Surviving fatal cancer with vegetable juice



In the traditions of many magical practices plants are very important.  The correct use of herbs for medical purposes was a vital component in the basket of skills for the historical cunning man or woman, the shaman, the medicine man, and eastern medicine.  Intimate knowledge of herbal remedies could be considered one of the foundations of magical peoples throughout history. When science did not exist, the cunning man or woman understood the properties of plants and their uses, which seemed almost magical.  Combining the use of plants along with spells to cure aliments blurred people’s understanding on what exactly was happening.  But it often worked.  Even the spell craft offered an important psychological component, similar to the placebo effect. 

The power of the “Green” should not be underestimated.   The roots that grow beneath the earth, and the leaves that absorb the power of the sun, and the fruit that is the offspring of root and leaf are our source of life, our oxygen.  Human life has a direct, intimate connection to the plant world we take for granted.

Seven years ago my mother came down with colon cancer.  It was not properly diagnosed at first.  She began suffering from malnutrition at the same time her belly swelled.  We took her to the hospital, and after they looked at her, they did not let her leave the hospital.  She had an advanced stage of colon cancer.  They were to operate immediately.

The surgeon removed a tumor from my mother’s colon that was literally the size of a football.   The surgeon did the very best he could.  We were told she had T4 grade cancer, and it would be fatal.  They gave my mother six months to live.  I saw my mother in the hospital after the operation.  She had tubes in her arms and was totally miserable.  Our family never experienced anything like this before.  I watched her helpless.  For the first time in my life I felt despair.  Mentally I had to resolve myself to accept my mother would die.  I felt bad for my father, what would he do without mom?  I hate cancer; it is a horrible terrible thing.

After my mother returned home, she was faced with new challenges as a cancer patient.  She was on chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  However, she also took matters into her own hands.  She had long been interested in alternative medicine and the curative power of foods.  She decided she would begin to seriously drink vegetable juices.  She asked the doctors about that, and they discouraged her because chemotherapy was meant to attack the cancer but also the immune system. Anything that would interfere and limit the impact of the chemotherapy would be counterproductive, even dangerous, in their opinion.

My mother decided to begin a diet of vegetable juice anyway.   She almost lived on this juice.  Every day for months she would drink glasses of homemade juice.   She often added prune juice afterward because so much juice and fiber can make the intestines bind up.  I asked her the ingredients.  She juiced mostly carrots, along with broccoli, spinach, and other veggies too.  Apples were also added to make the juice tastier.  She also spent many hours in the sunlight.  She believed the sun had curative properties along with the vegetable juice.  Mother never got ill from the chemo, did not lose her hair.  She did come down with a brief bout of chicken pox as the chemotherapy tore down her immune system releasing the long dormant pox.  Other then that she handled the chemo well and was on it for a long time.

Months later she was at the hospital for an exam.  They did tests. There was no trace of the cancer in her.  The operating surgeon saw my mom, and he told her, “You’re not supposed to be here.”  If anyone knew the seriousness of her cancer, it was her surgeon.  They literally had no explanation for the disappearance of her cancer.  It was baffling; she only had six months to live.  It is now twelve years later and my mom is alive and well and cancer free.  She no longer juices often (it really is a hassle). 

I credit her survival with her choice to embrace the power of the Green, along with modern medicine.  I don’t know if vegetable juice would get the same results for others who are now facing cancer.  But I know it worked for my mom.  I believe it saved her life.  No matter how desperate our medical situation might be there can be hope, even if its slim to none.  With the help of a juicer.

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Biology has some interesting stories, some interesting twists. I’m glad your mother made it.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I believe the power of the green of the earth can cure many things. My mom literally had a death sentence on her. The only thing she did differently then other cancer patients in the same situation was to embrace an alternative approach to healing along with modern medicine. I am convinced that a lot of our illnesses are the result of a lifetime of eating processed foods, enriched flour and corn syrup. We ingest poison daily, without understanding it. We have turned our back on the green world, in favor of a life of consuming marketed processed, artificially flavored toxins.

  3. Arlene deWinter Says:

    Wow! how amazing for your mom!
    A truly inspirational post David. Does she teach this to others?

  4. David Says:

    Hi Arlene,
    My mom tells everybody her story. I know people who have faced cancer, and I tell them her story. This will probably be the most important post I will ever do. It might save a life. I don’t know if it would work for others, but I know it worked for my mum.

