A guardian angel or intuition saved my grandmother’s life during WW II

World War II

World War II

My grandparents were born and lived in Lithuania before World War II.  In 1940 communist Russia occupied Lithuania, and then Nazi Germany took it over.  Near the end of WW II the Russians came back and reoccupied the nation.  There was a lot of fighting between the Russians and the Germans with Lithuanian collaborators on both sides. 

Eventually my grandparents with their children fled Lithuania, never to return.  My grandmother had a strange story from those days, the time before they became refugees.  She considered it divine intervention by a guardian angel.

When there was fighting in the local area it was obvious by the sound of gunfire in the distance.  The family would go into the basement of the simple house where they lived.  The basement was more a hole in then what we’d think of as a basement.  But when things were quiet again, everybody would return upstairs.

One quiet day grandma was sitting in the house chatting with some family and neighbors.  According to grandma, she was sitting on a couch by herself when she suddenly felt something invisible nudge her, pushing her on her right side.  There was nobody there, but she got up anyway and moved over a seat on the couch.  Literally seconds later, there was the sound of gunfire in the distance, and a stray bullet broke through the window and landed in the couch seat right where grandmother sat just seconds before.

Everyone was startled.  They checked to see if grandmother was ok and she was fine.  Had she not moved, that bullet would have ended up in her midsection.  Back in those days, there were no emergency room to run to. She would have died.  They checked the couch and found the rifle bullet embedded in it. 

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

She thought this incident was very strange and for many years kept that bullet as a good luck token.  Since she was a deeply religious person, she believed it was an angel that saved her by pushing her to move out of the way of a random stray bullet.  God saved her life.

Did a guardian angel save her life?  Or did grandma have a life saving premonition?

I have a problem with the idea of God directly intervening in a person’s life.  It is the problem of divine favoritism.  In a war, many people suffer and die unjustly.  Why would God favor one person to live over another?  Is that fair?  Why would God spare my grandmother’s life but not countless others?  The answer from some would be God works in mysterious ways.  Perhaps so.

There is another possibility that removes the problem of favoritism.  We are our own guardian angel. 

There is a belief in esoteric thought that we all consist of different levels of existence: physical, mental, astral, and spiritual.  This spiritual aspect of our existence exists outside of time and space as part of the universal Divine.  We have no direct contact with this version of our self.  If we encountered this aspect of our self, it would seem as if it were a separate entity.

Yet this guardian angel, our higher self, does interact and communicate with us through our intuition.  Insights, premonitions, answers to problems, the correct path to take are often available from our higher self if we listen to our intuition.   Everyday our higher self tries to guide us if we are open its messages.

Grandma’s life may have been saved by a premonition, which she acted on.  It was her choice to move.  Life changing intuition happens to many people many times. If divine intervention is essentially in our own hands, then life is fair.  We can’t blame God anymore.  We have to listen to the quiet voice inside us all.

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  1. Lita C. Malicdem Says:

    I believe that we, in this physical world, do have communication with those in the spirit world. Your grandma was at that time in her high spirit level that she was able to pick the message, a nudge to move out of that spot, from one good spirit.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I think some people are very sensitive to future events (however they sense it) – my own grandmother was and saved our lives once (long story). I also believe some spirits stick around to help the people we love.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Setphanie,
    My grandma is no longer around so I can’t ask her in detail about her experience. We can learn important things about the unseen world from people’s firsthand experiences with the invisible universe. There are clues to a greater truth in our paranormal stories if we dig.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Lita,
    Grandma could have been saved by an angel, or by the watchful concern of a departed loved one, or her own sensitivity to an impending event. I don’t know the answer. Mabye some combination of the above? These uncanny events seem to happen unexpectedly but more often then anyone realizes.

  5. Sincere Says:

    Until you are touched by an angel at a time death was eminent, or one speaks a word to you in a life or death moment of heart wrenching despair that instantly renders you in peaceful bliss knowing clearly what must be done, know one will ever relax and just know they are there. To think it’s God, favoritism or premonitions and what ever else people come up with to minimize good fortune is just a testament to the mindset the world is in. Unlike the conditional teachings of religion, Angels have no such strings. You always know when an Angel is at work because they aren’t emotional and they speak the truth. They can communicate telepathically, verbally, hands on and download a video-like “premonition” if that’s what it takes to get through the thick sckull of us truly ignorant human beings they seemed determined to protect. Why not stop speculating and quit looking a gift “Angel” in the mouth. P.S. Her Gramd-ma knew what was up. I am sorry her grand-daughter evolved into such a skeptic (what does that say about her faith in her Grand-Mothers ability to know what she knews to be true to last long enough to tell the tale.

  6. David Says:

    Hi Sincere,
    What inspires the assistance of angels in our lives? Do we have to be open to their messages? Do they speak, and it’s up to us to listen? Do we need to live holy lives? Or are angels’ purposes simply beyond our understanding? I don’t know the answer. Why is one person spared while the person next to them perishes, like with the earthquake in Haiti? It life only random chance or is there a purpose to it? My guess, and its only a guess, is life is a strange combination of both chance and destiny, that what happens with life is both chance and meaning simultaneously.

  7. Linda Says:

    I feel that it was more a gut instinct that saved your Gran but obviously it gives her comfort as with many people to think that they are watched over by a guardian angel

  8. Mzora Says:

    Hi all.
    I do believe in this story! I heard so many like this one and have pretty big collection…There is a saying:”God helps those who can help themselves’.And it is true! God dos,t takes sides,and don,t have pets…He works through our souls (our real origin)and sends us only gifts and angels,but not all can recognize and see His signs.To open ourselves spiritually(nothing to do with religion),learn to quite your mind witch works 24/7
    and operated by ego…we can communicate with our soul,Higher self,Angels and even God himself.This communication goes through our feelings and emotions,not thinking.Be receptive to a grace of God.

  9. David Says:

    Hi Mzora,
    I think we have to be open and willing to listen and believe. We might all get clues from Spirit, but if we ignore them, they won’t be forced on us. We have to pay attention!

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