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Santa's Christmas Orbs

Santa's Christmas Orbs

Above are pictures taken at a Christmas party in a previous year, combined into an animated image.  That is I in the Santa suit.  And swirling around the Christmas tree are a bunch of orbs.  An invasion of holiday spirit orbs!

Sometimes I get drafted to be the Santa.  And drafted is the right word because it gets hot and uncomfortable wearing that suit.  Being Santa is not easy; it takes more then a hearty “HO HO HO”.  Beforehand I ask the parents for a list of who has been naughty or nice for the children so I can praise each child for doing something nice, or become a disapproving Santa if the parents need Santa’s help with their behavior.  It is a clever trick and the young children are shocked when Santa actually knows their stuff.

Under the Hot Santa Suit

Under the Hot Santa Suit

Back to the photos; the pictures above of Santa have orbs.  Orbs in a picture really don’t prove anything paranormal.  Orb photos are a dime a dozen.  However, there were several pictures taken with orbs, one after the other.  Combined as an animated GIF, I was surprised to see what appeared to be the motion of the orbs.  They seem to be circling the center of activity.  Curious.

Let’s play with the possibility these orbs could actually be genuine spirits, ghosts visiting this home a few days before Christmas.  Where did they come from and why where they here?

These photos were photographed at a home which was practically a new house.  There should be no reason this residence would be haunted; there wasn’t any history to warrant that.  So why are these orbs there, again on the remote chance these were reflections of the spirit world?  I have a couple of theories.

First idea…one of the children may be the cause of the effect.  There is an idea children are the cause of the mysterious poltergeist phenomena.  Perhaps one of these children is the source or a magnet for paranormal activity.   Could a child’s emotional state, when encountering the famous Santa, create paranormal manifestations?

A second theory is possible.  From personal experience I believe in wandering spirits.  There are ghosts of the dead, restless and wandering the earth, who are not attached to a surrounding as most ghosts are reputed to do.  Such wandering ghosts would react like the living and be attracted to festivities.  Imagine ourselves as a ghost, and how we would behave if we were invisible and immaterial.  Ghostly passer-by’s might have seen a party and joined in. I think this happens far more often then anybody imagines.  If such was the situation, wandering ghosts are harmless and they’d soon move on elsewhere.

Shaman used to wear ceremonial costumes to attract the attention these wandering spirits.  Something out of the ordinary was used to catch the eye of spirits like colorful costumes, ceremonial dancing, and drumming.  Perhaps my Santa suit did the exact same thing.  Shaman Santa!


  1. peter Says:

    Flash reflections from the ornaments in the lens. Shoot without flash and see. No orbs…..

  2. peter Says:

    I am a professional photographer by the way and have thousands of the same ruined shots.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Peter,
    I agree 99% of the time an orb photo is dust, rain, a bug, glare, an optical effect. But I do believe that on rare occasions the flash does capture an energy, the signature of something paranormal. I once had an experience where an orb behaved unnaturally, responding to verbal commands. That convinced me that on rare occasions something else is going on. I find orbs in motion when everything else is stationary intriguing. As a photographer, you have a great chance to examine your many orb photos and see if you can detect any that just might be paranormal. Orbs in motion are a big clue.

  4. Ron Says:

    I am able to see them with the naked eye and there are lots more of them than you could imagine.
    Why I am able to see them, I don’t know but they do exist and I believe that they are souls passing on from one dimension to the next or souls stuck in time reliving their lives over and over again.

  5. David Says:

    You should try taking some photos when you see these orbs with your naked eye and see if you could catch them with the camera at the same time. That would be pretty amazing!

  6. Linda Says:

    Orbs are weird things. I’ve never quite sure what to make of them. Some say they when outdoors they are caused by weather conditions like electrical static or marsh gases I just don’t know

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