  5. Emilio Herbal Says:

    And so much more! There are some fruits and vegetables that are considered colon cleansing foods. Emilio Herbal

  6. Lidian Says:

    That is an amazing and wonderful story. I am so glad your mom is well now.

  7. David Says:

    Lidian, thanks for the well wish. At the time nobody would have ever thought she’d be a cancer survivor. Cancer is such a horrible disease, I know people who did not survive it. Awhile ago I posted another story about cancer, but it ended differently.

  8. TC Says:

    Wow..what a great story. I may want to link to this story on my Live Smart blog. I am a huge proponent of eating greens & using superfoods for peak health, fighting and overcoming cancer etc. You would enjoy my new book and so would your mom. Stop by my blog.

  9. David Says:

    Hi TC,
    You have a great blog, I checked it out. I think many people suffer terrible illnesses because they don’t eat enough greens. If most of our diet were veggies, I believe we’d live longer, healthier lives. The trick is the commerical world wants to sell us processed foods, full of toxins. We are fighting against modern marketing.

  10. Beth Brazier Says:

    I have just read your write up because I was searching for juices for cancer. I am now 2 years free of cancer and reasonably healthy but my immune system is weak and I seem to be catching all sorts of bugs and viruses. I am gonna take a leaf out of your moms book and start juicing!!

  11. Linda Says:

    When you are in a desperate situation you need to try anything. Thankfully letting food be her medicine really helped your mother.

  12. Allen N Says:

    Hello. I am glad I bumped into this. I am currently on chemotherapy and I do vegetable juicing everyday — same like your mom — carrots, brocholli and spinach and it tastes great! I’ve had 4 chemo shots already and you know every before a shot the onco has to check your blood counts and my onco is all the time surprised by my blood counts. They are not waht he expects. They have been good everytime. So for my 4th chemo shot he decided not give me folic acid because I hade enough haemoglobin and platelets and WBC. So I came back ready to really juice. Oh, occasionally I add beetroot as a bloodcleanser.

    How did I get to your forum? I was looking for opinion of whether vegetable juicing has a bad effect on chemotherapy or not. So I am glad I found your mom’s story! Be blessed.

  13. David Says:

    Hi Allen,
    Good luck with the cancer. I wish you the best. I believe in the power of veggies, the power of roots and the product of the sun and earth.

  14. Allen N. Says:

    Hello Dave, this is Allen again. I got thru with chemo on October 3rd 2010. Dis post-chemo tests and they all declared I was cancer-free. I jumped and danced!!! I know the veg juice + the beets + sun bathing (esp in morning between 7 – 9am)+ physical exercise daily (atleast 30 minutes nonstop everyday) + positive attitude towards life + believing God loves me and receiving that love — that mixture did the trick. I hope someone with cancer will read this and take it. I continue to raw veg juice everyday. Thanks for sharing about your mom’s experience! Happy new year 2011. Allen

  15. Lynnae S Says:

    Hi Dave, I’m so happy for your mother and for you. I also wish to tell you that it absolutely was the juice that saved her life. It happened to me as well. I had cirrohsis of the liver and was told without a transplant I wouldnt make it 3 years. It’s not easy to get on the transplant list and the wait can go on for years. Many people die before they receive an acceptable donor. That scared me, so I started doing research-ALOT of it and I started juicing daily. The fact is, cancer cannot survive in an alkaline enviroment. The bodies of all terminally ill people are highly acidic, which cancer feeds and grows on. The high acidity comes from processed foods, chemicals and the big one SUGAR. When you juice lots of greens and especially beets and carrots, you are detoxifying your body and bringing it into an alkaline state. The cancer begins to die off because it has nothing to feed on. This is a very simplistic explanation, a lot more happens as well, but I think you get the point. It’s been 8 years since my diagnosis and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. My baffled doctors had me taken off the transplant list. They just didn’t understand it-but I did. I believe your mother knew instinctivly what needed to be done and she did it. I’m very happy for you both. Lynnae PS: Attitude is crucial, without a positive state of mind, nothing will work.

