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Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Fairy tales often have serious, even grim messages beneath their stories.  Little Red Riding Hood is a warning to beware of strangers.  Tales of lake or river faeries are cautionary stories to warn the young to be wary of the calm surface of the water, for underneath may occur a drowning accident.  Trolls could be metaphors for the capriciousness of the natural world, giving a bountiful harvest or famine and starvation. 



Movies often resonate like a fairy tale.  Romantic comedies/fantasies speak of the hope to escape the burdens of life.  Horror movies can be about getting trapped by life’s chaos.  Do movie monsters serve the same purpose as fairy tale monsters, as metaphors for real life dangers?

Movie monsters are not very frightening.  What monster can compare to how scary real life can be?  Godzilla?  Dracula?   Dracula is fantasy, and the vampire is a creature of “Twlight”  fantasy.  The same with the werewolf or similar fantasy creatures.

However, I think the zombie movie genre works as a metaphor for something horrible about reality.  Unlike the vampire genre, there is nothing romantic about zombies.  What can the soulless dead say about reality?

To my way of thinking, zombie movies like ‘Night of the Living Dead’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘28 Days Later’ and so forth examine the collapse of civilization and the threat of the mindless mob.  The zombie attacks without rational cause.  They cannot be negotiated with, only avoided or battled.  Run run!  How would we react if we were surrounding by a mob of soulless beings that only wanted to kill us?  This is not only fantasy.

In the news was a story about a mob that beat to death an honors high school student near Fenger High School in Chicago.  It was brutal and shocking; the video was caught on a cell phone.  This awful video seemed like a gruesome scene from a zombie movie…below is a video about the news story.

The zombie “fairy tale” could be a metaphor for irrational violence and even genocide.   The zombie concept is not that far a stretch from the mob violence that plagues the world.   Who are these people who can beat someone to death or stand by and just watch?  They are real-life zombies.  They are the Soulless…the true Living Dead.

How is it possible to not have a soul?  I could blame bad parenting.  When a child is born, their parents will shape this new life.  There is no greater responsibility then giving a child the tools necessary to survive and prosper.  If a young mind is not developed, the empty soul will be filled by other influences.   Perhaps the passions of the mob will fill the empty vessel, and in the process strip away the soul.  The zombie metaphor is maybe too close to reality.



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  2. Stephanie B Says:

    I think you have hit on something. I’m not sure that the mob/herd mentality is limited to violence, but violence has historically followed the mindless hordes ready to react with hatred/fear to the manipulations of others.

    Nothing negates rationality or democracy like manipulating the masses.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Totalitarianism also creates zombies. Nazism, ethnic cleasning, lynchings, genocide…humans can be brainwashed into inhumanity. The same process seems to happen on a smaller scale with gangbangers. How do groups of people become unthinking entities without a soul? Somehow people can truly lose their humanity and become the Living Dead.

  4. Sorcerer Says:

    wow!! this blog rwaks..

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  6. Linda Says:

    Young men seem to be particularly attracted to the idea of zombies. My son and his friends went through a phase in their late teens of watching endless zombie movies No idea why. Thankfully they’ve moved on from it.

  7. Wolfshaman Says:

    A fine article on zombie-like behavior in humans. But I seem to recall a different approach to zombies, perhaps by anthropologists. That people were turned into “zombies” by a means well-known in Haiti. That is they were basically forced to ingest some kind of psycho-active drugs and subjected to rites I can’t recall, in order to enslave them. Doesn’t seem like they’d be much good after being “zombified” but such “living” people were found and studied in Haiti.

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