The Evil Eye, Curses and the Law Of Attraction



What is a curse?  Cursing is profanity, usually uttered when something has upset us and we express our dissatisfaction verbally.  When someone drives recklessly around us we often spontaneously express our displeasure with an epitaph no one will hear.  We all have uttered a curse when something unpleasant surprises us.

The curse also has supernatural significance.  The ability to literally bless or curse someone is a cornerstone of occult practice.  The curse has a huge role in legend and folklore.  The belief in curses also had tragic consequences in real life.  There was a time when human beings were burned at the stake because the population believed they could be smitten by a curse.  People explained away their misfortune by placing blame on a scapegoat…that person over there.  Witch!   Misfortune could not possibly be the result of random chance; there must be a cause, a source for their affliction.  The idea that life was arbitrary was disconcerting.  It was more comforting to believe a witch’s curse was responsible for a tragedy; it gave a sense of order to our lives where none really existed.

Humanity is far better off that the belief in curses has faded away.  It was a truly destructive belief driven by ignorance and fear. Today the curse is considered to be only superstition.

However, there still exists a reality behind the supernatural curse.  Here is a true story.  She would never consider this to be a curse. She does not believe in such things.  I interpret it differently. 

I know a woman who was betrayed by her business partner a number of years ago.  Her relationship with this business partner was informal but they worked together towards the same goal.  She gave her partner her trust, sharing with the partner her knowledge, expertise and contacts.  This partner eventually took advantage of her trust.  When this partner knew everything she needed to know from her, the partner discarded her.  The partner locked her out of the business which the partner legally owned.  She felt a profound sense of personal betrayal.  All her efforts were stolen from her.  To say she was upset would be an understatement.  She was livid, outraged, but the circumstances left her no recourse. 

Deeply disillusioned and upset, she knew she had to move on from this experience.  Yet, she held a grudge, a very deep and enduring grudge.  Everyday she visualized that this person who betrayed her would slip outside their office and fall on her back…tumbling backwards with a terrible collapse.  It occupied her mind.  Everyday for months she visualized the same thing happening over and over, seeing this person drop on her back.  In her mind’s eye it was as if she were personally witnessing it herself.  

As the months went by she began to loose her preoccupation with what transpired. She moved on with her life.  Around six months afterwards she met a former business acquaintance of both of them.  The business acquaintance asked her if she heard what happened to her former colleague.  She said no.  He said two months after the partner and she parted company, this partner slipped on some gravel outside the entrance to the office and fell on her back. The partner broke her back.  The partner ended up in the hospital for months in a body cast.

This event happened exactly as she visualized.  She was shaken by this news.  She did not know exactly what to make of it.  She did not believe in God or the supernatural.  It eventually led her towards a different viewpoint concerning spirituality.  It inspired her to look at life in a different light.  After this event she became convinced that there was more to life then we imagine, and she sought to find out what it was.  It is ironic that this “curse” actually became a positive life-changing event for her.  It opened her eyes.

What is a true curse?  Examining the event she experienced, what she unknowingly practiced was another ancient practice.  The Evil Eye.  She had no conscious intent on cursing her former partner.  But she wished on her partner a full measure of misfortune in a very intense, focused and personal way.  She was exercising the technique of the evil eye without realizing it.  The evil eye has as long a history.  It was believed that the glare of the evil eye could cause all manner of illness and misfortune.  Talismans were used to protect against the evil eye.   The evil eye is an internalized curse.  That is what makes the evil eye dangerous.

A verbal curse is satisfying and at the same time ineffective.  After the act of verbalizing our displeasure, we feel much better and the bitterness goes away.  We release our anger.  That is the point of the verbal curse.  We swear and go on with life.

The evil eye is a different story.  The evil eye is inside our head.  The evil eye dwells on our grievances.  It is unspoken, unreleased visualized imagination and intent. This ties in with the Law of Attraction. 

The law of attraction suggests that what we think, what we feel with conviction, feeling, and purpose will become reality.  It is accepted that positive thoughts properly visualized will attract positive results in our lives.  The law of attraction says the opposite is also true, that negative thoughts and feelings will bring negative consequences. 

We can aim the law of attraction at others as well.  Most people believe in the power of prayer.  Outside of the religious aspect, to pray for someone involves the law of attraction.  Prayers and blessings use the power of positive belief not for personal benefit, but for the benefit of others.