  16. Shy Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am really happy for your mother. God bless her with long n healty life…
    I lost my Dad 3 yrs back to stomach cancer and now brother is also tested positive for colon n liver cancer… Hes just undergone a surgery on his colon….
    I want to know the entire diet program that your mother underwent and also the details of the veggies that she took…

    God Bless

  17. Sherry Says:

    Hi, I was diagnosed in 2010 with stage 4 colon cancer, it has since moved to my lungs. Chemo is no longer working and I am set to start a clinical trial, however I have heard great things about juicing, I am unsure though which vegetables to use. Any information you can send me would be greatly appreciated as I am a mother of 5, and plan on beating this thing. Thank you so much for the inspirational story of your mother.

  18. sue jaksics Says:

    please can i have a recipe for the juices

    many thanks

  19. David Says:

    Hi Sherry,
    I am truly sorry to hear about your cancer. You have my sympathy. My mom used carrots, spinach and added apples to sweeten it up. Straight veggie juice by itself can taste unpleasant, but tossing in fruit makes it taste better. I recall she sometimes added honey too. She used a variety of veggies along with carrots. She really drank a huge amount of juice, not just a glass a day. Mom also spent time in the sunlight. I hope you get well.

  20. David Says:

    Hi Sue,
    I don’t have my mom’s original juice recipes, but I know she mixed organic carrots and spinach with other veggies. Carrots were always the main ingredient, along with apples. She always added fruit to it to sweeten it up. And sometimes honey. I tried her juice back then and it tasted pretty good. You have to be careful of too much juice pulp as it can bind up the digestion. And of course you have to drink the juice immediately after juicing. Juicing is a hassle but when she was sick she had little else to do. She drank so much of it I believe most of her calories came from the juice. She almost lived on it.

  21. Liz Davis Says:

    Hi David, I stumbled onto your newsletter a year ago. I too have been battleing cancer all year. And now am at the end of my chemo/cancer Iv treatments. I just found this post about your Mom’s battle. Thank you for the inspiration. I will be getting a juicer! Liz

  22. David Says:

    Hi Liz,
    I am sorry about your cancer. I wish you good luck and good health. May the Lord bless you.

  23. shasha Says:

    Hi! that’s very encouraging to read. i have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have started carrot/beet/spinach/apple/cabbage juice. But I’m only having 2 glasses per day…I guess your mum drunk at least double of this?

  24. shasha Says:

    hi David, Did your mum take care in avoiding certain foods in her diet as well?

  25. David Says:

    Hi Shasha,
    My mom drank a lot of juice, but I think not much more then what you are doing, she had 3 big glasses…breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a hassle, which is why I think a lot of people don’t bother juicing. But my mom was not working and had all day to juice. Your juicing combination sounds great.

  26. David Says:

    I don’t recall what foods she avoided. She was big on health food. She read a magazine called Prevention where she got tips on health. She believed food could heal. I think she was ahead of her time. Now micro-nutrients are the rage.

  27. Lauri Lewis-Costello Says:

    do you have any quantities listed in recipes, so that we know how much of each to put into it to make it tasty?

  28. David Says:

    Hi Lauri,
    I think my mom just juiced by random. It was mostly carrots, but with apple to make it sweet. She went by taste. If it was too bitter, more apples and honey were added. If you can develop a juice that is drinkable on a regular basis, that is the trick. We have to enjoy the juice, then we’ll drink lots of it.

  29. Maile Lopez Says:

    Hi Dave

    Thank you for sharing your mothers story it gives me hope . I had breast cancer 2 years ago went through chemo and surgeries now 2 years later I’m dealing with recurring bone mets and a few lymph nodes cancer. They say I will never get rid of it but with chemo they can lengthen my life that’s not acceptable for me as I’m a single mom of 4 but still raising my 2 the thought of me not being here for them devistates me . So I have been looking at juicing veggies and have been for the past 2 weeks my treatment will be starting in 2 weeks so I wanted to get a head start on juicing . My question is in did your mother feel tired a lot in the beginning ? I don’t know if this will help me to get rid of my cancer but I know I have to try something to fight this for my babies 😉

  30. David Says:

    You need to eat other food too and not just the juice. But I recall, the juice eventually gave her energy. Plants are powerful, and juice is concentrated plant. Good luck and my prayers are with you.

  31. Patrick Says:

    I know someone very well was a healthy woman 55 years of age out of nowhere got colan cancer ,was so bad doctors just stitched her up with no bag and sent her home to die , she is a very determined person and shunned the kemo took on the vegies and the cancer disappeared 15 years ago amen

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