Did mother visit us after her death?

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An orb over mom's favorite couch

An orb over mom's favorite couch

Since my mother passed away,  I’ve been wondering how much I should write about her death.  It is appropriate for someone to discuss such a personal event in a blog?  This question especially comes up when I have some pictures.  Yet, I think exploring the possibility of existence after death is something important for everyone.

My mom had her favorite place to sit at home.  It was a comfortable couch in my parent’s living room.   She would sit in the same spot listening to the radio or watching television.  When I stopped by to visit, I often saw mom sitting on her couch.  When she got ill, she spent most of her time on the couch, even napping on it.  Finally, my mom could not get up off the couch without help.  When my dad could not help her anymore he had her taken to the hospital.   After a short time in the hospital, she died of her cancer. 

Sitting Orb

Sitting Orb

As the days went by I tried to spend as much time as I could with my dad to comfort him.  One such time I brought my camera with me.  I thought to myself…could mom still be around watching over us?  Both mom and dad knew about my blog devoted to alternative spirituality and the paranormal.  Mom would ask about my blog.   She did not know much about computers and the idea of a blog didn’t make much sense to her, but she was interested.  I thought maybe mom wouldn’t mind if I tried to get a picture of her, if she chose to visit home after her death.

I took some pictures around the house, mostly at the places she spent most of her time.  To my amazement, I caught images of orbs around her favorite couch (picture above).   Now, in themselves orbs don’t prove anything as there are many natural explanations for them.  But sometimes it seems as if orbs can be a manifestation of an invisible energy.  The merit of such photography depends on the context.  Capturing these orbs where my mother used to sit sent a chill up my spine. 

Orb by brother

Orb by brother

My brother entered the room, and I took his picture.  Then I asked mom, if she were around, to give my brother a hug.  I took another picture and now it had an orb right beside him.  I immediately showed the image to my brother, who normally scoffed at such nonsense, and even he was taken aback by that.  Here is that picture.

Was my mom still at home, watching over us, before her decision to depart the world forever?  Her family and home were her life, and if she did linger, home would have been the place.  Not long afterwards, my father had a personal experience.  While he was in the basement working on his PC (and wide awake), he saw a moving column of bright light accompanied by a powerful scent of lavender and flowers.  The scent reminded him of the perfume my mom wore as a young lady.  He was a skeptic before, but not so much now. I don’t know if these pictures really mean anything, but I like the idea they might.  

As I post this today, it has been one month since my mom died.  Below is a picture of mom on her couch during happier times.  I miss her.

My mom during happier times

My mom during happier times

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  1. Roschelle Says:

    It’s really hard to say what is and what isn’t. I do realize that these orbs could be photographic proof of your mom’s presence in her home or maybe just the way the flash reflected off objects in the picture. But isn’t it odd that it only occurred in place that were your mom’s favorite spots in the house. I believe

  2. David Says:

    Hi Roschelle,
    That is the tricky thing about orbs. They could simply be an optical effect. Yet, sometimes they could be more and we’ll never really know. Also, these orbs might not be a visit from the dead, but an energy or residue of what someone left behind. Or they could even be caused by the living…the photographer might create an energy that manifests itself as orbs.

  3. Nostradamas Says:

    It is amazing how people are so quick to jump up and dismiss things. I have seen many orbs.Some stationary and some moving.They are energy from what I can see. Possibly trapped. Or coming by to say goodbye.

  4. Mom’s Couch | Says:

    […] he had her taken to the hospital. After a short time in the hospital, she died of her cancer.READ MORE Tags: Cancer, Family, health, Home, Hospital, Living room, orbs, Parenting, strange, […]

  5. Black Woman Thinks Says:

    I don’t believe in any form of the supernatural. There is no evidence for it. We see what we want to see. Unfortunately, it is natural to grieve but unless scientific, testable scrutiny is applied to these ideas/beliefs then I stand firmly on the side of reason, rationale and science.
    Just throwing my thoughts in the bag!
    Zee – Black Woman Thinks

  6. David Says:

    Hi Zee,
    You are right; there is no solid proof for the supernatural, nothing that can be proven with the scientific method. However, I wouldn’t discount people’s personal experiences. I’ve heard many first-hand stories about uncanny events that open the door to the possibility of other realities. The tricky part is that these personal events are experienced maybe once or twice in a lifetime. Not something that can be studied in a lab. Since I started my blog, I have been asking people I know about their stories, and many had a paranormal experience. If we want to discover the possibility of the paranormal, just ask around your circle of friends and acquaintances.