It is also possible to aim the power of negativity at another like a weapon.  This is rarely practiced.  It is the opposite of prayer.  It is the curse, the evil eye.  I think that is exactly what this betrayed lady unconsciously did.  The law of attraction works regardless if we believe in it or not.  Focused, intense harmful visualization really is the mind’s evil eye.  Some people are more in touch with the law of attraction and can get serious results.

This is a cautionary story.  Be careful with whom we mess around with.  If we step on people on a regular basis, if we don’t care who we harm, one day we might run into someone who has the evil eye.  Perhaps not every one of life’s misfortunes is random chance.   I am sure the lady who had the broken back had no clue.

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  1. *lynne* Says:

    Great piece. I’m one of the many people who are very ‘lazy’ when it comes putting my mind into focus; but I do believe in the power of our thoughts. That the betrayed person’s focused thoughts a.k.a. unknowing curse came through doesn’t surprise me. I’d rather focus on the positive, though. Rather than wishing someone ill, I’d focus “seeing the error of their ways” vibes on them 😀

  2. stephanie B Says:

    I’ve seen bad things happen in dreams before they happened in reality but I never wished for them, even in passing. I refuse to indulge in curses except through fiction.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Lynne,
    A curse is a dangerous thing all around. There is a commonly accepted belief in a curse’s blowback. It is said if a curse does not “stick”, it returns onto the person who cast it. I believe that. Also, if we dwell in negativity towards others, then that negative mindset necessarily will bring negative results in one’s own life. A cheery, positive, optimistic attitude towards all is the healthy one. However, there may be the rare instance when some clear injustice has been done, and a curse can be justified. Even then, it is a perilous enterprise and one must accept the risk of blowback.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Who has the wisdom to judge other people? I sure don’t. That is the problem with a curse, even if we imagine it is entirely justified. Bitterness is a poison to the soul. There is an old saying, “Its not the snake bite that kills, but the venom.” That is a metaphor for how we react to a negative event. Still, I can imagine circumstances when a curse is justified, but only if we are willing to accept the awful cost to our karma.

  5. Arlene deWinter Says:

    There is the cornerstone of magic at work here: strong will backed up with powerful emotion. Also the fact that when we forget about the spell, it is cast, and that is when it takes effect. That is why, when doing magic, you are told to walk away and don’t look back or think about it. Also “Thoughts are things.” in this case, the lady with the evil eye learned the power of Magical Will.
    I have a friend in London who is very fat. This guy at her job seduced her and never called her again. Later she overheard him telling another guy that he had never had anyone like her her before and wanted o know what it was like to be with a fat woman. This lady is a very nice person, but very sensitive about her weight. This guy’s words cut her to the quick so that she dreamed of him falling down the stairs and breaking his leg. It happened.

  6. David Says:

    I think selfish people might be more thoughtful if they understood that hurting other people could result in their own misfortune. How often does this happen? I think more often then we realize. There is a dynamic involved with human relationships that includes the unseen world. Often people who have a habit of harming others end up with terrible misfortune. Unconscious curses might be more common then we imagine, if not understood.

  7. Tijmij Says:

    I believe i’ve been affected by the evil eye! since february this year i’ve had terrible misfortune! first i got very ill with tuberculosis and stayed in hospital for 10 days, i’ve been having trouble at work…an inspector came to observe me and gave me negative comments, then i had serious marital problems and was on the brink of divorce, and my kids got frquently ill! I was taken to hospital again 2 weeks ago with an infection in my stomach! I think i know the source of the problem which is my mother inlaw because she absolutely hates me and i can’t stand her either but i’m sick and tired of all this bad luck!! Is the cause of this bad luck the evil eye or am i just being supersticious???? pls help!!!

  8. David Says:

    Hi Tijmij,

    An evil eye can be unintentional but still cause havoc. If someone has intense ill will towards you, combined with an innate talent for focused malice, it could be the same as a curse. Perhaps your recent misfortunes are the result of the evil eye, perhaps not, but there is no harm in using some psychic self-defense. We cannot be passive. One method of defense is to visualize you surrounded by a glowing light that will repel all misfortune. In addition, you need to begin using the law of attraction and attract good events in your life. That is hard to do when everything around you is so negative, but that is the way to turn the tide. Visualize a better life, believe everything is going to be ok soon, and misfortune will pass. Good luck!


  9. Kyle Says:

    I think someone in the spiritaul realm casted the evil eye on me as I have had some foiled spiritual attacks when I have dreamed that have tried to harm me.

