Orbs in strange places

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Chicago's Field Museum Orbs

Chicago's Field Museum Orbs

Orbs taken in photography are sometimes thought to be the result of paranormal forces.  It is easy to believe in this when we capture orbs at a cemetery or a supposedly haunted house.  It confirms our suspicions!  But what about when we capture intriguing orbs in the strangest of places?  For instance, a strange place to photograph an orb would be a tourist spot.  Here are some pictures of orbs that I caught in very public places.  If these same orbs were photographed at some mysterious destination, we might be willing to suspend disbelief and think something odd is going on.   Take away the mystery and we only have optical effects.

Above is an orb photographed at a balcony in Chicago’s Field Museum of National History.  The two images were taken within seconds of each other and you can see the people below walked a few steps.  One picture is normal.  The next picture…ORBS!   Amazing!   Astounding! Is the museum haunted?  The idea appeals to me since a museum is full of old bones and mummies and ancient artifacts.  Sort of like the “Night at the Museum” movies.  Nah, I don’t think so.  Still, maybe a museum of history is not the best example.

How about the Chicago Auto Show?  Below is a pair of photos taken at the McCormick Place convention center where the annual Auto Show is held.   Vivid blue orbs!  Well, is the Chicago Auto Show haunted?  That’s really hard to imagine.

If we look at all our family photos, and look carefully for orbs, we’ll see an orb here and there.  They are not overly common, but they are not really rare either.  I still believe it is possible for an orb to be a reflection of the paranormal.  How do we tell if the rare orb might actually be something more then an optical effect?  I think the only way to even guess is the context of the situation.  Does something else happen along with the orb being photographed?  An example would be if an orb responded to a verbal command. 

Otherwise orbs don’t prove anything.  For ghost enthusiasts, photographing an orb is fun.  To never photography anything would take the steam out of the hobby.  Thinking maybe we photographed the real deal keeps the imagination wondering.

Chicago Auto Show Orbs

Chicago Auto Show Orbs

4 Responses to “Orbs in strange places”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    All of these look explainable to me through light, rather than the paranormal. I’m not against the notion of ghosts, I just don’t think these things qualify.

  2. David Says:

    Stephanie, I wonder where the idea that orbs were something special came from. A simple experiment, throw dust in the air and take a flash picture and we’ll get a storm of orbs.

  3. Bob Shores Says:

    I was at the field museum early in ’08 and took 20 pictures all over the museum, the only place that there were the circular floating objects “orbs” on the pictures was in the Natural history by the Elephants. I’m not sure what they are but all the pictures were clear all around but this one

    It is on the opposite end from the balcony picture above. There was nothing out of the ordinary except when i looked at the picture and it was the only one with these floating spheres on them.

    Not sure if it is anything but when i saw the field museum picture above they are very similar


  4. David Says:

    Hi Bob,

    That is very interesting. We never know if a spot might be haunted. We might have something actually going on at the Field Museum. This could turn into an investigation. Do you have digital copies of those pictures? If you wouldn’t mind sharing them, I would love to seem them. Email me at davidspirit @ yahoo .com


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