  7. Angelica Says:

    My mom died a week ago there is an orb over my heart in a photo of me the day she passed and many more on pics of my kids and her grandkids and great granddaughter she died when my baby was 5 days old she never met him she was my best friend i miss her and love her dearly.

  8. David Says:

    Angelica, I am so sorry about your mom. It is such a hard thing to see our moms pass away, and I still have dreadful memmories of her final days. Your mom may have visited you too, after she passed away. I believe we can be visited by our loved ones after death, before they move on to their final destination, whatever that is.

  9. GnosticGirl Says:


    Yes it’s perfectly alright to write about this on your blog. It helps, I know.

    I’ve just added you to my blogroll, I’d like to hear more of what you have to say :)

    Hugs to you and your Dad.

  10. David Says:

    Hi GnosticGirl,
    I added your interesting site to my blogroll too!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    Sorry about your loss. My Mom passed away on August 14th and 2 weeks after visited me while I was falling asleep – she just showed up and without saying a word, hugged me and I could smell her all around me – I was wide awake at this point! Her perfume and smell stayed with me for at least a minute – it was so strong. She looked beautiful.

  12. Francis Says:

    My mom passed away on last Friday, 13th November.She was a non-believer till about a year ago when she agreed to accept Christ.Thus, we had to send her off the Christian way;church service,blessing of the cross and the 7 nightly prayers .The most unexpected things happened even before she breathed her last breath-a day before, she became happier,asked for all of us her children and friends,sang her favourite song,aske d for her favourite foods then, as she breathed her last breath, dogs howling at the house gates,…during the 7 days orbs resembling her were seen moving outside the house then,on day 8,a lizard whose body color resembled that of the green,yellow,brown and black clothes my late mom was dressed in after her death, suddenly appeared and chased after me..it only stopped after my family members spoke to it and asked it to leave…only to climb a wall and stayed there till we left…that same nite our neighbours were awakened by loud cries and groans from the direction of our house bcoz we have all left for the city…any explanation?Coincidently, our plane was cancelled after I complained that I did not have enough time to revisit the house..

  13. David Says:

    Hi Francis,
    I am sorry to hear your mom passed away. We share this experience now. I’ve heard stories about unusual events that precede or occur after someone’s death. They seem to be only hearsay until they actually happen to our self or someone we know. Then we know.

  14. Susan Says:

    I had an unusual experience about three wks. following my mother’s death. I felt that I had lain awake all night and around 2:30 a.m. I suddenly felt something against my back. Thinking my cat had somehow slipped into my room (she’s not allowed to sleep w/me) I reached my hand behind my back and stroked her fur. I noticed she didn’t seem to be moving at all,which I found unusual, so I turned over to look at her. Nothing was there at all. I was rather shocked,putting it mildly. Has anyone ever experienced anything of this nature, following the death of their mother or father? I would like to hear about it, if you have. Thank you!

  15. David Says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the story. I am not sure how to interpert it. Perhaps it was the spirit of your cat projecting itself into your room. Or maybe your mom laid next to you one last night, and what you felt was the ghostly hair of her head. I am sorry for your loss.