    I don’t know when it was but at some point I’ve had nothing but constant mis-communication to the point where it makes me angry and paranoid ALL THE TIME without knowing why as if the universe is trying to make me feel guilty for my Autisum and possibly other hidden mental illneses. :(

    I have gone back and forth with suicide to find out the answer.

    Nobody knows how to help me.

    In fact until I remove this communcation curse this messaage will likely make me look negative and cause me to have negative replies regardless if it’s intental or not on either arty. :(

  10. Kyle Says:

    I can’t help but feel I may be a fugitive from a spiritual death where I have unlawfully extended my “soul” to escape a charge which either I did or was framed for.

    I wish there was a way I could learn about my charges I am accused of so I can be at more peace with my spiritual death if this is the will of the maker.

    I am ready to be de-serviced if The Almighty don’t want me here no more but am afraid of what will happen if I kill myself since I don’t have much leads. :(

  11. David Says:

    Kyle! NO negative thinking! Negativity is an enemy. I recommend you check out the website of Ester Hicks, who is the leading teacher on the law of attraction.
    I have a number of her audio CDs and she is pretty amazing in her knowledge of the topic. For anyone suffering from depression, she can help.

  12. Shandra Haliburton Says:

    I’m not really a person who is into curses, but for the last three years people have been responding to me in a totally different way. In 2007, I was in college to be an engineer and one day I was in class on the second row and I noticed that the people on the first row were starring at me through the corner of their eyes. I’m so much into the lecture I just ignore them. This was happening for the rest of the semester, then it begin to happen at work and everywhere I go. Then when I look at the person they look at me like I scared them or their eyes open wide. If I go to a public place and I look up and see everybody, just about everybody there would look up and stare at me. People that I describe this to says that it is my imagination, until I get in front of them then they begin to not come around me anymore. My neice to me that I stare. I really don’t understand because I don’t even look at people that way. I have had people running past me and to top it all off, I don’t even think about the ones that are offended by me. I have starred at myself in the mirror for hours trying to see what they might see and I see the same features on my face that has always been there. What is it that is on my face that make people feel uncomfortable?

  13. David Says:

    Hi Shandra,
    I wonder what type of vibe you are putting out there. People give off different vibes. Or maybe you are just sensitive to other people and are more observant.

  14. Shandra Haliburton Says:

    David, I have no clue what I am doing to people. When I arrive at a specific place my mind is on the reason as to why I am there. It is not to scare others, or I don’t even have other people on my mind period. They run and I don’t understand why. It bothers me because I care about others and I want people to feel comfortable around me like before this issue occurred. I don’t really believe in curses but I really want to get past this. What should I do.

  15. David Says:

    Perhaps you need something to counteract any potential curse, real or imagined. You don’t need a witchdoctor to do this, you can do it yourself. Perhaps a talisman of protection is in order. It has been awhile since I designed a talisman for my blog. A talisman of protection from harm and negative atmosphere could be useful. I will start to think about the design of such a talisman, and soon will post it here.

  16. Angie Uras Says:


    What color are your eyes? There is a belief that certain eye colors can cause it

    I also like David’s idea of using some sort of talisman that is visible to shield against the stares you are getting and being able to counteract the evil eye effect. You can wear something like a simple evil eye charm or earrings, the key being that it is always visible

  17. Shandra Haliburton Says:

    So what is a talisman? The color of my eyes are D. Brown. Could it be a spiritual thing? This happens all of a sudden, could this be a curse?

  18. David Says:

    A talisman is like lucky charm, but more powerful. They can be used to ward off curses. However, I’d not be too afraid of curses, as true curses are rare. Nearly nobody believes in curses, and those who do really wouldn’t know how to create one. As in the true story of the lady who visualized harm to her nemesis, it required long periods of intense focused visualization. A lot of effort. Somebody would need a powerful reason, to be really inspired, to cause even an unintentional curse.

    Anybody you know into that stuff? If so, intense focused visualization of the positive can protect you. Shield yourself with the power of love for the world. Folklore suggests the curse that fails is sent back onto the sender. A good reason to avoid cursing anyone. And a good reason to embrace a love of life and humanity as shield against the powers of negativity.

  19. Seema Says:

    I cursed my colleagues that if there is something called justice in this world they will suffer the way i did. I feel its bad to wish bad about someone but my hurt soul & heart still cries for justice. I dont really know wht i shud do so i leave it God.
    My colleagues in office used to harash me a lot. They commented on my personal life, my parents, looks, religion, sexuality. I became silent and aloof & they spread stories abt me picturing me bad in others eye. I was suffering a break up and my bf joined hands with those who harasssed me in office made very bad fun of me humiliating me passing vulgar & sexual remarks. I could not leave job as i was only bread earner and we were facing financial issues. I lost my weight, enthusiasm, my face became dull & lots of hair became grey, i used to have severe headache, could not sleep throughout night, kept crying whole day even in office still those people kept on passing ill remarks on me. Even my superiors were against me, as the girl who was behind everything wasmy boss’s frnd & had influence.

