Look at what happened in Wisconsin with the Koch billionaires. Are we doomed? One day soon, the Chinese will tire of their rulers. And one day soon, the USA will tire of our corporate rulers. The question is how many decades will it take?

  13. J.C. Says:

  14. David Says:

    Hi JC,
    An Illuminati card game! I noticed the Supreme Court is on one of the card.

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