  16. Susan Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks very much for answering. I don’t think that I gave quite enough information. My mom had been very sick,off and on for about three years. During the past few months,even though she knew I didn’t want to talk about her death, it became obvious she wasn’t going to live much longer. We were as close as any mother and daughter can be. She would sometimes say to me, “Sue, I love you SO SO much!” I did lie beside Mom in her bed a few times. One time she rubbed my arm and neck. I remember telling her about my cat’s flea problem (first time Sheba has ever had one) and how I’d finally gotten rid of all of them. Now her hair is very sleek b/c it’s been washed and combed a lot. But I can’t remember ever saying that to Mom.
    I had not slept at all that night. I was crying a little when this happened and simultaneously praying for her to be happy in Heaven.
    My mother was very psychic and often had dreams that came true. We knew this, because she would tell about a dream and later the dreams would come true. Also, she was the person I called almost any time I lost something, b/c she could often tell me where to find it.

    That night,3 wks. following Mom’s death (same day of week) I went to bed around midnight. This happened at 2:30 a.m. It was as if Sheba suddenly jumped next to my spine and then laid down against it. I honestly did FEEL the smoothness of her hair but was kinda’ irritated that she had sneaked into the bedroom. (I always feed her b4 going to bed; then I sneak into my bedroom and close the door.) I know she’s always wanted to sleep w/me, but I’ve never allowed that. BUT… she’s become closer to me than any cat I’ve ever owned, strictly an “indoor” cat that I love very much. She always seems to know my moods.
    I reached behind my back w/my rt. hand and rubbed what seemed to be her back, feeling the curve of her spine and being proud of her fur being so nice. BUT… there was no movement from her. When I turned over to look, here was nothing at all there!
    Do you think it is possible that loved ones can project feelings to you in this way? I’ve talked to only two people about this, a good friend and my husband. Neither of them was very surprised. If you’ve ever heard of this type of “channeling” pls. let me know. If I had not actually FELT the smooth fur, I would just try to forget about this. If she was trying to tell me something, I’m thinking this would be an unusual way to do so.

    Thank you so much for reading and responding!


  17. David Says:


    That is a great story and again thanks for sharing it with me. I am sorry for you. I think people need to hear our stories, they are so helpful. Cats tend to be psychic. With such a loss, your cat may have felt your pain and wanted to comfort you, even if it couldn’t be with you in person. Your cat cared, and maybe even had the intervention of your mom too, both were with you spirit. Whatever happened was a good thing, a blessing.

    I had a cousin die just recently. She was only 43 and died in her sleep. She is survived by her parents, and a daughter. As much as it hurts to have our mom or dad pass away, the pain of parents surviving their child is the worst possible. And to be a teen daughter whose mom dies unexpectedly…it will be a grim gathering at the wake Friday. I won’t know what to say or do that will make any difference, nothing can. I can only be there and share in their sorrow.


  18. Susan Says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, the young daughter’s loss and the parents loss. You are right, there is not much you can say that is of help. But despite the numbing pain I felt during the memorial for my mother, I can remember clearly those who came up to me and later on, discussed their feelings for my mom and how much she had meant to them. I think if you can just convey to the family how much you would like to help them or even just listen to them, they will remember your empathy and willingness to be there for them, in every way possible.
    I will always remember a few things clearly: the fact that I was able to give a fifteen minute tribute to my mother, (knowing my daughter would take over for me in case I couldn’t manage); the people who formed a line to shake hands with us, the caring manner in which the church ladies helped us with our food and drinks in the downstairs basement area of the church; and finally (most important of all) those who really took time to talk about their feelings for my mom. She was truly loved by many people.
    Thank you for your understanding. I believe you are correct in saying my cat understands my feelings and seems to always know when anything is bothering me. I remember when I first found her (or rather, she found me), my mother told me that a lot of people didn’t want to take in black cats, thinking they were “mean” or someting similar, but Sheba and I loved each other immediately. Once, after an accident in which I tore many ligaments in both ankles, she did something she had never done before. She would actually lie on top of my legs and ankles, while I was keeping them elevated with pillows. Somehow she knew where the pain originated from!

    I will say a prayer for your cousin and her family and also one for you, that you will find a way to express your feelings in such a way that they will understand your love and concern.

    Blessings to you,

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