  20. Seema Says:

    Still there is lots of frustration inside me because i never got justice. I am in a way testing God if you are truly there come here & prove it. I believe that God is my mother, father, frnd & guide. If She is my Mother then she should fight for me & punish those who made me cry for one year. I have left job 5 months ago and still a strong negative feeling haunts me and all it says why the injustice? Why the humiliation? If you are my Mother come prove it give me justice & peace to my soul.

  21. Seema Says:

    Atleast those who have humiliated me should come and apologize me for their deeds& give me respect. I am not a queen or Godess but as a human being I should be respected for whoever I am. Those who commented on my person life should be given my kind of life till they understand . It is really hard for a single woman to live in this world. I m alone and my bf supports my enemies but my heart dont allow me to really wish bad for him. I know i will get justice may be months or years later when my mind diverts frm those negative feelings. I will share it with you

  22. William Bedford Says:

    It is true you know that the intent you have in your mind will become real(manifest)in your life. Do you see the beauty of all life that surrounds you. The creative aspect of life is permeated(penetrated) into your eyes. You can move thru life being at one with it. Make life your best friend and have a good thoughts and intentions for others. When not one single person can affect you with their words or mind then you will be like the life that surrounds you. Becoming untouchable, Good always wins and life does too. Proof is all around you. Become a living life cell(person). Be Happy always!

  23. Roxane Says:

    I have a situation at work. I have been a teacher for 20 years. Throughout the years, I have gained a good reputation among my colleagues and parents. Now, I have three enemies at work who simply hate me, and I don’t know why. I am just doing my job. They do practice black magic or santeria of some sort. They would stare at my eyes. They would make it a point to turn around to stare at my eyes. They have spreaded rumors about me….don’t know what the rumors are. I wish someone would tell me so they could hear my side of the story, if such rumors were true. I have noticed that some people are starting to alienate me at work. When they would meet, they would form a circle to draw me out of the group. I have noticed tension among people at work. They stir away from me, and do not understand what happened. I do pray every day, and do go to church on a daily basis, and do believe there is a God. But at times, I get worried, because I never harmed anyone. I don’t hate my enemies, and I actually do wish them well….I pray for their conversion. However, what can I do to block any form of curses. Maybe the answer is right under my nose, and I haven’t realized. Thank you for your attention and support with this concern.

  24. David Says:

    Hi Roxane,
    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. There are a number of ways to block curses, but one can still be overwhelmed. The best way to fight off curses or ill will is by applying the Law of Attraction to your life. I’d watch the video of “The Secret”, and then perhaps a few videos from Ester Hicks. People can overestimate the effect of the law of attraction, but it does work. Just as negative thoughts can inflict harm, positive thoughts can bring many blessings. Tap into the power of the universe!

  25. Z Says:

    Hello, I fully believe in the law of attraction and therin lies my fear. I partly grew up on in a place I will not name. This place is one of ancient ways and people who are practiced in the law. My family was more or less driven away from this place. I recently went back and was in a very conflicted state of mind. I was clearly unwelcome, everyone claiming responsibility for wrongs of which I had no knowledge of. I think these people are dangerous to those who they think wish them harm or they do not want around. I have healed myself a lot since my visit but am wondering if these people are holding ill will against me. People there learn the laws almost in infancy, and perhaps hold better control of it than anyone who was not exposed to it at such a young age and constantly immersed in it. I am thinking that perhaps I should go back and try to circumvent ill will by showing that I hold no hatred or ill will for them in my heart. Unfortunately, no one who is an outsider is ever truly welcome and that if you are not from there you don’t belong. It seems I am in quite a perdicament. How would I circumvent the will of so many all by myself when my power over the law of attraction was like thiers at the age of 3?

  26. David Says:

    Hi Z,
    There is certainly a “group think” which can be very powerful…and destructive. Personally, my approach is to avoid negative people. I don’t get involved with destructive or self-destructive people. Sometimes they can’t be avoided, but that is a start. If we get sucked into other’s negativity, it will affect us. Find some happy people to hang out with, and you’ll be much happier yourself.

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