An out-of-body experience story. Proof OBE are true?



Are out-of-body and near-death experiences true or are they simply a trick of the mind?  Throughout all cultures individuals have experienced the strangeness of the OBE.  These are so widespread science has taken an interest in the topic and has done some studies on it.  Most scientists claim the out-of-body experience is imaginary, only in the mind, and can be duplicated by stimulating parts of the brain.
It’s nice science has looked into this and they have their theories.  Is there any proof the out-of-body experience is an objective reality?   That consciousness can actually exist outside the physical body?  The many out-of-body stories contain powerful evidence, except these stories are not subject to the scientific method and thus can’t be replicated thru experimentation. 

An example of such a story was my father’s own out-of-body experience he had as a child.  In 1943 my father was 12 years old.  His family was living in Europe during World War II.  During these difficult times my grandfather’s family, as war refuges, ended up moving to a small village. 

Soon after they moved to this village my father got ill with the mumps and came down with a high fever.  During his high fever he lost consciousness for hours. 
Worried about their son, my grandparents called a doctor from another village for help. 

During his unconsciousness, my young father had an out-of-body experience.  He recalls hovering over his body.  He saw his parents and a doctor he never saw before.  They were putting wet towels on him trying to lower his fever.  He said he watched from overhead without any real thought to what was happening; he was just an observer.

Next, his awareness rose much higher.  Suddenly he was high above the village.  He was looking down as if he had an aerial view of the town.  He saw the entire village, all the streets and houses in detail.  What was odd was this happened at night, and the village did not have streetlights.  I asked dad how did he see anything if it was dark.  Dad said that was very peculiar.  He saw everything even in the dark. 

This is an interesting detail.  What does that say about the OBE?  The participant does not view with world with the physical senses. The disembodied consciousness can seemingly see in the dark, so perhaps it is viewing events with some “astral sight”.   It does not need light striking the optic nerves.

How long did this OBE last?  Dad said he did not know.  He recalls awakening and was back in his body, but barely able to think straight.   He drifted in and out of consciousness, but by the morning his fever broke.  Later the child began to recall the experience, and wondered about it.  As a child my dad liked to draw pictures.  The child decided to draw a map of the town from what he remembered of his aerial view. 

My young father never saw a map of this small village, and no maps seemed to have existed.  These old villages did not have straight, logical streets but curving streets and confusing ways.  Being curious about his experience, my young father decided to follow his hand drawn map and see if it was accurate or not.  To his amazement, he discovered his map was!   He found places on his map that he was did not know about but saw from ”above”.  What he was able to recall from his overhead view of the village was real.  He really wondered about this, but World War II was going on and soon they were on the move again.

A child had the curiosity to document what he saw during an out-of-body experience, and discovered it was accurate.  This suggests that the out-of-body experience is literally true.  Perhaps science will one day be able to recreate the actual event and study it for real.   If one day we have evidence of the reality of the OBE, it will change what we understand about the universe and its laws of nature.

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  2. GnosticGirl Says:

    During an astral experience I saw someone I know who had also projected, and the next day we verified that we shared the same experience of seeing each other and what was going on at the time. That’s proof enough for me!

    But this isn’t something science can prove really, as science only is able to measure what is in this physical dimension, not what is beyond it. It is not that it isn’t real, it’s just that science is limited in its methods.

    The only way you can really prove it is to prove it to yourself though direct experience. There is a pretty cool free on-line course that teaches you how to do it. I had my first OBE 6 weeks in, and I gotta tell you it is an amazing thing to experience. I’ve had many since taking the course, highly recommend it, so cool!

  3. David Says:

    Hi GnosticGirl,
    I would agree that the paranormal is difficult to prove, and the only way to personally know is thru direct experience. Yet I hold out hope one day the actual OBE could be duplicated, but that would probably require putting people at true near-death in a lab setting and see what happens. That won’t happen. But I wonder what would happen if it did?

  4. Arlene deWinter Says:

    Hi David!
    Are you on Twitter? We should connect.
    I think the Egyptian Book of the Dead shows doctors working on patents whose astral bodies are hovering above their physical ones. Oh for the Library of Alexandria! I be they had documentation of how OBE’s work.

    I for one have always had trouble staying IN my body. it seems to me these would be easy to study, like a sleep study, if they find people who are prone to this sort of thing.

  5. David Says:

    Hi Arlene,
    Yes, I have a twitter account, I haven’t used it too much recently. The twitter name is surprise… Occultview! What is your twitter account? As for the OBE, that is so universal, I think it is the best proof that the paranormal exists, at least for the skeptics.

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