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Here is a story a good friend told me, and I asked if it would be ok to write about it.  Many people have paranormal experiences, but they are rare, perhaps once or twice in lifetime.  Which makes each one of these experiences precious and worth recording.  They reveal there is more to the universe then we understand. 

The year is 1985.  My friend Ed was a young man newly married and starting a family.  One autumn night he abruptly awoke from his sleep and sat up in his bed.  He had a vivid dream.  It was a baseball game. 

At the time the World Series was playing, the St. Louis Cardinals against the Kansas City Royals.  St. Louis was ahead 3 games to 1.  St. Louis was one game away from winning the World Series; all they needed was that 4th game out of 7.

Ed sat up in his bed.  He dreamt he was watching the winning celebration of the World Series as if he were present in the ballpark.  He saw all the players running onto the field.  They were ecstatic, winners of the World Series.  And the players’ uniforms were blue.  Ed spoke to himself out loud in his bed…”Kansas City is going to win.”  He understood what the blue uniforms meant. 

I asked Ed if it was like watching the game on TV.  He said no, in the dream he was actually at the stadium, in the stands right at ground level, as if he were really there. 

The next day he told his co-workers that the Kansas City Royals were going to win the World Series.  He had a dream.  Since the Cardinals were ahead 3 to1 they told him he was full of shit.  Ed was so convinced that the Royals were going to win he made a wager.  He’d wager anyone a case of beer the Royals would win the World Series. Ed took on any and all co-workers with this wager, and his coworkers were only too happy to take him up on his fool’s bet.   Ed said perhaps ten people took his wager.  He’d better plan on buying beer.  Truly a fool’s bet.

However…the Kansas City Royals won the next three games in a row to win the World Series.  It was unprecedented.  People at work were shocked. As Ed collected his cases of beer, they would say to each other, “Don’t bet against him when he has a dream.” 

I asked Ed about the dream experience hoping to learn something about the nature of dreaming premonitions.  He said it was the only time he had such an experience.  What was interesting was that he awoke from his sleep startled, and the firsthand nature of the dream.  Obviously something about this dream was extraordinary, not a typical dream.

Some famous dreaming premonitions include Abraham Lincolns dreaming about his own death, and premonitions of the Titanic.  Even today there are stories of people who stayed away from the Twin Towers before 9/11 because of a premonition. 

What are the implications of genuine premonitions?  It means we don’t understand the true nature of time and space.   These premonitions are real if rare and uncontrolled.  They can’t be measured, tested or subject to the scientific method.  But they are real nevertheless.  Science might develop new insights to the mysteries of the universe if they accepted the possibility of the paranormal into their equations.  Einstein created the theory or relativity using his imagination.  New insights could use such “outside the box” thinking. 

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  1. Arlene deWinter Says:

    ohhh, I have a story like this, but it is not happy.
    I was staying with a friend in London who having a hard time. She was a single mother of two kids, one a 14 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. She had lost her job in circumstances that In UK meant she was not allowed to work at all until her case was resolved. It was totally unfair. She had no money, the kids’ dads were manipulative or unavailable. She had no help from anyone, even those who could have helped her. I couldn’t do much.
    She had a dream that her son came to her and gave her some lottery numbers. The dream was so clear she was able to write them down. She played them every day, buying one ticket at a time.
    One day she came home completely devastated! She had been so depressed,and was so short on cash that she didn’t buy her lottery ticket. I am sure you can already guess what happened? The guy in the corner shop cried out “Why didn’t you buy your ticket? It just came in for 7 million pounds!”
    And only one other person had it…
    I supposes this was a lesson in faith, or not to give in to negativity and depression. It also shows how dreams can be real.

  2. David Says:

    Ohmygod Arlene, that is an incredible story. I like to try to figure out the “why” behind all of this, but I can’t. Nobody can. I am sorry for her. I hope she is ok now. In the end, we all have to walk in our own shoes.

  3. lightworker Says:

    i had a similar premonition, though while awake: i was in a crowded market place..when i got the thought that there would be a bomb blast in this place…i was some how being rushed out of the busy place, by some unknown force…when i reached home i got news of the bomb blast that killed several people, having occured few minutes of my driving away from there.

  4. Chameleon Says:

    My grandmother was one of those dreamers. I have half a dozen stories of her dreams over the years. I’m sure she must have dreamed at other times, but some dreams she remembered strongly. Their message wasn’t always clear, but there was something -different- about them that made them stand out. The night before my grandfather died, for instance, she dreamed that he was walking with his brothers in Italy. She woke one morning and told my mother that she’d had a dream about a geranium falling off her windowsill, one pot of geraniums out of three. That afternoon, a family member called from Italy to tell us that her sister – one of three sisters – had passed on in her sleep the night before. There are others – and she’d always wake in the morning after one of those dreams with a sense of doom, certain that she’d have news before the end of the day that someone she knew had died.

  5. Oscar Gecko Says:

    Great post. Science cannot explain it, yet Ed defied the odds.

    I cannot truly say I had a dream… But, I have had a story that is unexplainable, just as you wrote about.

  6. David Says:

    Lightworker…yikes! You avoided a disaster. Thank goodness.

  7. David Says:

    Chameleon, a great story about your grandmother. I wonder why dreams provoke precognition? Maybe sometimes dreams become an out-of-body experience where we make contact with realms that exist outside of time and space? Who knows! Dreaming premonitions have a long distinguished history.

  8. David Says:

    Oscar, I checked out your post. Great story! I think all these personal experiences with the supernatural add up to something very significant. They may be rare and can’t be tested by science, but they are real.

  9. yanjiaren Says:

    I used to have strong premonitions at one time and it is quite scary because most of the time you can’t do anything about it. I wonder why we get the dreams before something an be done. That’s my main question.

  10. David Says:

    Anyone is vey lucky to have a premonition. They are so rare. Even if it is as scary as hell…I say bring ’em on! To touch the unseen is a rare and precious experiene, scary or not.

  11. louise Says:

    KC Royals should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I really like them; they’ve always been my favourite teams in MLB. Just read about them here:

  12. David Says:

    Hi Louise,
    I am from Chicago and a Cubs fan. Your Royals did something these Cubs couldn’t accomplish in a century, win a world series. Are sports curses real? It sure feels like the Cubs are a cursed team. Maybe one these centuries their curse will be broken.

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